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2022 Women’s Intimates and Loungewear: 5 Awesome Trends


Did you know that the retail sales for women’s intimates and loungewear apparel experienced a geometric growth from 2013 to 2021? In eight years, sales grew from USD 143 to 204.2 billion. Thus, in 2022, the market is expected to hit USD 217.7 billion, a 6.6 percent increase from the previous year.

The numbers above clearly show the rapid growth of the intimates and loungewear apparel industry. Hence, it’s a highly lucrative business to explore in 2022. Here are five amazing trend styles with high returns that businesses can profit from in 2022 and beyond.

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A growing demand for women’s intimates and loungewear in 2022
5 stunning intimates and loungewear trends that are booming in 2022
It’s time to stock your inventory with these fashion trend designs

Growing demand for women’s intimates and loungewear in 2022

More female consumers are considering the versatile, chic, and more fashionable loungewear designs.

So, it’s no surprise that the demand for women’s loungewear is becoming a thing. The market aims to hit USD 10 billion in 2027—experiencing a CAGR of 9.6 percent from 2020 to 2027. Likewise, the women’s underwear industry will experience notable growth from 2022 to 2025—with a CAGR of 8.1 percent.

Women’s intimates and loungewear are making tremendous progress globally. Find out how to jump on these trends in 2022.

Also, designers and celebrities influence these fashion styles, and more consumers are willing to accept the new trends with premium appeals. This means that more females are willing to break the bank to rock the aesthetic loungewear like their celebrity role models.

As a result, the market is experiencing a massive boom, which will most likely continue in the years to come. Therefore, jumping on the five trends listed below is a great way to boost brand sales.

5 stunning intimate and loungewear trends that are booming in 2022

Letsparty legwear is going viral

young lady rocking letsparty legwear with ripped jeans

The summer-spring season is seeing a lot of the letsparty legwear fashion styles. And it’s because many women use this hose to express their individuality. Plus, they add length and shine to the legs.

Interestingly, the letsparty legwear comes in varieties. First is the hold-up legwear, which  features a top band that grips the thighs. Consumers can pair this unique design with fitted skirts or dresses to get a trendy look.

The rhinestone mesh or fishnet design is another variant of this legwear that cuts across to consumers that prefer a flattery look. However, they can also rock the legwear for night-outs or clubbing. Hence, consumers can have a spicy casual look by pairing the fishnet legwear with ripped denim, silk dresses, or denim skirts.

Women who want an authentic look in every outfit wear lace legwear. Interestingly, it offers a hint of sensuality and girliness. Consumers in this category can pair this legwear with regular shorts or a floaty summer dress for a chic weekend look. They can also boost their silhouette by pairing the lace legwear with a neutral or printed miniskirt for a stylish daywear look.

The glitter legwear and sheer letter tattoo variant is another favorite that caters to consumers with cravings for a statement piece. Indeed, consumers can rock both legwear to give a basic look without overkilling it. They can pair them with simple short dresses or oversized shirts.

young lady with letsparty legwear posing in front red brick

The day-to-night-pull-on bra is stealing hearts

lady wearing a day-to-night-pull-on bra under gray top

The day-to-night-pull-on bra is a break from the norm and an embrace of comfort. Why? Because there’s no limit to how consumers can pair it to perfection.

The sparkly pull-on bra is a good place to start. Consumers who love to be adventurous will hop on this one. While at it, they can create a sleek and flattering silhouette by adding a slim-fitting shirt. Alternatively, they can get an office-appropriate look by choosing a long-sleeve shirt. Also, a navy blue or black base layer can further accent the pull-on bra.

Consumers that love to spice up their professionalism with some street style can pair a brightly colored blazer with a one shoulder pull-on bra. They can also match a midriff pull-on bra with high-waist jeans and a cropped jacket. 

Another tip here is consumers who want to spice things up can add classic sneakers or low-tops during weekends. But for a night-out look, heels will be more appropriate.

What of the jumpsuit lovers? To reveal skin, these ladies can add the nylon cutout design under the jumpsuits. Alternatively, they can step up the look with a cool sporty edge bra to boost the feminine design. Another option is to add a playful twist by using a pull-bra with the same color as the jumpsuit and elevate the look with strappy sandals.

lady rocking mesh day-to-night-pull-on bra with designed pants

Vacay triangle is making a bold statement

young lady rocking vacay triangle bra with black pants

Going for a vacation in summer is all shades of excitement. And consumers love to dress the part as they visit various destinations.

Interestingly, the vacay triangle is a unique apparel that appeals to most women. Plus, it ticks the box for comfort, style, and ease. 

Consumers with a high taste for retro styling will love the feminine and subtle two-piece crochet lace triangle. A mixture of patterns, prints, and flowy silhouettes is the summary of a boho style lover. And the two-piece with long pants perfectly fits the description. In addition, they can complete the look with oversized sunglasses and a beach hat.

Simple shouldn’t be boring, and the French hollow lace triangle says it all. The outfit is ideal for women that prefer a minimalist look. They can pair these with a crossbody bag with cool round shades.

The crochet vacay triangle is another great option for consumers that love comfort and breathability. They can pair these with beach shorts or high-waist denim for a cool summer look. Alternatively, consumers can spice up the look with a bodycon two-piece set and add details like an ankle strap to create a bold statement.

beautiful lady rocking blue vacay triangle bra with denim

Corsets are back

lady posing with a white corset in front boat railing

Corsets have been in the fashion industry for ages. Hence, it’s a fashion style that has stood the test of fashion time. 

Lace corsets are one of the widely-used corset styles. Consumers easily pair them with a matching PJ set. In short, to give a casual look, they pair them with sneakers.

Consumers who value monochrome prints may go for halter corset tops. But the “show-off” consumers will opt for a stand-alone corset top and pair it with baggy jeans—which gives a Y2K aesthetic. The skeleton corset is a more suitable option for women who love experimenting with prints. So, to balance the look, they can add low-waisted bottoms with strappy heels.

The shoulder-bustier corset is another option that gives consumers the chance to play around with different pairings. For instance, women can flatter the shoulder bustier by pairing it with a micro-mini skirt. Alternatively, they can get a layered-up look with a pair of baggy pants and a jacket. Also, women that crave a simple look will love the off-shoulder crop top, which goes perfectly with high-waist pencil jeans for a casual feel.

colored lady rocking pink corset with a black mini skirt

Bodysuits are here to stay

young lady wearing a jacket on black bodysuit with legwear

Bodysuits have been in the fashion news since the 1950s, and they still make a bold fashion statement in 2022. But that’s not all. First, wearing bodysuits saves people from tucking and retucking. Second, it’s a basic wardrobe staple. Third, it can be super flattering on most body shapes.

The minimalist consumers would prefer a safe option like the ribbed cut romper. With it, consumers can pull a casual look effortlessly by adding high-waist bottoms. Alternatively, they can have an office-appropriate look by adding a boyfriend blazer and baggy denim.

Interestingly, women that love feeling sexy would go for the bodycon jumpsuit. However, they can also have a casual look by pairing the one-shoulder style with ripped pencil jeans and vintage accessories. Alternatively, they can add an edgy touch to the bodysuit with a bomber jacket, denim shorts, and boots.

The risk-taker ladies will do justice to the one-piece long sleeve, round-neck mesh, and see-through sleeveless jumpsuits. But, in truth, these consumers can get a casual look by pairing the round-neck mesh with ripped shorts and miniskirts.

beautiful lady wearing a leopard-print bodysuit with black boots

Stock your inventory with these fashion trend designs

Whether it’s a corset, bodysuit, letsparty legwear, day-to-night-pull-on bra, or vacay triangle businesses decide to sell, you can’t go wrong. Alternatively, you can sell all five women’s intimate and loungewear fashion styles. 

The rule of thumb is to ensure you’re getting the best quality for the spring-summer 2022 season. That way, you’ll get loads of return customers. If getting the best quality requires you to break the bank a bit, then it’s worth the stress. All you need to do is set your price margins based on your cost prices. 

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