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4 Emerging Trends To Embrace Sustainability in Businesses


Sustainability has become an increasingly important topic in business as more companies realize their operations’ environmental and social impacts. 

This article will explore four emerging trends in the business world that are helping companies embrace sustainability and become more responsible corporate citizens.

By understanding and embracing these trends, businesses can not only minimize their environmental footprint but also gain a competitive edge and improve their reputation in the eyes of consumers and stakeholders.

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Market growth for sustainable products
4 Trends to embrace sustainability
Moving towards sustainability

Market growth for sustainable products

Sustainable beauty products on a pink table

Clearly, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the sustainability of the products they purchase, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. 

Research shows that 66% of consumers consider sustainability when deciding whether to purchase a product, and this number is expected to continue growing in the coming years.

This trend is particularly evident in the natural cosmetics and personal care market, which is expected to grow from nearly $35 billion in 2021 to around $59 billion by 2031. 

This growth is driven by increasing consumer awareness of the ingredients and processing methods used in cosmetics and personal care products and a growing preference for natural and organic options.

Businesses that pay attention to this trend and prioritize sustainability in their operations and products are likely to see a competitive advantage in the market as more and more consumers seek out environmentally and socially responsible options.

In addition to meeting consumer demand, embracing sustainability can also help businesses minimize their environmental footprint, improve their reputation, and save on costs in the long run. 

Therefore, businesses need to pay attention to the growing demand for sustainable products and consider how they can adapt and meet this demand to stay competitive in today’s market.

4 Trends to embrace sustainability

1. Products with ancient ingredients

Sustainable and eco-friendly beauty and hygiene products

Many consumers seek natural and ancient ingredients in their beauty products because they believe these ingredients are safer, more gentle on their skin, and more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Ancient ingredients are often more sustainable and environmentally friendly than synthetic ones. Many of these ingredients are sourced from plants and other natural sources and are often grown using sustainable farming practices.

Ancient ingredients also have a long history of use and have been traditionally used for their medicinal and cosmetic properties. 

For example, essential oils, plant extracts, and herbs have been used for centuries in traditional medicine and beauty rituals worldwide. These ingredients are often believed to have natural healing and nourishing properties and are thought to be safer and more gentle than synthetic chemicals.

2. Multifunctional makeup 

Multipurpose pink makeup with application tools

Multifunctional makeup, also known as “multi-use” or “multi-purpose” makeup, refers to beauty products that can be used in more than one way. These can include products like color pigments that can be used on the lips, cheeks, and face, or moisturizers that can be used on the face and body.

The popularity of multifunctional makeup is on the rise, particularly among consumers who are looking for more sustainable and cost-effective options.

Using multifunctional makeup allows consumers to reduce packaging and waste, as they only need to purchase one product instead of multiple single-use products. In addition, multifunctional makeup is often more cost-effective, as consumers can get more use out of one product rather than having to buy multiple products for different purposes.

In addition to its environmental and financial benefits, multifunctional makeup is also popular because it allows consumers to be more efficient in their beauty routines. 

With one product that can serve multiple purposes, consumers can save time and streamline their beauty routine, making it easier to get ready in the morning or touch up their makeup throughout the day.

Overall, multifunctional makeup is a growing trend in the beauty industry and is likely to continue to be popular with consumers who are looking for sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient options.

3. Universal packaging 

Beauty products in universal wood packaging

Universal beauty products, designed to be suitable for people of any gender, often feature all-natural wooden packaging, biodegradable wrapping, and boxes.

One of the main reasons that gender-neutral products are gaining popularity is because they promote sustainability. 

Using all-natural materials and easily biodegradable packaging, these products minimize their environmental impact and reduce waste. 

In addition, by offering products that anyone can use, companies can reduce their production and packaging costs, which can also contribute to a more sustainable business model.

Another reason that gender-neutral products are becoming more popular is that they are more inclusive and reflect the diversity of the consumer market. 

In today’s world, people of all genders use a wide range of beauty and personal care products, and many consumers are looking for options that are not specifically targeted to one gender or another. 

By offering gender-neutral products, companies can appeal to a broader customer base and show that they are inclusive and welcoming to all.

4. Be specific 

Sustainable beauty products with oils and flowers

The definition of sustainability can be blurred, as it encompasses a wide range of environmental, social, and economic factors. 

This can make it difficult for businesses to communicate what makes their products or operations sustainable clearly.

Businesses need to be clear and transparent about their sustainability efforts so that consumers and stakeholders can understand exactly what is sustainable about the product or company. In fact, 15% of consumers in the U.S. and Europe say that sustainability information is more important than price. 

One way businesses can do this is by providing clear and concise information about their efforts. If their product is made from recyclable goods or sourced from specific sustainable ingredients then this should be clearly depicted.

This can include details about the materials and ingredients used in their products, their supply chain and manufacturing processes, and any other efforts they are taking to minimize their environmental impact and promote social and economic sustainability.

Moving towards sustainability

Sustainable beauty products in baskets

Sustainability practices are not going anywhere; in fact, they are only increasing. 

By understanding and embracing the four trends mentioned above, businesses can improve their reputation, minimize their environmental footprint, and save on production costs. On top of that, they will attract a wider range of mindful consumers as long as they are transparent about their sustainability efforts.

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