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How To Choose the Perfect Shower Curtains in 2024

bathroom with a white shower curtain with hooks

Shower curtains keep bathrooms dry and provide privacy. But beyond their practical purpose, they can enhance the visual appeal of a dull-looking bathroom, turning it from drab to glam in an instant. But what factors do consumers consider when looking for shower curtains, and are they a worthwhile investment? In this guide, we’ll explore the shower curtain market and the key factors to consider when selecting shower curtains in 2024.

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Shower curtain market forecast
Factors to consider when selecting shower curtains
Find the perfect shower curtains for every bathroom

Shower curtain market forecast

The global shower curtain market is expected to grow at a high compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.25% between 2022 and 2029. While the European market is expected to grow at the fastest rate due to increased consumer spending on home decor, the Asia Pacific market is also expected to experience rapid growth due to rising interest in home furnishing.

This market forecast demonstrates the massive potential of the shower curtain market. However, to capitalize on the surging demand for shower curtains, businesses must cater to customer tastes and preferences.

Factors to consider when selecting shower curtains

Shower curtains aren’t created equal. There are many variants, each with different characteristics. So, what do consumers look for when shopping for shower curtains? Here are the essential factors to consider when choosing shower curtains.


The standard size for most ready-made shower curtains is 72 by 72 inches. This is the perfect curtain size for the average 60-inch bathtub. However, standard shower curtains may not be suitable for consumers with particularly small or large shower spaces. To cater to these consumers, some brands also offer shower curtains in other dimensions, including:

  • 70 by 70 inches
  • 72 by 84 inches
  • 74 by 74 inches
  • 72 by 79 inches

However, regardless of the size of the shower space, shower curtains shouldn’t touch the floor. They should hover at least four inches above the floor to promote air circulation and prevent mold and mildew growth.


Shower curtains are available in various fabrics. Here are some popular options:

Vinyl shower curtains

Vinyl shower curtains are a favorite among many people because they’re inexpensive. They’re also incredibly easy to maintain because they’re water-resistant, so they’re unlikely to harbor mold or mildew. 

For consumers on a budget who prioritize functionality over style, vinyl shower curtains are an excellent option. However, consumers who want plush-looking curtains may prefer other options.

Polyester shower curtains

Polyester shower curtains are another popular, budget-friendly option. Like vinyl shower curtains, they’re low maintenance because they’re waterproof. However, some brands don’t repel water, so it’s advisable to check the product description to ascertain whether they’re water-repellent.

For consumers looking for an inexpensive option with a natural fabric-like feel, polyester curtains are a solid choice.

Cotton shower curtains

Cotton shower curtains have a plush look that can make a bathroom look more luxurious. Most cotton curtains are also opaque, so they offer better privacy than other options. However, cotton curtains are pricier than other options. They also absorb moisture easily, so they require liners to protect them from mold and mildew. This quality makes them better suited for low-traffic bathrooms like guest bathrooms or bathrooms that aren’t used frequently.

Nonetheless, despite these downsides, cotton shower curtains offer unparalleled beauty, making them ideal for shoppers looking for an aesthetically pleasing material.


Shower curtains primarily come in two styles: patterned or solid color. Patterned shower curtains have attractive decorations or textures, which can make them more noticeable. This quality makes them ideal for bathrooms that are mostly white or monochrome, as they can add personality to the space.

shower curtains with blue, white, and gray pattern

Solid color shower curtains typically consist of one or two colors, and they don’t have patterns. They are suitable for bathrooms with many different tones and patterns, as they can prevent color-clashing. They’re also ideal for people looking to create a muted and minimalist look.

bathroom with a black shower curtain and white tiles

That said, here are some key tips to remember when choosing curtain styles:

  • Light colors like orange, yellow, and white can make a space look and feel more spacious, making them ideal for small bathrooms. Conversely, darker colors like brown, beige, and gray can warm up a large space.
  • Shower curtains should complement other items in the bathroom, like mats, towels, and wallpaper, to create a cohesive look. For instance, a gray monochrome mat is likely to pair well with a white curtain with a gray pattern.

Hanging method

white shower curtains with rings

There are primarily three ways to hang shower curtains: with rings, hooks, or without either. Traditional shower curtains designed to be hung with rings or hooks can give a bathroom a more vintage appearance.

white shower curtain with eyelets on curtain rod

On the other hand, hookless shower curtains with eyelets at the top can give a bathroom a more contemporary feel. They’re also easier to slide across curtain rods, making them a more convenient option.


People should wash their shower curtains at least once a month to protect them from mold or mildew and keep them smelling fresh, according to experts. Generally, cotton curtains are the easiest to clean because they’re machine-washable and dryer-friendly on low heat.

white textured curtain in a tiled bathroom

Many polyester curtains are also made from machine-washable fabric blends, so they’re easy to clean. However, when evaluating polyester curtains, it’s advisable to check the product description, as some variants aren’t machine-washable.  

Vinyl curtains are also relatively easy to clean, but they aren’t machine-washable or dryer-friendly. Instead, it’s best to gently wipe them with a mild cleaning solution and a damp cloth and line-dry them.

Find the perfect shower curtains for every bathroom

Shower curtains are an essential item in many bathrooms. Besides keeping bathrooms dry, providing privacy, and enhancing air circulation, they also add visual interest to dull-looking spaces. 

From simple curtains in neutral colors to elegant designs in vibrant shades, check out Alibaba.com for a wide range of shower curtains for every bathroom.

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