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Schletter Group Launches Agri-PV & Solar Carport Solutions & More From PV Hardware, Wattando


One of the world’s leading solar energy exhibitions and trade shows, The Smarter E / Intersolar Europe 2023 came to an end on June 16, 2023, but not without more products and solutions being announced. Schletter Group of Germany chose the event to launch its agri-PV solution SolFarm and solar carport SunRide. Spain’s PV Hardware introduced a new solar controller for tracker solutions called DBOX5 equipped with cybersecurity features. Germany’s Wattando has signed a distributor agreement with Wattkraft for its energy management system Wattster.

New solar products from Schletter: Germany’s Schletter Group set up an interesting metaverse called the House of Schletter at the event to let visitors explore a virtual world and experience its latest products. At Intersolar this year, the company launched a newly developed SolFarm agri-PV system made up of vertical rows of modules mounted in landscape to look like a wall or fence. Using such a set up with bifacial modules in an east-west orientation can help generate solar power earlier in the morning and later in the evening, it explains. It also means that 80% of the land can be used for agriculture.

Scheltter also launched a solar carport called Schletter SunRide that’s different because it needs only 1 support, unlike other carport systems that are anchored to the ground with 2 or more. This way, parking can be done in a herringbone pattern allowing more cars to be parked. SunRide can be configured either as a single-row or double-row.

New PVH product at Intersolar: Spanish solar tracker manufacturer PV Hardware (PVH) launched its new product called DBOX5 at the exhibition. Calling it a solar tracking system, the new generation of solar controllers equipped with LTO batteries that can withstand extreme weather conditions. It also comes with the latest generation of LoRa radio transceivers that provide increased connectivity range in solar plants of any size. PVH says this long distance wireless communications system can withstand interference from solar plant materials and devices. Its advanced cybersecurity system ensures trackers are ‘unstoppable’, the company claims.

Wattkraft deal for Wattando: Germany’s Wattando GmbH that offers an energy management system Wattster for PV and storage systems, has signed its 1st sales partnership for Germany with Wattkraft that it describes as a general distributor and one of Huawei’s largest European partners. Wattster’s power ranges between 1 kW and 70 kW and can be aligned with the existing domestic network including the latest rage, balcony solar systems. Wattando says this allows people to benefit from self-generated or stored electricity.

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