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Eyelid Tools: Five Essential Trends for 2024

eyelid tools

People often say eyes are the windows to the soul—and while they’re naturally beautiful, it doesn’t mean consumers can’t jazz things up with some makeup. After all, what better way to draw attention to the eyes than by making one’s eyelids glitter or glow?

While many argue that lashes and brows are more important, the eyelid makes these other parts stand out more. But how can consumers dazzle up their eyelids for a fancy evening or day out? With the right tools, of course!

This article will dive into five impressive eyelid tools that will fly off shelves and carts in 2024.

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What’s the state of the eye beauty market?
Five amazing eyelid tools consumers will love in 2024
Invest in these trends

What’s the state of the eye beauty market?

Revenue in the eye beauty market currently amounts to US$ 26.53 billion in 2023. Experts predict the market will register a steady 3.56% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2023 to 2028. The United States generated the highest revenue when comparing global figures, contributing a whopping US$ 5.029 billion.

Here are the key market drivers responsible for the global eye beauty market’s growth:

  • The growing beauty and fashion industry.
  • The rising influence of social media and influencer culture on consumer buying decisions.
  • Increasing disposable income.
  • More innovation and product development in the industry.
  • The increasing number of celebrity endorsements and collaborations.
  • The rising awareness of vegan and cruelty-free products. 

Five amazing eyelid tools consumers will love in 2024

Eyelid primer

Six different eyelid primers on a white table

These liquid or cream-based products are the go-to for making shadows and eyeliners on eyelids look smoother and last longer. They’re like double-sided tapes that secure the eye makeup to the user’s lid, ensuring the artistic creation doesn’t budge.

Moreover, they can also help enhance the consumer’s makeup hues and make them look more vibrant. Primers create a base on the eyelids, which absorbs excess oils and provides an even surface for customers to run wild creatively.

Without primers, consumers with greasy eyelids won’t have a fun time with their eye makeup. For instance, any eyeshadow they apply without primers will quickly get the pesky “creased” effect. The look may also become patchy and uneven.

Eyelid primers have been getting some attention lately. Based on Google Ads reports, these products have registered a 20% boost in the past month, from 18100 in October to 22200 in November 2023.

Eyeshadow brushes

Eyeshadow brushes perform one function excellently—helping consumers sweep eye shadow across their lids and upper eye areas. These tools come in various types, and they handle primer applications conveniently. 

The classic shaders are must-haves as their design offers perfect coverage over the entire lid. The best part is these eyeshadow brushes can hold a good amount of shadow. Combined with their wide semi-circle edge, these brushes make applying the perfect eyeshadow amount as easy as a few swipes.

Small shaders are variants that excel more at blending eye makeup. They have short, tightly-packed bristles, ideal for smudging and applying shadows or creams along the lash lines. Similarly, precise shaders are also available, with round brush heads for incredible precision.

While other eyeshadow brush types exist, these three are the most common ones in most eye makeup kits. Eyeshadow brushes hold a significant search interest on Google Ads, which has recently increased. In October, they had 27100 searches. But come November, interest in them boosted to 33100 inquiries—a 20% uptick in one month.

Eyeliner applicators

Person holding four eyeliner brushes

When creating a sharp winged eye or any eyeliner style, the kind of applicators consumers use is important. While getting free brushes in makeup kits is nice, most consumers will prefer purchasing high-quality ones for their stronger and neater bristles.

Like eyeshadow brushes, eyeliner applicators also have various types. First on the list are classic eyeliner brushes. They have thin, narrow designs with fine tips, great for drawing precise lines. However, their tapered, pointed tip is ineffective for filing in or creating thick lines.

Next are semi-flat brushes. They feature rounded shapes and often come with gel eyeliners because these brushes effectively pick up eyeliner products. Semi-flat brushes are somewhat dense, making it easy to create moderately thick lines and fill in wings/angels when necessary.

Lastly, angled bent eyeliner brushes are handy for drawing super thin lines without smudging, giving a natural, almost “no-eyeliner” look. Their angled designs are also perfect for creating winged eyeliners, thanks to the bent side that allows users to draw curved lines and wings easily.

While each type offers something different, they’re more effective in pairs. In addition, search interest for these products has been consistent since April 2023, at 14800 inquiries per month.

Eyelash curlers

An eyelash curler on watery, pink background

Lashes may have a beauty world of their own, but they’re still technically part of the lid. So, taking care of the eyelid would also involve touching up lashes. Interestingly, eyelash curlers are among the most popular tools for beautifying natural lashes.

True to their name, these tools are the perfect solution for straight, natural lashes. Their clamp design can easily hold the user’s lashes and make them curl upwards, providing the much-needed lift. The best part? The results are instant!

As mentioned earlier, eyelash curlers are incredibly popular in 2023. Google Ads data shows that these tools average 135000 searches monthly.

Eye massagers

An eye massager on a white background

Makeup is not the only way to dazzle eyelids—sometimes, they also need some TLC (tender loving care). While consumers can keep their eyes comfortable and relaxed in many ways, eye massagers offer one of the best methods.

These handheld devices cover and wrap around the users’ eyes, helping to massage and relax the delicate areas around them. Some advanced variants may come with various massage techniques and options, allowing consumers to choose their preferred massage and pressure levels—they may even offer calming music or sounds.

Eye massagers usually come in two types: some work like masks covering the wearer’s eyes, while others require manual hand movements. Regardless of type, these devices will stimulate the consumer’s eyes using vibrating motors, airbag compression, or heating/cooling mechanisms—an incredible way to enhance the eyelid’s natural look.

Eye massagers are enjoying steady popularity levels in 2023. They rounded up November with 49500 searches, boosting up from 40500 in June 2023. 

Invest in these trends

Makeup has seen a massive popularity surge lately, thanks to consumers shifting toward DIY beauty procedures and becoming more interested in cosmetics.

But consumers don’t need to break the bank to start expressing their creative and artistic looks, especially on the eyelids. However, they will need a few must-haves to ensure their eyelids look phenomenal for everyday and special events.

Businesses can profit from this need by stocking on eyelid primers, eyeshadow brushes, eyeliner applicators, eyelash curlers, and eye massagers to make sure they meet the demand for this growing market in 2024.

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