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Discover the Best 6 Eco-Friendly Reusable Paper Towels in 2023

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In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, eco-conscious business buyers and retailers seek eco-friendly alternatives for everyday products. Research reveals that over 45 million Americans in the United States used eight or more rolls of paper towel in 2020, most of which ended up in landfills. For reference, it takes up to 20,000 gallons of water and 12 trees to make just one ton of paper towels.

Recycling paper towels is difficult to impossible, making reusable paper towels an economically viable and environmentally excellent option. Dive into our guide and uncover the top six eco-friendly reusable paper towels in 2023, ideal for greening up and satisfying your environmentally-conscious customers.

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The environmental benefits of reusable paper towels
How to choose the best types of reusable paper towels
The top 6 eco-friendly reusable paper towels
Are reusable paper towels worth it?

The environmental benefits of reusable paper towels

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Reusable paper towels have significant environmental benefits that reflect the growing focus on sustainability and eco-conscious consumer preferences around the world. As consumers become more environmentally aware, they seek products that align with their values, including sustainable options for everyday items like paper towels.

Reusable paper towels are highly sought after worldwide, with the worldwide home paper market estimated to be worth USD 42.27 billion in 2021, and anticipated to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.9% between 2022 and 2028.

The factors responsible for the rise in the demand for reusable paper towels are:

Environmental awareness

Today’s consumers are increasingly aware of the growing threat of climate change, and many now seek to reduce damage via their product choices. Hence, eco-friendly reusable products are increasingly sought out over single-use options, which helps to minimize deforestation and paper wastage.

Cost savings

Since reusable paper towels can be washed and reused for weeks or even months, there is no need to frequently repurchase disposable paper towels. As a result, customers prefer them over single-use paper towels due to long-term cost savings.

Waste reduction

Traditional disposable paper towels are generally used once and dispensed with straightaway. This results in significant paper waste that fills up landfills. In comparison, reusable paper towels can easily be laundered or washed and reused several times. This helps minimize the overall waste that many households generate annually.

How to choose the best types of reusable paper towels

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When searching for the best types of reusable paper towels to add to your inventory, it’s best to consider several factors. For example, browse reviews from real users online, especially those that detail real-life usage experiences, ease of cleaning, absorbency, and durability.


Opt for reusable paper towels made from highly sustainable organic bamboo, hemp, or cotton; proven eco-friendly and renewable materials that customers love to use.


Thicker reusable paper towels have better absorbency. The best options will likely be made of terry cloth or microfiber. Therefore, choose products with an excellent balance of user-friendliness and thickness, which will contribute to their overall absorbency.


The best reusable paper towels have well-finished edges and reinforced stitching, enabling them to withstand multiple uses and washes.

Ease of cleaning

Select reusable paper towels that can be used in the washing machine. Consider products with several stain-resistant attributes, which help make cleaning them easier and faster.

The top 6 eco-friendly reusable paper towels

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According to Google Ads, unpaper reusable towels were the most searched type of paper towels in 2023. This indicates that non-paper towels are the most sought-after. Bamboo towels come next with about 720 average searches monthly. The following are the best, high-in-demand, eco-friendly reusable paper towels best reflect consumers’ environmental goals as well as meet their cleaning needs.

Non-paper reusable paper towels

Non-paper reusable paper towels are made from bamboo or cotton fabric. These washable and sustainable alternatives to traditional paper towels make for an excellent eco-friendly option that come in different colors and designs and have impressive absorbent properties for wiping and cleaning spills.

Reusable bamboo paper towels

Reusable bamboo paper towels are different from their non-paper counterparts in that they are biodegradable and are often made from 100% bamboo, a renewable source that requires minimal pesticides and water to grow. Bamboo also has natural antibacterial attributes, helping to make reusable paper towels made from this material absorbent, hygienic, and durable. It also helps to minimize their environmental footprint.

Reusable microfiber paper towels

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Reusable microfiber paper towels are popular for their effectiveness and highly absorbent properties. In addition, users don’t need to use chemical cleaners with this type of reusable paper towel. The towels can be machine-washed multiple times, are highly durable, and help reduce waste.

Swedish sponge cloths

Swedish sponge cloths are another excellent and versatile alternative to conventional paper towels. These biodegradable cloths are generally made from a combination of cotton and cellulose. This makes Swedish sponge cloths long-lasting with highly absorbent properties. They come in various colorful patterns and can easily be composted after multiple uses.

Reusable cotton towels

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Reusable cotton paper towels are a classic choice for eco-conscious consumers. These towels, made from organic cotton, are durable, soft, and highly absorbent. The cotton towels are appropriate for several cleaning tasks and help mitigate concerns associated with cotton production.

German shammy cloths

Thanks to their durability and highly absorbent properties, German shammy cloths are impressive for drying and cleaning. These shammy cloths are typically made from popular natural materials, such as cellulose or cotton. These reusable alternatives to single-use paper towels provide sustainable options.

Are reusable paper towels worth it?

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Reusable paper towels are worth investing in, especially for any businesses targeting consumers who prioritize sustainability, cost savings, and eco-friendly living. By choosing reusable options, individuals and households can significantly reduce their environmental impact, decrease their long-term expenses, and enjoy the convenience of versatile, durable cleaning tools.

Therefore, investing in and promoting the best reusable paper towels is a smart and profitable business move that aligns with sustainable and eco-friendly trends. This will help them to attract a customer base interested in eco-friendly and cost-effective alternatives to disposable paper towels, while also contributing to a greener future.

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