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How To Protect Your Car Against Thieves


Police statistics say that cars are mostly stolen from public parking lots, gas stations, and crossroads. According to the FBI, more than 800,000 cars were reported stolen in the United States in the year 2020 alone. Car thieves are coming up with new tricks that help them get into a car and take valuables or even get away with the car. Therefore, vehicle buyers need to take preventive measures to keep their cars safe.

This article is going to discuss some helpful tips that will protect your customers’ cars from theft.

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How to protect your car against thieves

How to protect your car against thieves

1. Install a baby monitor

This anti-theft device enables buyers to listen to everything happening in the vehicle. Any movements like someone opening the vehicle’s door or trying to start it can be heard. The baby monitors will protect both the baby and the vehicle from unauthorized entry. The system focuses the camera on the baby and the rest of the vehicle and relays images to the intended user.

2. Pull a spark plug

A close-up of a new spark plug

A tugged-on spark plug could be a cheap and efficient way to deter thieves. This is simply because the vehicle cannot start without a spark on the cylinder. Most thieves do not open the hood to check the problem for fear of being noticed. However, vehicles with coil plugs are exempted from this method.

3. Lock your car windows and doors

A thief breaking into the car through an open window

Vehicle owners should always keep their vehicle windows and doors locked, whether they are inside the vehicle or away from it. Unlocked doors and open windows are a perfect opportunity that will attract thieves. They will strike quickly and easily while maintaining a low profile. However, if the windows and doors are locked, the thieves cannot gain entry to the vehicle unless they devise other more sophisticated methods.

4. Avoid leaving valuables in the vehicle

Expensive valuables like electronic devices can attract thieves. If they are left in the vehicle in places where they can easily be seen, they can be attractive to would-be thieves. Also, some items like luggage or shopping bags left in the vehicle are an indication that something valuable may be present. It is advisable to use cargo covers and make a habit of leaving belongings in the vehicle trunk.

5. Install a tracking system

The tracking system is also called the vehicle recovery system. Most modern vehicles come with in-built tracking systems. If a vehicle does not have a tracking device, the services of a professional should be sought to install it. In the event that the vehicle is stolen, the tracking system uses GPS and/or wireless technology to send a signal of the vehicle’s location to the security monitoring service. This enables faster recovery of the vehicle.

6. Only park in secure places

Controlled parking zones are usually the most secure areas for vehicles. To gain entry to this ample parking, the public requires authorization from the ones in charge. This is opposed to the flush parking zones that anyone has access to. Ample parking zones usually have CCTV cameras and are well-lit. These security features discourage thieves.

7. Keep the car alarm active

A mechanic installing a car alarm siren

As vehicle technology advances, most vehicles are sold with audible built-in alarm systems. The vehicle alarm provides security as long as it stays active. If there is unauthorized access to the vehicle or an attempt to turn it on while the alarm is active, it emits a loud noise. The loud noise is set to last long unless it is switched off. This can deter thieves because of the attention created.

8. Secure the car keys

Remote controlled car key in hand next to car handle

The car keys should not be left on the ignition. This also includes leaving the vehicle running while you are doing other things. A key in the vehicle or a running vehicle are easy marks for thieves. Thieves will break the windows and simply drive off. Modern vehicles have the push-start feature which makes it easier for thieves to steal without using the car keys.


Buyers should be prepared in the event their vehicles are stolen. It can be a devastating situation, and it is also costly to repair damaged vehicles due to burglary. The financial loss extends to the valuables lost in the theft. The tips shared above are supposed to guide buyers on how to prevent the theft of vehicles or the belongings in them. To find well-secured vehicles and vehicle security equipment, visit Alibaba.com.

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