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Hot-selling Alibaba Guaranteed Computer Hardware & Software Products in January 2024: From High-Performance Laptops to Essential Accessories

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In an ever-evolving digital marketplace, sourcing high-quality computer hardware and software has become a pivotal element of success for online retailers. Recognizing this need, our January 2024 listicle highlights the hot-selling “Alibaba Guaranteed” computer hardware and software products, offering a direct pathway to the most popular and reliable selections from international vendors on Alibaba.com. “Alibaba Guaranteed” stands as a beacon of trust and efficiency in e-commerce, promising low prices with shipping included, guaranteed delivery by scheduled dates, and a money-back guarantee for order issues. This initiative ensures that business buyers can order with confidence, free from the hassles of negotiating with suppliers or worrying about shipment delays and refunds. By focusing on these hot-selling items, we aim to assist online retailers in making informed decisions that will enrich their product offerings and enhance customer satisfaction.

Please note that, as of now, the ‘Alibaba Guaranteed’ products featured in this list are only available for shipping to addresses within the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. If you are accessing this article from outside these countries, you may not be able to view or purchase the linked products.

1. QERE S14 Portable Laptops Computer 14.1 Inch 6GB 512GB 1TB 2TB IPS Intel Game SSD Win dows 10 11 Notebook Business Laptop


The first product on our list is the QERE S14 Portable Laptop, a versatile computing solution designed to cater to a broad range of needs, from business to gaming. This laptop features a 14.1-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1920×1080, ensuring crisp and clear visuals. It is powered by an Intel J4105 processor, coupled with 6GB of RAM, making it capable of handling various tasks with ease. For storage, it offers options ranging from 512GB to 2TB SSD, providing ample space for applications, files, and games. The laptop runs on Windows 10, offering compatibility with a wide range of software and applications. Additionally, its integrated graphics card and a refresh rate of 60Hz make it suitable for both work and play. The QERE S14 stands out for its blend of performance, portability, and flexibility, making it an appealing choice for users looking for a reliable laptop that can accommodate different usage scenarios, including business, personal, education, and light gaming.

2. 2023 New 14 inch YOGA Multi Form Touch Screen RGB Keyboard Windows 10 Intel Celeron N5105 16GB RAM Portable 2 in 1Tablet Laptop


The second product to highlight is the 2023 New 14 inch YOGA Multi Form Touch Screen Laptop from Weiboer, an innovative 2-in-1 tablet laptop that combines versatility with functionality. This device boasts a 14-inch touch screen with a 1920×1080 resolution, providing users with a crisp and interactive user experience. It is equipped with an Intel Celeron N5105 processor and 16GB of RAM, offering a smooth and efficient performance for both work and leisure activities. The laptop comes with a variety of SSD storage options, ranging from 128GB to 1TB, catering to different user needs for storage capacity. Running on Windows 10 Pro, it supports a wide array of business applications and software. Unique features include a RGB keyboard, a dual fan cooling system, and a battery capacity of 4500mAh, enhancing both usability and portability. Its design is both sleek and functional, with a body thickness of ≤10mm and a weight of 1.6KG, making it a choice for professionals and students who need a powerful, yet portable computing solution.

3. Mousepads Led Wireless Charger Leather Extended Xxl Gamer Custom Logo Printed Customised Gaming Large Rgb Mouse Pad

mouse pad

Our third product is the Mousepads Led Wireless Charger Leather Extended XXL Gamer Pad by Ksentry, a cutting-edge accessory designed for gaming enthusiasts who value both functionality and aesthetics. This large RGB mouse pad measures 800x300x4mm, offering ample space for seamless mouse movement. It’s made from a combination of rubber and soft cloth on top, ensuring a non-slip base and a comfortable surface for prolonged gaming sessions. A standout feature is its 15W wireless charging capability, allowing gamers to charge their devices conveniently without interrupting their gameplay. The pad also boasts customizable printing options, enabling users to personalize their gaming setup with custom logos or designs. Additionally, it’s equipped with RGB LED lighting, adding a dynamic visual element to the gaming environment. The mouse pad’s waterproof and non-slip characteristics further enhance its durability and performance, making it a versatile addition to any gamer’s arsenal.

4. ZIFRIEND ZT104 104 Keys White Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard full size with Sliver Switch Wired for Laptop Desktop PC Gamers

Gaming Keyboard

The fourth product on our list is the ZIFRIEND ZT104 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, a device engineered for gamers seeking precision and durability. This full-size keyboard features 104 keys, including a range of multimedia keys for enhanced functionality. It comes with white LED backlighting, adding a stylish aesthetic to any gaming setup. The keyboard utilizes silver switches, known for their fast response time and reliability, making it ideal for both gaming and typing. Designed with a USB 2.0 interface, the ZT104 offers both wired and wireless connectivity options, providing flexibility for desktop and laptop users alike. Its construction from high-quality ABS material ensures durability, while the lack of wrist support is compensated by an adjustable tilt function for ergonomic comfort. The ZT104’s anti-ghosting capability allows for multiple keys to be pressed simultaneously, ensuring that every command is registered accurately. With its plug-and-play feature, setting up the keyboard is straightforward, requiring no additional drivers for operation. This keyboard embodies the blend of functionality and fashion that gamers demand.

5. New Product ideas 2023 Laptops E140 wholesale price IPS Screen 6 +128 GB Notebook ODM&OEM


Moving on to our fifth product, we have the New Product ideas 2023 E140 Laptop, an economical yet efficient notebook designed to meet the needs of office workers and students alike. This laptop comes with a 14-inch IPS screen, offering a resolution of 1366×768, which ensures clear and vibrant visuals for its users. It’s powered by an Intel N3350 processor, complemented by 6GB DDR4 RAM, making multitasking smooth and efficient for everyday tasks and light computing needs. The E140 is equipped with a 128GB SSD, providing fast boot times and ample storage for documents, media, and applications. It supports both Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems, offering flexibility and access to a wide range of software and functionalities. Additionally, the laptop features integrated Intel HD Graphics, a battery capacity of 4500mAh for extended usage, and supports multiple languages, making it a versatile choice for a diverse user base. Its lightweight design and the inclusion of essential connectivity options, such as USB 2.0 ports, make it a practical and accessible option for those seeking a reliable computing device on a budget.

6. hot selling 2023 E156 Laptops Big Storage 8 +512 GB ordinateur portable HD 1920*1080 screen Notebook


The sixth product on our list is the 2023 E156 Laptop, a device that balances performance with large storage capacity, catering primarily to the needs of office workers and students. This laptop features a 15.6-inch Full HD IPS display, boasting a resolution of 1920×1080 for sharp and detailed visuals. At the heart of the E156 is an Intel N5095 processor, combined with 8GB DDR4 RAM, providing robust performance for productivity applications, multitasking, and entertainment. Storage options are generous, offering configurations up to 512GB SSD, ensuring quick access to data and ample space for software, documents, and media. Running on Windows 10 or Windows 11, the laptop supports a wide range of applications and offers a user-friendly interface. Its integrated Intel graphics ensure smooth video playback and basic graphical tasks. The laptop’s design is practical, featuring USB 3.0 ports for fast data transfer, a battery capacity of 4500mAh for sustained usage, and supports multiple languages, making it versatile for a global audience. The E156 is a compelling choice for those seeking a dependable notebook with a large screen and substantial storage.

7. 1D Wireless Barcode Scanner Android Mac for Supermarket Industry Handheld Bar Code Reader laser bar code scan gun


The seventh product to feature on our list is the 1D Wireless Barcode Scanner from CHIYPOS, tailored for the supermarket industry but versatile enough for various retail environments. This handheld bar code reader is designed to enhance operational efficiency with its fast scanning capability, able to process up to 30 frames per second. It utilizes a CCD scan element, ensuring accurate and quick recognition of 1D barcodes. The scanner boasts an optical resolution of 640×480, with a maximum paper size compatibility of 1280×800 pixels, making it suitable for scanning items of different sizes and materials. It’s compatible with Android and Mac systems, offering flexibility for integration into existing POS systems. The device is designed with usability in mind, featuring a comfortable grip and a durable, black plastic body that can withstand the rigors of daily use. With a warranty of 1 year and comprehensive after-sales services including onsite training and technical support, the CHIYPOS barcode scanner is a fair tool for businesses looking to streamline their checkout processes and inventory management.

8. Trending products 2024 New Arrivals E140D New product ideas Dual 2K Touch Screen N95 12th Generation Celeron

touch screen

The eighth and innovative addition to our list is the E140D Laptop, a 2024 New Arrival that breaks the mold with its dual 2K touch screens, offering a novel approach to multitasking and productivity. This cutting-edge device is powered by an Intel N95 12th Generation Celeron processor, paired with 16GB DDR4 RAM, making it capable of handling demanding applications and multitasking with ease. The laptop features a primary 14-inch display and a secondary 14-inch touchscreen, both with a resolution of 2240×1440, providing exceptional clarity and an immersive user experience for both work and study. With storage options up to 1TB SSD, users have ample space for all their files and applications. The E140D supports both 2.4G and 5G WLAN connections, ensuring fast and reliable internet connectivity. It runs on Windows 10 or Windows 11, offering versatility and compatibility with a wide range of software. The laptop’s metal body, combined with a 5000mAh battery, ensures durability and long hours of usage. This device is designed for those who seek innovation and efficiency in their computing devices, making it a decent choice for office workers and students looking for the latest in laptop technology.

9. New Product 2023 E140C Laptops N5095 14” 8+256GB Office using New arrivals Notebooks Student Laptop


The ninth product in our selection is the E140C Laptop, a 2023 New Product tailored for both office and student use, blending performance with practicality. This notebook features a 14-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1920×1200, providing users with sharp, vibrant visuals for both productivity tasks and multimedia consumption. It is powered by an Intel N5095 processor, ensuring efficient handling of applications and workflows. Users have the option of 8 or 16GB DDR4 RAM, coupled with storage options ranging from 256GB to 1TB SSD, catering to varying needs for speed and space. The E140C runs on Windows 10 or Windows 11, offering the latest features and security updates. It supports both 2.4G and 5G WLAN for superior connectivity, ensuring seamless internet access. The laptop’s design is both sleek and functional, made with a durable plastic body and equipped with cooling fans to maintain optimal performance during extended use. With a battery capacity of 5000mAh, it is designed to support long hours of use, making it a fair choice for students and professionals alike who require a reliable and versatile computing solution.

10. High quality 8 in 1 Type-C Hub Multiport Dock Station with 4K HDMI USB3.0 RJ45 SDTF USB-C PD Charging Adapter 8 ports USB C Hubs

Type-C Hub Multiport Dock Station

Rounding off our list is the High-quality 8 in 1 Type-C Hub Multiport Dock Station by 1justlink, a versatile and essential accessory for professionals and tech enthusiasts alike. This compact dock station transforms a single USB-C port into eight different outlets, including 4K HDMI, USB 3.0, RJ45 for Ethernet, SD/TF card slots, and a USB-C PD (Power Delivery) charging port. The hub is designed to facilitate easy connection of multiple devices and accessories to a laptop or tablet, significantly expanding its connectivity options. Its aluminum alloy shell not only gives it a sleek look but also aids in heat dissipation, ensuring the device operates efficiently even under heavy use. With support for high-speed data transfer and charging, users can enjoy the convenience of connecting external drives, monitors, and other peripherals while keeping their device powered. The hub’s plug-and-play functionality, coupled with its broad compatibility with various devices, makes it an indispensable tool for anyone looking to enhance their workstation or mobile setup. With certifications from ROHS, CE, and FCC, this dock station guarantees reliability and safety, making it a smart addition to any tech collection.


Concluding our exploration of hot-selling Alibaba Guaranteed Computer Hardware & Software products for January 2024, we’ve delved into a diverse range of items, from innovative laptops featuring dual screens and ample storage options to essential accessories like the versatile 8 in 1 Type-C Hub. Each product has been selected based on its popularity and reliability, ensuring that business buyers on Alibaba.com have access to the latest and most sought-after technology solutions. These selections represent the forefront of convenience, performance, and utility in the digital age, catering to the varied needs of online retailers, office workers, students, and tech enthusiasts. By choosing Alibaba Guaranteed products, buyers are assured of competitive prices, guaranteed delivery schedules, and a straightforward refund policy for any order issues, enabling a seamless and confident purchasing experience. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, staying informed about the top-selling products in the computer hardware and software category will remain essential for those looking to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the market.

Please note that, as of now, the ‘Alibaba Guaranteed’ products featured in this list are only available for shipping to addresses within the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. If you are accessing this article from outside these countries, you may not be able to view or purchase the linked products.

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