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Energy Ministry Announces North Montenegro-Focused Solar Scheme To Reduce Air Pollution

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  • Montenegro plans to launch a new rooftop solar scheme called Solari North 
  • It will focus on increasing PV installations in the north of the country 
  • The Energy Ministry says it will be more financially favorable than Solari 3000+ 

Montenegro has announced a new rooftop solar program called Solari Sjever or Solari North to encourage the adoption of solar in the country’s northern regions. The Ministry of Energy and Mining said this program will be more financially favorable and acceptable to those with lower financial resources, compared to the Solari 3000+ program. 

Montenegro’s Energy Minister Prof. Saša Mujović said the program will focus on increasing solar installations in the north of the country. It will be helpful for municipalities to deal with the problem of air pollution by bringing down the use of coal generated power. 

“This is a way to solve the perceived problem to a large extent, to produce new KwH of green energy at the point of consumption, and to have the need for full engagement and eventual recruitment of new workforce,” explained Mujović. 

The minister said he held consultations with the top leadership of Elektroprivreda Crne Gore (EPCG) and EPCG Solar Construction, Ivan Bulatović and Valerija Saveljić, and received positive response from them. He has sent out official letters to them to design and implement the scheme. 

EPCG is already implementing its Solari 5000+ rooftop solar scheme that replaced Solari 3000+ and Solar 500+. It targets to install 70 MW PV capacity through Solari 5000+ by providing 20% subsidy for rooftop solar panel installations (see Montenegro Launches 70 MW Rooftop Solar Tender). 

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