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Farmhouse Lighting for Any Home Décor

Different types of farmhouse lighting

While the term farmhouse may evoke memories of something archaic, traditional, and old-fashioned, farmhouse indoor lighting is ruling modern homes again. 

From farmhouse chandeliers, table lamps, flush mounts, and wall sconces, farmhouse lighting style provides a classic, comfortable, versatile, and elegant appeal to any space.

Consider how to choose the best versatile farmhouse lighting to fit any existing and imagined décor. 

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What is farmhouse lighting?
Where to install farmhouse indoor lighting
Things to remember when choosing farmhouse lighting
Types of farmhouse lighting

What is farmhouse lighting?

Farmhouse lighting is any lighting fixture inspired by cottage or country living. It often hangs from a cord or chain in the ceiling or wall. Although the design looks vintage, it complements modern living spaces.

One can integrate them with modern décor to create ambient resting spaces.

And they help residential and commercial property owners keep things simple and organic. 

Here are some excellent lighting ideas to implement at your business or home. 

Where to install farmhouse indoor lighting

If you struggle with how and where to incorporate farmhouse lighting in your business, building, or home, examine the materials they are made of (wood, glass, or metal) and the bulb type. 

For instance, a unique-shaped antique bulb can accentuate farmhouse lighting, making it a focal point.

Meanwhile, lighting fixtures made from metal, glass, and wood create a rustic and beautiful feel in a house.

The place of installation also determines which vintage lighting system one buys. 

For example, the rustic American farmhouse pendant light suits the kitchen better than the entryway or living room. Other fixtures also breathe life into the dining room than the bedroom.

Farmhouse lighting can perfectly fit the following places:

The entryway

The entryway is the first place everyone coming into the building or home sees. And one can install an outstanding farmhouse light fixture to make a great first impression of this space. 

Perfect lighting can transform the entryway, making small spaces appear larger. 

For instance, the gold semi-flush mount chandeliers imbue the entryway and the foyer of modern homes with royalty and power. They also fit the hallway of a high-end hotel, assuring guests of quality service and calm rest.

The dining room

Dining rooms are worth all the attention in the world because it is where families and business persons bond over meals. 

Suitable lighting can create an inviting atmosphere for guest dinner parties and intimate cosy moments for family get-togethers. 

The good news is that several farmhouse lighting options can reinvigorate dull dining rooms. 

A good example is the farmhouse rectangular wooden pendant light that hangs directly above the dining table. It suits a dining room with rustic wooden furniture and floor. 

Alternatively, the candle-like light from the vintage metal pendant lighting can do wonders for dinner spaces by providing a calmer dinner experience. With a sanding finish antique technology, the farmhouse lighting can give the living and dining room a taste of modern and cottage life. 

The kitchen

Kitchen lighting for a modern farmhouse can open the doors for an unforgettable gourmet meal. 

Perfect kitchen lighting can create an inviting, welcoming, and purposeful atmosphere that ensures cleanliness, safety, and ease of visibility while cooking. 

Cooks love it when the counters and other kitchen surfaces are well-lit because it makes food preparation easy and efficient. 

And good kitchen lighting can enlarge a dingy, small room, setting the tone for the rest of the rooms. 

For example, the black rectangular farmhouse industrial light is an ideal lighting fixture for modern kitchens and dining rooms. With five 40W bulbs, it provides enough light in the kitchen, making it easy to clean dishes and prepare meals. 

The white bulbs transform dark night into daylight. Cooks will not cut or injure their hands when preparing meals due to low visibility. 

The American vintage chandelier pendant light is another popular farmhouse lighting design that suits kitchens, cafés, dining rooms, and bedrooms. 

With four white light LED bulbs and a rustic case made of wood and metal, this lighting fixture provides adequate light in the kitchen without consuming much energy.

The bathroom

Most people often focus on high-traffic places like kitchens, living rooms, and hallways when installing quality lighting systems. The bathroom often plays the second fiddle.

Why should bathrooms receive quality lighting?

It is the first place people visit before starting their day and the last before heading to bed. 

Bathrooms also host makeup vanities that require a good lighting system for better visuals. 

Furthermore, installing appropriate bathroom lighting ensures users’ safety, improves task concentration, and beautifies the rest of the house.

Bathroom lighting fixtures like the industrial farmhouse vintage wall sconce, provide a rustic look and ambient lighting. This wall light can help restaurant guests to start their day well and wind down after a long day.

Things to remember when choosing farmhouse lighting

Farmhouse lighting style can imbue any home with beauty, rustic charm, and warmth. It can also set the tone for the rooms, creating a delightful environment that encourages calmness. 

And since it can be confusing to choose among various farmhouse lighting, here are factors that can help with the decision-making process.

Size and scale

Ensure the size and the scale of the indoor lighting fixture is proportionate to the room and the elements in it. If the farmhouse light is too large for the space, it can make the room feel cramped, while small fixtures in a large room will fall off.


Before choosing a farmhouse lighting bulb, it is essential to know the overall style of the home. Farmhouse lighting is ideal for spaces with natural materials such as metal, wood, and rustic glass. Therefore, ensure the indoor lighting fixture has at least one of these materials.


What is the room used for? Knowing the answer to this question will help engineers to install farmhouse lighting that will shed adequate lighting for the task in the room.

For instance, the kitchen will require bright task farmhouse lighting, while the living and the bedroom may require ambient lighting.


The cost of energy is rising every so often and many people are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption. One way to do that is to install energy-efficient farmhouse light bulbs to reduce electricity bills.

Dimmable lights

While this may not be a requirement, the ability to dim the light in some areas of the house is a big addition. One can use dimmers in the evenings in their living room when they do not need bright lighting. This helps to facilitate sleep. Dimmers can also be installed in the master bedroom. 

Types of farmhouse lighting

There are many types of farmhouse lighting to help create a warm and ambient atmosphere in any room. Consider some options below:


The mighty chandeliers are famous farmhouse lighting used to make a statement in modern and vintage homes.

Since they feature natural materials like wood and metal, they can add a touch of elegance to the living and dining room.

Pendant lights

The mighty chandeliers are famous farmhouse lighting used to decorate modern and vintage homes.

They can be small or large depending on the room one wants to hang them in. 

Wall sconces

As the name suggests, these lights are often fixed on the walls. They are suitable for small spaces like hallways, bathrooms, and window seats. 

And since they have one light, they can be used for makeup vanities. 

Wall sconces can also add task lighting to the bathroom, as well as ambient lighting to the bedroom and living room.

Table and floor lamps

Table lamps are probably the most versatile farmhouse lighting fixture because they can be placed on any flat surface. 

They can light areas out of reach for other indoor lighting systems. 

You can add an industrial feel to the space by choosing the ones with metal bases. 

Floor lamps also act like table lamps, reaching areas other farmhouse lighting systems cannot reach. One can use them in spaces with no ceiling lighting because there is no electrical wiring.

An ideal floor lamp for farmhouse style would have a metal or wooden base and a neutral lamp shade.

Ceiling fans lighting

These classic lighting options can be a stylish addition to the farmhouse-style home. They provide light and circulate air in the room to keep it cool in the summer months. 

However, fan lights are not as bright as other farmhouse lights. They can function well when combined with other types of lighting such as a table or floor lamps. 


Farmhouse lighting is far from archaic or old-fashioned. It can bring life to a dull room with its rustic, warm, ambient touch. 

From the entryway, hallway, living room, dining room, and kitchen to the bedroom, farmhouse lighting can complement the modern home décor, providing breathtaking scenes. 

These lighting options are available in the market and are easy to install. Anyone desiring to give their home, restaurant, or office building an aesthetic appeal can benefit from farmhouse lighting. 

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