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Energy Ministry Releases Tender Calendar for 165 MW Large-Scale Wind & Solar Capacity

  • Moldova plans to launch its 1st large-scale tender for fixed-price renewable energy projects 
  • Of the 165 MW to be tendered, 105 MW is reserved for wind and 60 MW for solar PV projects 
  • Tender is planned to be launched in April 2024 to win 15-year PPAs with the state 

The Ministry of Energy in Moldova has released a tender calendar for the construction of large-scale renewable energy capacity in 2024-25. The 165 MW wind and solar power tender is planned to be launched on April 9, 2024. 

Out of the 165 MW proposed to be tendered, 105 MW is to be offered for wind and remaining 60 MW for solar energy projects. Winning projects stand to win power purchase agreements (PPA) for 15-year contracts with the state.  

It will be the 1st time for the country to release tenders for fixed-price projects that will help it reduce dependence on energy imports, while enabling the construction of large wind and solar power plants. 

The state has 3 support mechanisms for green energy producers, guaranteeing the purchase of surplus energy delivered to the network and thus helping them recover their investments: 

  • net invoicing, introduced from January 1, 2024, valid for small producers with installations intended for own consumption; 
  • fixed rate or feed-in-tariff for 15 years – for parks and plants up to 1 MW photovoltaic or 4 MW wind; and 
  • fixed price, equally valid for 15 years, in the case of parks and plants larger than 1 MW photovoltaic or 4 MW wind, capacities assigned through auctions. 

In 2025, the ministry said it plans to initiate a new modeling exercise of the national electricity system to identify renewable energy capacities to be supported through support schemes to achieve the 2030 targets. Moldova targets to achieve at least 27% of energy consumption from renewable sources in gross final energy consumption by 2030. 

The country had previously launched a call for 235 MW renewable energy capacity, including 70 MW solar PV through the National Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE) (see Moldova Launches 235 MW RE Tender). 

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