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Modern Table Lamps Designs


Table lamps have gone past their traditional function of lighting the room or reading area. People now buy stylish table lamps as pieces of décor for extra illumination. Since table lamps are often small, they can act as furnishing accessories on any piece of furniture.

Some people use modern table lamp designs to make a statement about the interior and exterior of their homes. These lamps have adjustable options to illuminate, beautify, and add charm and ambience to a place, thus making people relaxed and comfortable while engaging in indoor and outdoor activities.

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The market projection for table lamps
Ucome: creating iconic table lamps for outdoor luminaire
Comely: the ambient lighting fixture designs
Fuxing Lighting: the retro and novelty design inspiration

The market projection for table lamps

In 2018, the world’s LED table lamp market size was $4.97 billion and was projected to grow at a CAGR of 15.2% for the period spanning 2019–2025. The world’s increasing demand for sustainable and energy-efficient table lamps is responsible for this projected growth

Moreover, modern table lamps and advanced lighting systems are increasingly being used to enhance home décor, with the global decorative lighting market projected to grow by $6.91 billion during 2021-2025.  

Also, a new trend of smart homes in developing countries like India has propelled modern table lamps’ demand. Climate change and increased awareness to conserve energy could also positively impact the demand for modern LED table lamps. These statistics indicate that investing in modern table lamps could be a good idea for businesses. 

Let’s discuss some trendy modern table lamp designs and their manufacturers.

Ucome: creating iconic table lamps for outdoor luminaire

Ucome’s night table lamp

Ningbo Ucome Lighting has professionals engaged in researching and developing indoor, outdoor, and rechargeable lighting systems. They involve some of the world’s leading designers to produce state-of-the-art rechargeable lamps with environment-friendly and durable materials. 

Its unique rechargeable table lamp designs are used in bedrooms, living rooms, hotels, and backyards. Some of its notable designs include dark grey modern rechargeable bedroom table lamps, Lustre gold cordless table lamps, magnetic charging LED lanterns, and more. Let’s focus on their outdoor table lamp and what makes this design stand out. 

Outdoor table lamps

Maroon magnetic suspension LED outdoor table lamp

Since outdoor table lamps are often switched on and off, dimmed, re-stirred, and moved, they delight many consumers looking for outdoor lamps that are easily repositioned. Ucome’s rechargeable outdoor table lamps are modest in size and can discretely and significantly match any piece of furniture. What makes these outdoor table lamps ideal?

Contact recharging support

Rechargeable outdoor lamps have no cables to allow usage away from the power source. They are often light and easy to carry from one place to the other without the risk of damaging cables and plugs. The wireless feature was invented to help households use outdoor lamps in their backyard, garden, or camping. 

Ucome’s outdoor wireless table lamps have the desired feature for a garden lamp, including robust material, small size, eco-friendliness, and durability. Their USB outdoor table lamps are also cordless, with a USB entrance for recharging that can be useful during an outdoor party, for example. 


Ucome’s outdoor table lamps can be used in all weather without worrying about rain and snowfall. With IP 65 and unique manufacturing techniques, these outdoor table lamps are ideal for gardens, restaurant patios, and pool areas. 

Comely: the ambient lighting fixture designs

Comely’s Retro 3000k LED old oil table lamp

Another leading brand for modern table lamp design is Comely. The company was established in 1996 to deliver quality lighting fixtures. Its attention was directed to designing and producing ambient lighting designs to promote serenity, comfort, and security. 

High-end restaurants and hotels aiming to create romantic living spaces could benefit from the serenity created by table lamps. Through technology, Comley ensures its modern table lamps are energy-saving and environment-friendly. 

Comely eye caring reading table lamp

Most people struggle to find eye-friendly table lamps suitable for reading late at night. Comely’s desk study lamp provides a solution with its uniquely focused light. This modern table lamp also has an obvious shadow line, adjustable head, and stem, which make it suitable for working, writing, drawing, and studying. What makes Comely design FOCUS  outstanding?

Design inspired by nostalgia

The chief designer of LED table lamps Steven S. was moved by his childhood memories, when reading and writing were done under an oil lamp. Though technology has improved the quality of life, many people love things that remind them of old times. 

Memories of old days generated by Comely table lamps create a cozy ambience, as individuals can easily adjust its brightness using a knob switch. The airflow hole feature creates the old times’ idea of blowing out the light like an oil lamp. Of course, the Comely table lamp won’t go off by blowing, but it is an excellent way of recreating old times. 

Retro LED old oil lamp

Besides the study lamp, Comely has also produced several other rechargeable table lamp designs, including portable metal handle and cordless outdoor lamps, dimmable cordless LED table lamps, delicate Matt Nickel wireless night lamps, waterproof LED camping lanterns, and more. 

Fuxing Lighting: the retro and novelty design inspiration

Mushroom glass bedroom table lamp

Fuxing Lighting company was established in 1992. It deals in research, development, and production of lighting fixtures, LED lighting bulbs, and UV lamps. The company’s research and development team continues to design and manufacture technology-leading lighting products that save energy. 

The company has made noteworthy steps in its product designs, light control, heat treatment, and power supply.

The engineers use advanced technology to produce cost-effective and environment-friendly modern table lamps.  

Fuxing Lighting: table lamp inspired by Edison’s carbon filament

Fuxing Lighting is another table lamp lighting company with an ingenious LED product. These table lamp designers drew inspiration from Edison’s old carbon filament lamp. The superfine filament ensures these lamps perform better than other LED filament bulbs. 

Stylish, eye-friendly, and durable table lamp

Fuxing table lamps are also supported by the light-guiding principle, which produces soft and eye-friendly illumination. Since their table lamps are dimmable, they can be used for leisure reading, studying, or sleeping. Users can adjust the brightness to suit the activity at hand, thus proving gentle to the eyes. Many offices love these table lamps because less strained eyes mean higher concentration and productivity. 

Furthermore, they are endowed with mature surface mounted diodes (SMD) technique that enhances its durability and energy efficiency. These table lamps also have an independently manufactured lampshade with high-quality glass materials resistant to stain, dust, and impact. The lampshade is also more glossy than common glasses. 

Entertainment joints are likely clients of Fuxing Lighting lamps due to their laser sculptured lighting patterns that fit well with different modeling glasses. The laser light allows for narrow beams, which is useful for optical scanning. Indeed, the retro and novelty from Fuxing Lighting provide endless possibilities. 


Companies like Ucome, Comely, and Fuxing Lighting are at the forefront in designing modern table lamps with exciting features. The focus is on producing environment-friendly, energy-saving, and cost-effective LED lamps. The above research shows that the modern LED table lamp market will continue to expand. This spells good news for entrepreneurs who want to venture into this business. As a business person, you do well to evaluate the target market and establish what your customers need. 

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