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Everything You Need to Know About Buying Photography Turntables in 2024

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Photography turntables are becoming an increasingly important player in capturing effortless 360-degree shots. The best photography turntables feature top-notch quality and innovation, streamlining your photo sessions.

When considering a motorized photography turntable, it is essential to look for features such as adjustable speed settings, sturdy construction, and compatibility with various camera setups. Motorized turntables offer the advantage of automated rotation, saving you time and effort during photo shoots.

Additionally, they are ideal for creating captivating 360-degree product animations that can engage customers and boost sales. By incorporating a motorized photography turntable into your workflow, you can enhance the visual appeal of your product photography and stand out in today’s competitive online marketplace.

In this guide, we’ll cover the basics of photography turntables – from large photography turntables to electric and DIY options – to better help you make the right purchase decision, as well as help you get the best deal if you have photography turntables to sell.

Table of Contents
The benefits of turntables for 360 photography
Understanding your photography needs
Features to consider when buying a photography turntable
Top photography turntables to buy
How to sell photography turntables

The benefits of turntables for 360 photography

Motorized turntables can streamline product photography workflow by freeing up a photographer’s labor, allowing them instead to focus on more­ creative ele­ments like artistic decisions, lighting, and how items are­ arranged.

Photography turntables are designed to capture e­ach product’s detail with stunning clarity, better promoting what they have to offer to customers.

In addition, 360-degree­ photos can offer novelty to web shopping, adding a fun and interactive­ element to the quest for great products. Via these photos, customers can virtually examine products from all sides, for a better understanding of what they are like in real life.

Finally, rotating platforms feature an impressive range of adaptability, catering to a broad array of products, from delicate jewelry and compact gadgets to hefty furniture and cars.

Understanding your photography needs

Components of a 360 Photo Booth

Selecting the right turntable hinges on understanding your needs across different photographic genres. Aligning a turntable’s technical specifications with your goals will enhance your ability to capture what you need.

Product photography

For impactful product presentations, prioritize turntables excelling in seamless rotation, stability, and adaptability to various product sizes.

The right photography turntable should rotate effortlessly, remain stable under the product’s weight, and adapt to its dimensions. Sometimes, a smaller turntable with precise rotation control may outshine larger counterparts, depending on the products you are looking to capture.

360-degree photography

In 360-degree photography, prioritize full rotations with unwavering precision. Look for features like built-in software compatibility for seamless integration with virtual reality platforms.

Also consider whether an electric or motorized turntable aligns with your workflow and shooting style. Seamless transitions and minimal noise are essential for a captivating 360-degree experience.

Macro photography

A bottle of serum in a woman's hands

For macro photography, you’ll want to focus on precision. Look for features such as microscopic control over rotations, adjustable speed settings for capturing minute movements, and compatibility with dedicated macro photography equipment.

Opt for rotating plates or turntables designed for macro exploration, enabling you to capture the hidden wonders of the miniature world with clarity.

Features tailoring to specific needs

Not all features are crucial to every type of photography. For example, in product photography, prioritize load capacity and platform size, while smooth rotations and VR compatibility are essential to 360-degree photography.

Precision and control take center stage in macro photography. Evaluate models based on features that truly matter to your workflow and artistic vision.

Features to consider when buying a photography turntable

Photography turntables are best for showcasing products via macro shots and 360-degree movements. Before purchase, you’ll want to note: how fast the table spins, its size, how much weight it can handle, and its power source.

Rotation speed

Many turntables come with adjustable speed settings, going as slow as 0.1 revolutions per minute (RPM). This lets you finely control the turntable’s rotation to capture detailed macro shots. Quick and easy workflows require turntables with preset speeds.

Load capacity

Look for turntables with solid builds, non-slip surfaces, and dampening for stability, ensuring that they can handle products of a certain weight.

Size and diameter

Think about the space you’ll require for the products you’re shooting. Small setups are likely only to require compact turntables, while big products need larger ones. Foldable options are suitable for those on the move.

Power source

Photography turntables may come equipped with a means to connect to the mains, batteries, or both. Consider how this is likely to affect mobility, if that’s something you require.

Top photography turntables to buy

Some notable photography turntables with the features mentioned above are the ViViTouch Photography Turntable and Fantasy View Photobooth.

1. ViViTouch Photography Turntable

An automatic photo booth with its packaging box

TheViViTouch Photography Turntable (ViViKiosk 360 Video Booth) is your creative ally for fashion photography and video production. This professional-grade motorized platform offers captivating 360-degree rotations and accommodates solo or group projects with up to eight individuals and 400kg of support.

Its robust build and compatibility with high-speed and Canon DSLR cameras make it a creative powerhouse. Intuitive controls allow seamless rotation, speed, camera angle, and height adjustment, even remotely. Explore the cinematic “bullet-time effect” for added magic. Ideal for professionals and individual creators seeking captivating visuals, the ViViTouch adapts to your needs.

2. Fantasy View Photobooth

A group of people using the 360-degree photobooth

Fantasy View Photoboothoffers customizable platform sizes (80-115cm) for solo or group photos, while adjustable stand lengths (88-120cm) and angles (45-135 degrees) add versatility, making it ideal for birthdays, corporate events, and capturing precious memories in 360 degrees. Custom branding and packaging options are also available.

Compatibility with smartphones, iPads, GoPros, and DSLR cameras has helped these turntables garner a 4.9/5 average rating from customers.

How to sell photography turntables

Selling a specialty product like a photography turntable requires the right marketing strategy to reach potential buyers. Follow this guide to promote your turntable and maximize sales effectively.

Choose the right platforms: Select platforms that cater to photography enthusiasts and professionals. Alibaba, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and photography forums are great options for listing your turntable. Consider selling on your website if you want more control.

Optimize listings: Craft compelling listings with a detailed description, specifications, high-quality photos, and videos showcasing the turntable. Mention key features, dimensions, weight capacity, motor type, speed settings, etc.

Set a competitive price: Research prices for similar new and used turntables. Price competitively based on condition and features. Offer discounts for bundled items or consider auctions.

Promote extensively: Market across social media, online forums, your website, and photography publications. Run targeted ads and email campaigns. Offer special deals and discounts to build interest.

Provide great customer service: Respond promptly to inquiries and offer returns/exchanges. Package the turntable securely and ship quickly. Follow up post-sale for reviews and feedback.


Choosing the right photography turntable aligned with your goals is vital for 360 product shots and macro photography. Likewise, selling turntables requires research  – optimize listings on specialty platforms, price them competitively based on features, and promote heavily to photography enthusiasts.

With robust builds, smooth spins, and microscopic control, the right turntable tailored to your needs can take your product and macro photography to the next level. Do your research, evaluate gear based on workflow, and get creative with these rotating platforms.

No matter what type of photography turntable you’re looking for, you’ll find it among the thousands of options from trusted suppliers on Alibaba.com.

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