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Freight Market Update: February 28, 2023


Ocean freight market update

China–North America

  • Rate changes: The freight rates for most Transpacific Eastbound (TPEB) routes remain low.
  • Market changes: The TPEB capacity is abundant for weeks after the Chinese New Year, while demand remains at a low level. It is expected that carriers will carry out routine blank sailings to stabilize the rates. Port and rail congestion on the west coast of Canada remain low.
  • Recommendation: Book freight shipping at least 2 weeks prior to the cargo ready date (CRD), and have backup plans ready for possible blank sailings.


  • Rate changes: Generally reduced for the second half of February.
  • Market changes: Affected by low demand, rates will remain at a low level in the coming weeks, despite a gradually increasing booking volume.
  • Recommendation: Set a buffer time when planning your shipments.

Air freight/express market update


  • Rate changes:

Lowered base shipping rate: Electronics Parcels (Premium), Parcels (Premium), Electronics Parcels (Standard), Parcels (Standard), Electronics Parcels (Economy), Parcels (Economy)

Decreased base freight rate: Freight via JL (Economy)

China–Southeast Asia

  • Market changes: Demand in export to Southeast Asian countries remains low. The transport capacity is abundant. The Thailand export market picked up slightly this week, but the overall demand remains weak.

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