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5 Autumn/Winter Menswear Color Trends Sellers Can Adopt for 2023/24


Men’s activewear is adjusting to a more contemporary outlook, geared toward consumers’ well-being, transformation, simplicity, and pleasure. There will be more focus on versatility and practicality, introducing hues that are practical but also vibrant and eye-catching. 

Consumers must remain open-minded, as different colors may trigger different moods and emotions. In addition, men’s A/W 23/24 will increase the importance of clean, less-erratic colors. 

This article will guide color usage and its message in men’s activewear. Keep reading to explore five of these color trends.

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Overview of the global menswear market
5 outstanding menswear color trends
Final words

Overview of the global menswear market  

In 2023, revenue in the men’s apparel segment stands at US $568.90 billion. Experts predict the market will keep moving at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.95% from 2023 to 2027. 

Globally, the United States generated the most revenue, accounting for over US $110.90 billion of the growing 2023 value. Research suggests that the menswear segment will experience a 2% volume growth by 2024.  

Considering the overall population, the amount of money currently made per person in 2023 stands around US $74.06. In the men’s apparel segment, experts anticipate the total volume will reach 43,637.5 million pieces by 2027.

In addition, research also predicts that the volume per person in the industry will grow to 5.3 pieces by the end of 2023. Men’s apparel holds the title of the second-largest segment in the apparel industry.

Marketing experts project the market will witness the highest revenue increase between 2022 and 2027. Quality, durability, and comfort are becoming critical drivers for consumer apparel purchases. This shift started gaining prominence since the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic.

5 outstanding menswear color trends 

1. Surplus-inspired core colors 

Man in a wholegrain-colored coat playing with a baby

Surplus-inspired colors indicate toughness and durability while giving off an urban vibe. They include classic tones that focus attention on the wearer’s overall aesthetics. These hues are here to stay and will appeal to consumers looking for a reliable look. 

This color palette features an earthy appearance, appealing to eco-friendly consumers who appreciate such movements. Some of these colors include sage leaf, wholegrain, Italian clay, and parchment. 

Consumers can rock these surplus-inspired core colors by using less-expected hues to ensure camouflage. Tie-die outfits look wonderful when retailers incorporate these hues into their designs.

2. Grounding gray shades 

Man in a gray snowproof coat

It’s not uncommon for water-based designs to spill into the fashion world, and this color palette proves they can be stylish. Grounding gray shades draw inspiration from water bodies like oceans and lakes, as well as aquatic life. This color story speaks to optimism, even within the complexities of consumer lifestyles and the fashion industry catering to their desires.

Shades under this palette include sea foam, marine teal, basalt, circular gray, and Alpine frost. Combining these hues with sporty and urban styles will channel their true beauty. Men’s A/W 23/24 styles with these shades make a blend of watery hues and industrial feels, creating a unique look. 

Consumers can wear grounding gray shades with overalls, coats, T-shirts, tights, and shorts. 

3. Saturated mid-tones

A gray-haired man holding an apple

Although timeless items remain on trend, retailers must reinvigorate their relevance to make them appealing to modern consumers. However, color usage is necessary for this strategy to work. Sellers can start by upgrading classics with saturated mid-tones. 

Saturated mid-tones appeal to comforting nostalgia themes that reiterate familiar combinations. But it adds a twist to incorporate a playful charm to various items from coats to units.

Hues in this story include sepia, cranberry juice, carambola, chalk, dusted grape, and malachite. Retailers can also indulge in color pops by using saturated mid-tones in collars, trims, linings, and bindings.

4. Sunset tones 

Man wearing a dusted grape-colored suit

Eye-watering natural moments, like sunrise and sunset, continue influencing fashion colors, providing consumers with a connection to the earth while promoting sustainable qualities.

Many hues included in this palette include ginger biscuit, dark oak, dusted grape, and sea kelp. These shades showcase an awe-inspiring contrast when paired with the warmth of candied orange and apricot crush. 

5. Rich gold tones 

Man wearing a poncho in the woods

Rich gold tones draw inspiration from urban designs and modern lifestyle brands working with smart fabrics and technical finishes. This color story merges activewear’s dynamism with formal and versatile monochrome shades. 

This futuristic palette presents a modernist look, giving consumers a sense of self-confidence. It incorporates stealthy darks as accents for tactile golden and bronze shades. 

Consumers can rock rich gold-toned jackets and suits with darker shades of ties and dress shirts. The color combo also looks fantastic on tracksuits, bomber jackets, and other winter essentials.

Final words 

In the Autumn/Winter 23/24 seasons sellers should focus on hues that provide commercial gain and exude a versatile and functional aesthetic for different occasions. Consumers are adapting to modern lifestyles and looks, and these color trends reflect this change. 

Surplus-inspired core colors, grounding gray shades, saturated mid-tones, sunset tones, and rich gold tones will resonate with consumers searching for a new burst of energy and a renewed sense of self. 

Retailers must focus on items adapting these shades for a current and irresistible catalog this season.

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