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DAH Solar’s Full Screen Modules at Smart E & More From China Three Gorges, Lingda, Leadmicro

Rows of Solar cell in Solar power station

Austra Energy showcases DAH Solar’s Full-Screen PV modules; CTG releases details of 9 GW module tender; Lingda suspends cell production; Leadmicro secures RMB 520M equipment sales deal; China to promote energy conservation in the construction sector.

Austra Energy showcases DAH Solar’s Full-Screen PV modules at Smart E: PV module developer and manufacturer DAH Solar’s Full-Screen PV Modules were showcased at the Smart Energy Conference in Sydney by Australian solar wholesaler Austra Energy. DAH Solar says that these modules have lower frames, which prevents the accumulation of water and dust at the bottom, while delivering increased power generation of 6% to 15%. Equipped with a special rubber clamp, the modules are said to be able to withstand temperatures up to 110°C. DAH Solar says that its Full-Screen PV Modules have been selected by more than 10,000 power stations.

DAH Solar has expanded its full-screen module series with the launch of its latest frameless double-glass PV modules using TOPCon cell technology (see DAH Solar Expands Patented Full-Screen Technology Module Series).

China Three Gorges module tender sees RMB 0.86/W for p-type and RMB 0.91/W for n-type: State-owned power company China Three Gorges Group’s 2024 photovoltaic module framework centralized procurement (first batch) tender was floated on March 14th. It plans to procure a total of 9 GW, with 500 MW allocated for p-type with power ratings of 545 W and above under Section 1 and 8.5 GW allocated for n-type modules of 575 W ratings and above under Section 2. It said that 34 companies bid under the former section and 33 under the latter.

Quotes under Section 1 ranged from RMB 0.795 /W to RMB 0.929 /W. Barring one quote below RMB 0.8 /W and 2 above RMB 0.9 /W, all bids in this section are said to be above RMB 0.83 /W. The average bid under this section is RMB 0.86 /W. For Section 2, quotes ranged from RMB 0.893 /W and RMB 1.003 /W. 19 companies are said to have bid lower than RMB 0.9 /W. The average price for n-type modules is RMB 0.907 /W, which is about RMB 0.047 higher than that for p-type.

8 GW of inverters were also part of this China Three Gorges tender (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

Lingda suspends production to cut losses: Solar PV power generation firm Lingda Co. Ltd. has announced that it will temporarily suspend cell production at its subsidiary Gerisolar. The suspension has been put in place in order to reduce losses and overall operating risks. The company cites the fall in monocrystalline cell prices and the inability of Gerisolar’s operations to raise capital as the reasons behind this decision. While the suspension is scheduled to last until April 15, 2024, Lingda says it will apprise the market of the developments in a timely manner.

Leadmicro signs RMB 520 million sales contract for cell production equipment: Solar production equipment manufacturer Leadmicro has announced that it has signed an equipment sales contract with a leading PV company. Worth about RMB 520 million ($72.26 million), the company has signed up to sell fully automatic ALD passivation equipment and PE-Poly equipment to the customer.

Recently, Leadmicro Nano-Technology announced that it had shipped its 1st first mass-production atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment to an unnamed customer (see China Solar PV News Snippets).

China to expedite energy conservation in the construction sector: The General Office of the State Council approved and issued an action plan to speed up energy conservation and carbon reduction in the construction sector. The plan aims to achieve the following targets by 2025: an increase of over 20 million sq. m. in the area of newly constructed ultra-low energy consumption and nearly zero energy buildings compared to 2023; an increase of over 200 million sq. m. in the area of energy-saving renovation of existing buildings compared to 2023; electricity consumption accounting for over 55% of energy use in buildings; and a renewable energy substitution rate of 8% in urban buildings. The plan also emphasizes the acceleration of R&D and promotion of advanced energy-saving and carbon reduction technologies, supporting the application of technologies such as perovskite and cadmium telluride (CdTe) thin-film solar cells in the construction sector, and promoting the integration of reliable technological processes and product equipment.

Source from Taiyang News

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