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10 Key Steps To Get Better Online Reviews for Businesses


There’s no doubt that having quality online reviews is a great edge for any business starting because 93 percent of online customers largely rely on them. 

However, getting better quality online reviews could be challenging, especially for a small startup business with no prior brand trust. That said, there’s a proper way to go about it. Hence, this article will reveal ten critical steps for businesses to get better online reviews.

But before seeing the steps, here are the benefits of having good online reviews.

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Benefits of online customer reviews for businesses
10 simple steps that can help businesses get better online reviews
Own the online reviews

Benefits of online customer reviews for businesses

Illustration showing how getting better online reviews help business growth

Undoubtedly, good reviews are essential for businesses to get customers to buy their products and services. Considering that many customers will likely spend 31 percent more on a business with great reviews, that’s not surprising.

According to a recent survey, 92.4 percent of consumers prefer to buy from a business with a trusted review online. Therefore, businesses that want to improve their customer experience go online to check their ratings and discover the areas of their business that require improvement after planning out a proper customer journey mapping. Finally, businesses also rely on positive reviews to increase their rankings on search engines. 

10 simple steps that can help businesses get better online reviews

Impress consumers with solid work

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Customer online reviews are key factors businesses can’t afford to overlook. Hence, retailers should ensure to put in a lot of hard work, and it can’t be over-emphasized. Sellers can actively solicit positive feedback and praise by requesting reviews from customers.

Asides from providing top-quality products with fewer returns, consumers want to know that the retailers are putting in enough hard work to meet their needs. So answer consumer questions speedily, take feedback, and reply to their reviews, whether good or bad. That way, retailers would have a higher chance of naturally getting positive reviews from their customers.

Create business profiles and claim ownership

An online business can either create new profiles of review websites or claim already existing ones.

So, it’s ideal for every online business to have a properly created profile on review websites like Trustpilot, Yelp, Google My Business, etc. That way, they can attract new customers. Plus, they should claim their existing business profiles to prevent misinformation.

Get a glowing review from a happy customer

Businesses can also ask their customers for reviews and avoid asking random people online. However, you may not know how to ask for a review from a customer. 

There are two factors to consider when asking for reviews from customers: 

  • First, the customer should be someone that recently patronized the business. 
  • The customer should’ve solely had positive experiences (Remember that positive reviews are the goal). One of the ways to give consumers good experiences is by having solid customer support. Also, retailers should invest in giving their customers a swift user experience as they buy goods on their website.

Ask for reviews after a complete transaction

After a customer completes a transaction on a retailer’s online store, it’s always wise for a business rep to ask the customer to do a good online review. The best way a seller can go about it is to thank the customers for their patronage and kindly request an online review in a direct approach—without beating around the bush.

Explore different ways of asking for the online reviews

Female feet in boots considering different ways

Although asking customers for reviews can sometimes be intimidating, there are several effective ways on how to collect reviews from customers.

Businesses with an online store can ask for reviews through emails or text messages with certain incentives. Also, ensure the review questions are option-based, if possible.

Make it easy and go straight to the point

Many businesses are usually fond of creating long and boring questionnaires for their customers to answer. The rule of thumb is to provide online reviews that won’t make consumers think too much. Let the request and questionnaire be specific.

Also, it’s ideal that businesses don’t make soliciting reviews from customers compulsory. Instead, such requests should be made optional.

Do a follow-up

Not everyone will drop a review when asked the first time. Some consumers may even forget due to their busy schedules. Hence, businesses should develop a certain tolerance level for users who forget to write reviews.

Instead, they should try reaching out again to such customers. But they must do it with caution, so it doesn’t look spammy and annoying.

Thank customers

When customers write reviews, they put their reputation on the line (both online and offline). Why? Because online reviews are visible to the general public; anyone can see them.

So, it’s right for brands to show appreciation by saying “thank you” through texts and even emails. Ensure customers feel appreciated and live up to the promise.

Track, access, and repeat the process to get better online reviews

A robot repeating various tasks over and over again

In order to improve online reviews, retailers should ensure to keep track of their review request approach. For example, they can keep records in a spreadsheet with details like transaction date, first and second review request, how they made the request and the success rate.

By accessing such data, brands can determine the best way to get reviews.

Keep at it

Businesses shouldn’t stop after getting reviews. Instead, they should continue building long-lasting relationships with their customers.

That’s essential if they want to create a strong impression on the happy customers and turn them into brand evangelists.

Own the online reviews

Online reviews are a key part of the buying decision for most consumers online. So, it’s the responsibility of online businesses to get them and show them off at different locations online.

The best way to start for businesses is to send timely review requests to their customers, appealing to them with incentives. Also, they should remember to reply to negative online reviews with a defined approach to help unsatisfied customers change their minds.

Watch the video to know more about how to use online reviews from your customers.

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