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How To Choose the Right Eyelash Glue in 2024

Eyelash glue being applied to extension

False eyelashes are an indispensable way to give natural lashes an impeccable beauty upgrade. But pulling off a good extension look would be impossible without a strong lash adhesive – the secret sauce to ensuring extensions stay where they’re intended.

But these products are more than just a tool to secure fake lashes to natural ones; using the wrong eyelash glue can cause major headaches for users, including allergic reactions, skin outbreaks, or losing their natural lashes.

But don’t worry, we’re here to make sure you select the right varieties for your target consumers.

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An overview of the eyelash glue market
Major factors to consider when purchasing eyelash extension glues

An overview of the eyelash glue market

Lady applying glue to an eyelash extension

According to research, the global eyelash glue market was worth USD306.4 million in 2022 and is expected to grow to USD433.09 million in 2030 at a 5.94% CAGR.

The eyelash glue market’s current outlook remains positive thanks to the increasing demand for false lashes, with the rising popularity of beauty trends such as dramatic eye makeup looks and voluminous lashes further driving demand. Celebrity and influencer endorsements on social media are adding to these crazes.

Asia Pacific and North America are the top emerging regional markets for eyelash glues, presenting lucrative opportunities for businesses to tap into.

Major factors to consider when purchasing eyelash extension glues

Lashing speed

Lashing speed is defined by how fast a glue cures and adheres, making it one of the most important factors when stocking up on lash glues. The products a business chooses to offer must appropriately reflect their target consumers’ needs.

For example, beginners require lash glues that dry slower so as to give them more time to secure their extensions. Likewise, fast-drying glues are more appropriate for experienced false eyelash users.

The table below shows the appropriate drying time for various lashing speeds:

Lashing speedGlue drying timeDescription
Beginner1 to 2-second drying timeThis glue dries slowly enough for beginners to affix lashes comfortably. (Experts can also use them without issues.)
Professional1-second drying timeThis glue is an ideal option for consumers who are more confident in their lashing skills
Advanced0.5 seconds drying timePerfect for advanced lash techs who can work at rapid speeds

Glue quality

Buyers must also be aware of eyelash glue’s potential fumes, making working with them uncomfortable for the user and their potential clients. 

Glue fumes can cause irritation for those with sensitive eyes. For this reason, businesses must prioritize eyelash glues with the lowest fumes possible.

Therefore, it’s essential that retailers check an eyelash glue’s potential fume levels via the product’s labels, with some manufacturers advertising their glues as “low fume” or “fume-free.”

Next, check the ingredients to verify the manufacturer’s claim; while most eyelash glues will contain cyanoacrylate (the ingredient responsible for adhesive properties), this is also the main culprit behind fumes. For this reason, it’s best to opt for glues with a lower cyanoacrylate content or glues containing acrylate copolymers or methacrylate, alternatives to cyanoacrylate.

Desired effect

Eyelash glue and other beauty tools on a pink table

Choosing the perfect lash extension glue also involves considering color and finish, which can greatly impact the final look and consumer satisfaction.

Consumers aiming for a subtle, natural look will tend to prefer glues that dry clear. Clear glues seamlessly blend with natural lashes, ensuring discreet applications that enhance length and volume without drawing attention to the adhesive.

Conversely, consumers looking for a dramatic effect may look for black lash adhesives, especially for volume and mega-volume applications. Dark finishes create a striking lash line and a more pronounced and defined look.

Black lash glues also complement bold makeup styles, catering to those who appreciate glamorous and head-turning looks.

Usage environment

Each lash extension glue has specific optimal conditions when it comes to humidity and temperature. As a general guideline, glues with quicker drying times are more suited to high-humidity conditions, while slower-drying glues are better for lower-humidity environments.

But, in general, most lash glues will perform optimally in temperatures slightly above the standard room temperature. However, when humidity exceeds the optimal level (around 60%), the cyanoacrylate in the glue is activated due to the excess moisture in the air, causing the lash adhesives to cure and dry at an accelerated rate compared to regular room conditions. The opposite occurs when the room’s humidity falls below optimal levels (lower than 45%).

Glue viscosity

Person applying glue to a lash extension

Although humidity plays a big part in lash glue performance, extremely hot or cold climates can also affect the adhesive’s viscosity. Since lash adhesives are liquid, changes in temperature matter.

Generally speaking, lash glues become thicker in colder temperatures, leading to increased viscosity and a prolonged drying time. Conversely, higher temperatures make the glue more liquid, speeding up drying.

Experts recommend opting for lash glues with the best performance in room temperatures between 22 to 26oC (70 to 80oF). This helps lash techs create a controlled environment for perfect viscosity and consistent, efficient drying times.


Eyelash glues are a crucial addition to any lash extension kit, and the key to keeping false eyelashes in place for long periods.

But before jumping into the market, sellers must consider their target consumers’ lashing speed, likely lashing environment, desired effect, the adhesive’s quality, and glue viscosity before stocking up.

Whatever your retail needs, you’re sure to find the right glue for your business among the thousands of options on Alibaba.com.

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