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How To Choose Touch-control Neckband Earphones


Touch-control neckband earphones focus on clarity, speed, and convenience. The touch-enabled technology not only suits those in work settings, but they’re also quite useful for everyday life. 

Not all touch-control earphones are alike though. It’s easy for consumers to be overwhelmed with all of the options on the market. Let’s review what to look for, the leading models, and popular features.

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How big is the touch-control neckband earphones market?
What to look for when buying touch-control neckband earphones
Types of touch-control neckband earphones

How big is the touch-control neckband earphones market?

Data from the Economic Times noted that in 2021, sales of neckband earphones grew by 34%. 

There was a slight dip in sales in Q1 of 2022 due to inventory issues from the previous year. But, the earphone market is valued at US $25.1 billion as of 2019, according to a market analysis report from Grandview Research. Furthermore, this audio category captured 53% of market sales in 2019. 

Statistics from Grandview Research also show that a 20.3% growth is projected from 2020 to 2027, so these are quite popular tech items to invest in as a business owner. 

A 2021 Statistica report revealed that 548 million headphones were shipped, an increase of 103 million from 2019. With improvements in technology and consumers wanting more mobile (rather than stationary) choices, touch-control neckband earphones are becoming the go-to for consumers of all ages. 

What to look for when buying touch-control neckband earphones

Sound quality

Red and black earphones with retractable earbuds

One of the most important features when choosing touch-control neckband earphones is sound quality and clarity. As its primary purpose, earphones are designed to provide a powerful audio experience that mirrors an in-person conversation. 

Noise-cancellation earphones are a popular technical option to help consumers enhance their focus, remove background noise, and improve sound quality. This feature appears to be a standard inclusion in the market.

Charging speed and battery life

Due to the touch-control neckband earphones’ base size, there’s more room for a larger battery, resulting in a faster charge. Depending on the model, the devices can jump into “quick-charge” mode. Some models are powerful enough to provide eight hours of playback in just eight minutes. 

While not as quick but still impressive is the ENC touch-control earphone battery that can fully charge in 40 minutes. For someone looking for greater charging and playback capabilities, this is something to ponder when shopping. 

Touch features

Another key element of neckband earphones is hands-free use. As the name suggests, touch-control earphones allow consumers to have complete command over their calls and entertainment. 

Users can join calls just by swiping, inserting the earphones, and tapping them. Mic muting, play and pause, track selection, and volume rockers are among the most popular and standard specs. 

Comfort and style 

Closeup of red earbuds with volume-control buttons

With the shift to wireless earphones, consumers also appreciate the style of these devices. Neckband earphones are an asset to individuals involved in music, gaming, virtual reality, fitness, and other active lifestyles that desire more freedom without being bogged down with cords. 

Companies are beginning to manufacture foldable earphones with larger ear cups and less bulky styling to keep up with market demands. Manufacturers have also begun selling earphones in color options. 

Water resistance

The water resistance specification has grown in popularity among consumers and is often marketed as an advanced feature. The goal here is to repel environmental conditions like dust, sweat, and rain. Many models have also adopted splash-resistant earphones

Other advanced features to be on the lookout for are fitness tracking, voice assistance, magnetic earbuds, and Swift Caller technology. With increasingly more technological innovations, the wireless earphones market is expected to be driven by consumer interests to cater to conveniences. 

Types of touch-control neckband earphones


Given the commonality of in-ear connectivity, this in-ear style fits snugly with plush ear cushions and provides the same stereo sound as other types. A built-in microphone, lightweight neckband, and Bluetooth connectivity are standard features. 

Some of the drawbacks of these models are the lack of noise-cancellation technology and the not being wires waterproof. 

Black in-ear neckband headphones on a white table


Equally as powerful when it comes to sound, on-ear headphones also have a more universal fit. By comparison, in-ear neckbands have a tendency to fall out and can be challenging to stay in place with lots of movement. One benefit is its water-resistant and waterproof barrier that also repels rain and splashes. 

Tone neckband

Woman with tone neckband around her neck

At first glance, the tone option resembles a headband with its arched design. In actuality, it’s another in-ear fit type but with dual, retractable earbuds. 

Most models have eight hours of playtime and a quick-charge battery. It’s a true neckband form, but it doesn’t have the sweat and waterproof characteristics of the others. 


As you can see, buyers have a lot of options to consider before deciding on a pair of touch-control neckband earphones. The most common feature is portability and convenience for the ultimate hands-free communication. But many models have notable standout features like built-in noise-cancellation microphones and extended stand-by times. 

Regardless of what features appeal the most, visit Alibaba.com to review a range of options that can fit your business’s needs. 

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