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Emerging Home Organization Trends To Boost Your Décor Business

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Trends in home organization


In the world of décor, home organization plays an essential role in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing living spaces. As consumers increasingly recognize the importance of an organized home, small businesses and retailers must stay up to date with the sector’s ever-changing trends.

According to Research and Markets, the home organization products market was valued at USD 12 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.6% to reach USD 15.9 billion by 2030.

This growth is partly driven by more people working from home and consumers having more disposable income. Moreover, with people buying more houses and increasing home renovations, the home organization product market will continue to grow.

Small businesses can leverage these trends by running marketing campaigns highlighting the stress-relieving benefits of a clutter-free environment. In addition, retailers can use social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to showcase their minimalist ideas.

Trends in home organization

As customers increasingly recognize the importance of an organized home, small businesses and retailers must stay competitive by understanding and incorporating the latest trends in home organization.

Decluttering and minimalism

An interior design of a minimalist kitchen

Minimalism is a prevailing lifestyle trend, influencing how consumers organize their spaces and reshaping the home décor landscape via a desire for simplicity and functionality. Moreover, a decluttered space is increasingly understood to help improve mental health.

With this in mind, small businesses and retailers can tap into the minimalist trend by stocking products that emphasize clear lines, neutral colors, and versatile functionality for people with limited storage spaces. Moreover, providing multipurpose products further aligns with the minimalist ethos.

For instance, a business may want to stock luxury baskets that minimize clutter, used to organize clutter and file belongings away in closets, garages, and other storage spaces.

Multifunctional furniture and storage

A white bed with storage drawers

In today’s increasingly urban housing markets, spaces are becoming more compact. With this, there is a growing demand for furniture that serves multiple functions. Innovation in storage designs is essential, and small businesses can stand out by offering consumers unique and space-efficient storage solutions.

For instance, you may decide to stock modular furniture, hidden cabinet storage compartments, and other innovative designs, showcasing practical examples of how customers can seamlessly integrate multifunctional items into their homes. Companies can achieve this by creating visually appealing displays and online demonstrations for those homeowners who may not have the wherewithal to employ professional organizers. 

Sustainable and eco-friendly home organization

Vegetables in wicker baskets

With more consumers becoming increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, sustainability and eco-friendly home organization are taking center stage.  

Many manufacturers have rolled out products that are not only sustainable but help customers to be sustainable. Examples are bins made of recycled materials or bamboo or storage products that facilitate recycling and composting.

With more consumers embracing sustainability, small businesses should align with this trend by incorporating sustainable practices in their home organization product offerings.

Moreover, retailers can show their dedication to sustainability by sourcing materials responsibly and having sustainable packaging. This will not only appeal to environmentally conscious customers but also improve a company’s brand perception.

In addition, small businesses should highlight products made from recycled materials or those that feature sustainable manufacturing processes, with customers increasingly willing to pay a premium for products that align with their values.

Sustainability is also about reuse and reduction, so businesses will also want to stock products a consumer can reuse. For instance, packaging boxes customers can reuse as storage boxes.   

Easy-access storage

Containers with frozen food in refrigerator

In today’s world, everyone is busy and looking for ways to make their lives easier. Consumers therefore seek home organization products that provide storage and organization solutions that reduce stress and save time.

Easy-access storage is one part of this improved home organization trend. For instance, people look for easy-pull spice rack organizers to add to their pantries or fridge organizers with labels to help better organize their storage spaces. Clear containers also help people to better organize homes.

With this in mind, small businesses should provide such easy-access storage products to increase their customer base and elevate their décor business.

Technology in home organization

Technology integration in home organization is gaining popularity as it offers improved convenience with a modern touch. Smart solutions can revolutionize how customers organize their spaces. Businesses should explore how to incorporate smart solutions in home organization products to meet the needs of their tech-savvy customers.

By collaborating with tech companies or investing in research and development, businesses can even work to bring inventive, technology-driven home organization products to the market.

Inspiration by nature

Woven baskets on a shelf

There has been a renewed interest in nature and boho home décor in recent years, and it is influencing home organization. Many consumers seek natural colors throughout their homes thanks to their calming effect.  

For instance, neutral and wood tones like beige, cream, and greens are popular colors for home products. Moreover, natural materials like willow and woven baskets and organizers made of wood and bamboo are edging out synthetic materials.

With this in mind, small businesses should stock home-organizing products made with wood and bamboo with natural and neutral colors to tap into this growing customer base.

Customized and personalized products

A vintage chest and settee in a living room

With consumers increasingly seeking products that reflect their individuality, small businesses can cater to this demand by offering personalized home organization products.

A company can set itself apart by providing customizable options for organization products. This can include personalized color choices, antiques, sizing options, and engraving services. All homes are different, and for most customers, having the option to customize their home organizational products is important.


Small businesses and retailers in the décor business can thrive by understanding and incorporating home organization trends. Some of these trends include minimalism, easy-access storage, personalized and customizable products, sustainable and eco-friendly products, multifunctional storage, and combined technologies.

In the ever-changing décor industry, by embracing these trends and fostering innovation, small businesses can meet and exceed their customers’ expectations and provide products that enhance style and functionality in their homes.

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