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The Ultimate Flashlights Buying Guide


With so many flashlights available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to find the best flashlight to meet customers’ needs. To cut out some of the mystery and answer some of the most common questions, this LED flashlight buying guide will show everything there is to know about today’s flashlights.

Table of Contents
Understanding the business potential of flashlights
What to look for when selecting flashlights to sell?
Choosing the best flashlights for different end customers
Flashlight market prospects

Understanding the business potential of flashlights 

Man holding flashlight

Developments in illumination technology and advancements in lighting devices have enabled the growth of durable, superior light output flashlights which are not only impact and chemical resistant but also display varied battery compatibility. These features account for the increased demand for flashlights in various sectors including industrial, commercial, residential, military as well as social safety. According to research, the LED flashlight market came to be valued at US$ 20,540 million in the year 2019. It is projected to increase at a CAGR of 4.48% by 2027 and hence reach a market share of US$ 42,884 million. 

What to look for when selecting flashlights to sell?

As a seller, it is important to be well familiar with the key considerations when selecting flashlights to sell. 

Let’s have a look at some of the leading types of flashlights and study their key features as well as their pros and cons.

Types of flashlights

The types of flashlights dominating the industry are as follows:

Solar-powered flashlights

Solar-powered flashlights are powered by solar energy that comes to be stored in rechargeable batteries. Some of these flashlights also use LEDs. Solar-powered flashlights are eco-friendly and do not strain the environment. Compared to incandescent bulb flashlights, they are strong, convenient to use, and super cost effective since they can be easily charged by exposing their solar panel to the sun.

LED flashlights

LED flashlight beam

LED flashlights are well known for their quality battery life. The LED technology helps flashlights beam brighter yet makes them more light-weight. It is one of the main flashlights that can easily help users get around in the dark. LED flashlights have long battery life and require less power, which means that they are more powerful than incandescent bulb flashlights. Their bulb is expected to last for about 50,000 hours!

Tactical flashlights

Black tactical flashlight against rugged background

Since tactical flashlights come to be made of strong materials, they are quite useful in rugged landscapes. They are not only waterproof but also shockproof and available in small sizes as well. 

Handheld flashlights

Big and small handheld flashlight against rustic background

Handheld flashlights are smaller-sized flashlights of about 4 inches. They can easily fit in a pocket and offer wide beam as well as narrow beam functionality. They use LED technology and allow users to zoom in or out in order to adjust the size of the light beam. 

Pen lights

Red pen light against green background

Penlights are small flashlights that resemble the shape of a pen. Since they are small in size, they have the potential to illuminate a small area. They operate by using AAA or AAAA-powered batteries. They either use a LED or a small bulb to deliver a light beam. They usually come with attached clips so that they can be easily fastened to pockets, thereby providing hands-free convenience. 

Choosing the best flashlights for different end customers

Silvert flashlight against black background

In order to make a profitable purchase and buy flashlights that customers demand, it is important to be mindful of key considerations. Let’s have a look at some:

Battery size

Battery size is an important factor that customers have in mind while purchasing flashlights. Some require handy yet powerful flashlights that have a high beam for illumination purposes. In such a case, offering flashlights that do not drain energy at a higher rate is a good recommendation. 


Budget is a leading concern for many customers. When making a purchase, they need a product that is within their means yet promises quality deliverability of the light beam. Being mindful of the friendly options with regard to flashlights is useful to help customers make good purchasing decisions. 


Durability is an important consideration when making the purchase to buy a flashlight. Customers require durable yet handy flashlights that are also easy on the pocket. In such a scenario, suggesting LED flashlights is viable since they are durable, portable, and also offer a strong portable beam. 

Lumen size

Flashlight torch beam

The brightness of flashlights comes to be signified in terms of lumen size. The bigger the lumen size, the higher the potency of illumination. If a buyer is interested in a small portable flashlight that has an alkaline battery yet offers a good lumen size, it needs to be understood that this is not possible. This is because alkaline batteries offer very low light output. 

Water resistance

Some customers are in the need of water-resistant flashlights. Usually, tactical flashlights are made of military-grade aluminum and provide water-resistance as well. They are useful in harsh cold weather or rugged terrains. 

Flashlights market prospects

Being well aware of the market share and market potential of flashlights can help buyers make a responsible purchasing decision that profits their business. It is important to keep oneself in the loop on industry trends and insights to facilitate not only a good customer experience but to also enhance business growth potential. 

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