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How To Select Attention-Grabbing Lip Gloss in 2024

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The lips don’t need deep pigments to look sensual. A simple, soft shine is like an instant makeover. For this reason, lip glosses are the ultimate product for ladies looking for effortless beauty. Even better, many ladies use lip gloss to complement a perfect everyday makeup routine. 

These beauty products will always be in demand. However, the variety of lip gloss in the market is so huge that simply stocking up on any type may not take a business buyer far.

Thankfully, this article will highlight what to consider when entering the lip gloss market in 2024.

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An overview of the lip gloss market
Things to remember when choosing lip gloss in 2024
Bottom line

An overview of the lip gloss market

The lip gloss market reached US$ 3.67 billion in 2023, up from US$ 3.5 billion the previous year. However, experts predict the market will increase to US$ 5.8 billion by 2032 at a 4.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecast period.

Based on the above report, the lip gloss market is experiencing huge growth because of the growing awareness and importance of personal grooming, the increasing purchasing power of women, and a rising trend towards organic cosmetics. Social media and celebrity endorsements also significantly contribute to the market’s growth.

The report also revealed that matte lip glosses are the biggest type segment, registering an impressive 35% (US$ 1.28 billion) of the global revenue. Furthermore, standard lip glosses generated a higher income than organic/natural options, accounting for 70.4%. But, experts say organic lip gloss will grow at the fastest CAGR.  Lastly, according to the same report, North America dominates the lip gloss market, with the U.S. industry making the largest contribution.

Things to remember when choosing lip gloss in 2024

Glossy vs. matte

Woman applying lip gloss on her beautiful lips

Do consumers prefer a glossy or matte finish for lip gloss? This question is the first step in determining the high-quality lip gloss ideal for target customers. And sometimes, women want both! But which one looks best on them? Well, it depends on their skin type and preferences. 

Glossy lip glosses look amazing and are attention-grabbing. They moisturize and give the lips a lustrous sheen, leaving them shiny and oily for hours. In contrast, matte lip glosses offer zero sheen. Instead, they offer a more solid finish that’s not less attractive. And, since they’re not moisturizing, matte lip glosses won’t feather or flake.

While glossy lip glosses have an uncomfortable, oily feeling, they’re a great solution for consumers with dry, chapped lips. Plus, they’re easier to apply and match almost all skin tones. Matte, on the other hand, appeals more to women with wetter lips. However, they’re not as easy to apply as glossy variants because they offer less coverage.

Preferred formula

Hijab woman showcasing a can of cream lip gloss

Choosing between matte and glossy lip glosses is one thing, but it depends on the target consumer’s preference. Here’s a brief look at the different lip gloss formulas:

Lip gloss formulaNotes
LiquidThese lip glosses are often shiny, glossy, and opaque. Manufacturers make their formulas thicker, making them perfect as bases for lipsticks.
Cream/gelInstead of something thick, cream/gel glosses offer a smoother and creamy feel. They almost feel soft and come in light colors.
SheerThese lip gloss formulas are very light but not transparent. However, they’ll closely resemble the wearer’s skin.
TintedThese lip glosses are simply sheer variants with a hint of color.

Lip gloss type

Smiling woman applying lip gloss with a brush

The next thing to consider is what type may appeal to consumers better. Lip glosses may have a simple job, but they offer various finishes and effects. So, consumers choose them based on the look they want to achieve.

Here’s a look at the different types of lip glosses and the finish they’ll offer:

Lip gloss typeFinish offered and preferred look
TransparentThese lip glosses come in liquid form, offering a completely transparent look—no color. 
Consumers looking for minimal makeup looks rush for these lip glosses. Their glossy finish looks amazing over nude lips or other lipstick shades.
Color-tonedHere’s the opposite of transparent lip glosses. These products are also liquid but offer different colors (mostly fruit-inspired hues).
The best part is that they also come in flavors inspired by fruits. Color-toned lip glosses are the go-to for young makeup enthusiasts who love frequent lip touch-ups.
GlitterLadies looking for a different effect may turn to glitter lip glosses. These variants add glitter to transparent or color-tone lip glosses.
The result? A super-shining gloss look for special events, evenings, and glam makeup needs.
Color changing Do consumers want something “special?”. Color-changing lip glosses will attract their attention.
These special-effect lip glosses are gel forms that change shades according to light angles. Their formulas contain multiple color particles, earning them the nickname chameleon.
Metallic sheenHere’s another special effect: metallic sheen. These lip glosses create a metallic sheen using the pearlescent effect or gel formulas.  They can also give off a color-changing effect.

Consumer’s skin

Two beautiful ladies with lip gloss on

When deciding on lip glosses, businesses must consider the target consumers’ skin tones and undertones. Luckily, it is easy to determine what lip glosses work for both skin categories.

For the undertone, first decide if the consumers have warm (yellow), cool (pink), or neutral undertones. Yellow undertones always go for warmer lip gloss shades or clear ones, while pink undertones look amazing with blue or purple hues.

For skin tone, there are a lot more colors to consider. Here’s a table breaking them down:

SkintonePreferred lip gloss color
Fair skinThe first pick for fair skin tones will always be bold red shades. However, they’ll also look great in nude-colored glosses and deep hues.
And if ladies with fair skin are in the mood for some color, they can create a striking look with coral, pink, or peach.
Darker skinThese consumers can never go wrong with deep plums, berries, and reds. In truth, they can easily experiment with bold-colored lip glosses and look striking.
However, they’ll avoid pale shades to prevent looking washed out. Bright orange is another color that looks great on this skin tone.
Olive skinOlive skin tones are the queens of neutral. They’ll opt for clear lip gloss, warm peaches, pinks, or berry colors. These ladies can also rock bright colors!

Sun protection

A sultry lip with lip gloss applied

The lips are not immune to sun damage. Thus, business buyers should offer lip glosses with SPF to keep consumers healthy and happy.

The safest bet is opting for lip glosses with at least 15 SPF. However, sun protection is not the only benefit of SPF lip glosses. They also help keep the look bright and beautiful all day.


A lip with matte and glittery lip gloss

Almost all cosmetic products contain oil, glycol, sulfates, alcohol, parabens, and synthetic dyes—including lip glosses. While some of these ingredients are not the most dangerous in the world, they adversely affect human health and the environment.

Some cosmetic products use eco-friendly ingredients, including the lip glosses business buyers should aim for. Ladies worried about using chemicals on their lips (especially those with sensitive skin) may want lip glosses without oil or alcohol.

Such lip glosses contain carrier oils or vitamin E, making them safe for the body, skin, and environment. Also, consumers with sensitive skin will want softer formulas with fewer scents to reduce the chances of irritation (redness, bumps, or rashes)

Bottom line

Offering the right lip gloss can instantly change a consumer’s look and keep them returning for more. But while the right shade makes everyone happy, the wrong shade may draw attention to the lips, and not necessarily the right type of attention. Also, since we’re talking about cosmetics, ladies may want to experiment, so have enough variety to satisfy a range of preferences—as this is a sure way to get more lip gloss sales in 2024.

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