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How Amazon Buy With Prime Can Boost Your Sales

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Amazon has expanded its ‘Buy with Prime’ program that lets retailers add Amazon’s payment and fulfillment services to their own site and display reviews from Amazon customers on their products. Buy with Prime originally launched in April 2022, but as of Jan 31st 2023 it has become available to all US-based Amazon merchants.

Signing up with Buy with Prime makes the shopping experience easier for customers and increases conversions for merchants. With the expanded launch, Amazon merchants can now also display customer reviews on their site–a great feature in its own right– but we also anticipate many more useful features to come. 

So if you’re unsure if you want to sign up with Buy with Prime, let’s talk about how it works and how it can help your business. 

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What is Amazon Buy with Prime? And how does it work?
Benefits of using Amazon Buy with Prime
Amazon Buy with Prime FAQs
Final thoughts on Amazon Buy with Prime

What is Amazon Buy with Prime? And how does it work?

Amazon Buy with Prime is no longer limited to Amazon’s storefront. Businesses can add the buy with prime feature to their website, which enables Amazon Prime members to have a similar experience to purchasing on Amazon.com. They get to access the fast, free, and seamless checkout experience that they’ve come to love being Amazon customers. 

If you add Buy with Prime to your website, potential customers will see a ‘Buy with Prime’ logo alongside existing checkout options that allow them to use the Buy with Prime functionality. 

Customers who choose the Buy with Prime option will be prompted to log into their Amazon account. Logging in allows all their information to automatically be populated, including preferred payment and shipping information. 

How to add the Buy with Prime button to your website

It’s easy to add Buy with Prime to your website. Simply follow these four steps:

  1. Sign up and create an account
  2. Set up Buy with Prime
  3. Designate products 
  4. Add the Buy with Prime button

Benefits of using Amazon Buy with Prime

A wide range of benefits of using Buy with Prime helps businesses drive top-line growth while simultaneously reducing complexity. 

Familiar shopping experience

Amazon Prime members love the familiarity of shopping with Amazon, especially knowing they will receive fast and free shipping. The Buy with Prime badge lets customers know they can expect a certain level of service which is something they appreciate. 

Easy fulfillment & Returns

Prime members in many areas of the US get the benefit of same-day delivery, and with Buy with Prime, these customers can enjoy this perk. At the same time, Amazon takes care of all the tasks involved in the process. 

Easy returns are also a critical part of quality customer service. According to Invesp, around 30% of products purchased online are returned, and 92% of people surveyed said they would purchase again if the return process were easy. When using Buy with Prime, merchants can have returns and post-sales services entirely handled by Amazon. 

Increasing shopper conversion

According to internal Amazon data, Buy with Prime has increased shopper conversion by 25% on average simply by making the checkout process seamless. With Buy with Prime, it’s less common for shoppers to abandon their carts. 

Amazon reviews on your site

A feature of Buy with Prime is the ability to display customer reviews from Amazon.com on your DTC site. Showing reviews can help increase shopper trust and conversion as it helps to inform consumer purchasing decisions. 

Integration with BigCommerce

While Buy with Prime is designed to work with most eCommerce providers, they are working closely with merchants to support its implementation. BigCommerce has launched a new self-service integration for US merchants to seamlessly enable Buy with Prime on their BigCommerce storefront without needing to know how to code.  

Amazon display ads

If you choose to use Buy with Prime, your business will also have the opportunity to incorporate Amazon display ads into your marketing strategy

With Amazon display ads, you can drive traffic to your site by remarketing to Amazon audiences on third-party websites. 

How do these ads work? When an Amazon user searches for a product, Buy with Prime merchants can buy a brand ad. This ad appears at the top of the page, helping customers discover products and will eventually redirect the customer to the merchant’s site. 

Amazon Buy with Prime FAQs

How much does Buy with Prime cost?

Amazon stated that “merchants simply pay for what they use. Pricing is based on a service fee, a payment processing fee, and fulfillment and storage fees that are calculated per unit.” All fees, except for those incurred for storage, are charged after you make a sale. With no fixed subscription fee or long-term contract required, you can expand your selection or cancel anytime.

Will Buy with Prime work with my company’s existing site?

Buy with Prime is designed to work with most eCommerce providers.

How does Buy with Prime protect customers’ data?

Amazon protects information collection via Buy with Prime in accordance with Amazon’s high-security standards. 

Does Buy with Prime replace the existing checkout options?

No, Buy with Prime doesn’t replace your current checkout options. Buy with Prime offers an additional way for Amazon Prime members to check out quickly.

Can my business use Buy with Prime if we don’t sell on Amazon.com?

Yes! Your business does not need to sell on Amazon.com to use Buy with Prime. You must meet the Buy with Prime requirements to use this feature – find the criteria here

Will adding Buy with Prime to my eCommerce site impact my Amazon.com business?

Buy with Prime shouldn’t impact your Amazon.com business. The goal of Buy with Prime is to offer Prime shopping benefits to Prime members in more places. Buy with Prime can serve as a complementary offering to your existing Amazon.com business. 

Final thoughts on Amazon Buy with Prime

Adding Buy with Prime to your website allows Prime members to enjoy the easy checkout and fast delivery they have come to expect from Amazon, while businesses see a higher conversion rate. Want to get the advantages of Amazon display ads, seamless purchasing, and easy fulfillment? Get started with Buy with Prime today to boost your business. 

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