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5 Trendy Eyelash Tools Women Will Love in 2024

An aesthetician fixing a client's lashes with tweezers

Eyelashes can make or break any makeup look. If they look gorgeous, the entire face would feel the effect—if they don’t, the look may as well be a wasted effort. However, crafting the perfect eyelashes requires having the right tools, which creates opportunities for businesses to make profits by making the right offers.

But here’s the catch: there are so many tools to choose from, making it harder to select the right ones. Fortunately, this article will dive into five outstanding trends that makeup artists (beginners and experts) need in their lash arsenal.

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Overview of the global eyelash tools market
5 trendy eyelash extension tools to stock in 2024
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Overview of the global eyelash tools market

Eyelash tools are a segment in the global makeup tool market, which experts valued at US $2.617 billion in 2021. Reports also suggest the market will cross US $6 billion by 2031, growing at an 8.7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

Eyelash tools emerge as one of the largest segments. Experts also predict that the popularity of do-it-yourself sessions will help boost market growth.

North America dominates the makeup tools market. However, Asia-Pacific will witness outstanding growth due to the change in customer tendencies, the rising number of people, growing globalization, and the extension of optional capital.

5 trendy eyelash extension tools to stock in 2024

1. Tweezer sets

A close view of the different types of tweezers

Eyelash tweezers are made to help with the little details of lash artistry. These tools are indispensable, as lash artists need them to apply eyelash extensions from start to finish.

Although various tweezer types currently flood the market, beginners need only three for lash applications: straight, isolation, and curved (or L-shaped) tweezers.

Straight tweezers are the basic ones everyone should have. They can pick up eyelash extensions with ease. Further, their designs ensure consumers have the firmest grip on their lash extensions.

On the other hand, isolation tweezers are necessary for keeping the natural lashes away from extensions. They have slightly curved undersides, making it easy to get perfect isolation—no clumpy, unattractive lashes!

Curved tweezers are the go-to for creating eye-catching volume eyelash looks. With these tweezers, ladies can easily control the lash fan volume, resulting in effortless and great finishing. 

Other tweezers that may come in a more professional set include pointed straight, pointed curve, pointed edge, volume, and round volume lash tweezers.

Since tweezers are a must-have tool, it’s no surprise they also do well search-wise. Google Ads data shows that these lash tools attracted 246,000 searches in November 2023—a 20% increase from September’s 201,000 inquiries. 

2. Lash adhesives

Aesthetician applying lash glue to a woman's lashes

Lash adhesives are also very important for eyelash extensions. Since eyelash extensions are synthetic, they need something to bond them to the natural lashes without any side effects. That’s why consumers can’t just use any adhesives they want.

Regular adhesives contain ingredients that may lead to lash loss. Even worse, consumers may have serious allergies or suffer from eye damage. 

Thankfully, manufacturers make lash glues with various ingredients that will get the job done without causing any harm. For instance, cyanoacrylates are a main adhesive ingredient in lash glues, as they are highly compatible with human skin, hair, and other organic tissues.

In addition, lash artists can choose between two adhesive varieties, depending on their skill level: slow-drying and fast-drying lash glues. Here’s a brief look at both options:

  • Slow-drying adhesives take some time to bond, usually about 5 seconds or more. Plus, they are less likely to irritate consumers and are beginner-friendly.
  • Fast-drying adhesives offer faster setting times (1 to 2 seconds), making them the go-to for more experienced lash artists. Nevertheless, they’re more likely to irritate consumers.

Lash adhesives also gained increased attention in 2023. While not as popular as tweezers, they’ve grown from 40,500 in October to 49,500 in November 2023.

3. Gel pads & lash tape

A lady with a gel pad and lash tape

Different things can happen while applying lash extensions. The lower lashes could get in the way, or the client’s skin may get irritated, leading to a less-than-ideal experience. Well, gel pads and lash tapes can fix that.

Gel pads help shield the lower lashes, preventing them from gluing to the upper ones. As a result, lash artists can avoid causing their clients discomfort or damaging their lashes. They also create a barrier between the skin around the eyes and lash adhesives, reducing potential irritation and redness.

Conversely, lash tape simply secures the natural lashes and extensions in place. They’re adhesive strips that some lash technicians use instead of gel pads. However, using lash tapes alone can be uncomfortable for clients, especially when removing lashes after application.

But when combined, these tools provide an even better experience. While the gel pad creates a more soothing and relaxing experience, lash tapes help to secure rogue lashes that escape from under the pads.

According to Google Ads, gel pads get a consistent 14,800 monthly searches, while lash tapes get 3,600.

4. Eyelash brushes

A lady with a gel pad and lash tape

Whether consumers rock natural lashes or extensions, they’ll need eyelash brushes to comb and fluff them regularly. These tools help remove buildup (dirt, makeup, or skin cells), helping extensions last longer and improving their appearance. 

Eyelash brushes also help during the application process. Consumers can use these tools to ensure everything stays well-adhered and separated. Further, they are great for securing stray lashes and checking if the extension needs more adhesives.

If consumers don’t want the hassle of cleaning standard eyelash brushes, they can get disposable ones. They’re more convenient and can come in 100 pieces or more bundles.

Eyelash brushes’ performance may be low, but they’re still gaining enough attention to be profitable. In November 2023, they averaged 9,900 searches, showing thousands of potential customers are searching for eyelash brushes.

5. Lash adhesive remover

A bottle of gel lash adhesive remover

Eventually, consumers will have to remove their lash extensions. When that time comes, all they need to make the process easier are lash adhesive removers.

Gel removers are the most popular types available. Consumers can use them to remove partial or entire eyelash extension sets. However, cream removers are the safer way to remove lash extensions.

Unlike gels, cream removers can detach the entire eyelash extension set in one application. Plus, their thick, cream-like consistency is easy to apply and will sit on the client’s lashes without spilling into the eyes or skin.

Lash adhesive removers held significant search interest in 2023. In October and November, they got 14,800 searches.

In conclusion

Becoming an experienced lash artist isn’t a walk in the park. It requires the right tools and a lot of practice for consumers to become the pros many clients need.

Businesses can equip their target customers with the right equipment by investing in tweezer sets, lash adhesives, gel pads/lash tapes, eyelash brushes, and lash adhesive removers.

They can offer them in sets or sell them individually—both ways will surely turn in profits in 2024.

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