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How To Select Chemical Storage Equipment


The expansion of the manufacturing sector has created a great demand for chemical storage equipment in recent years. Chemical storage equipment stores solids and liquids, helping protect against spilling and contamination. There are many types and models of chemical storage equipment in the market, making it hard for buyers to choose the most suitable one. 

The article will discuss how to select the perfect chemical storage equipment for your business needs. 

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Chemical storage equipment market
Types of chemical storage equipment
How to select chemical storage equipment

Chemical storage equipment market 

The global chemical storage equipment market is currently valued at USD 7.321 billion. The market is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.88% in the next five years. The growth of international trade and consumption of specialty chemicals is fueling the growth in the market. The market is segmented into the region, type, and by application.

India and China have a high consumption of chemicals due to expanded manufacturing sectors, creating a global demand. Asia-Pacific (APAC) region experienced the most significant growth at 41%. 

Types of chemical storage equipment

Chemical storage tanks

Chemical storage tanks in a factory

Chemical storage tanks are containers used to store chemicals for industrial or household purposes. These tanks are made using plastic, fiberglass, or steel and are designed to contain chemicals safely. 

Further, they protect the contents from external factors such as UV light, moisture, and physical damage and prevent leaks and spills. The tanks come in various sizes, shapes, and designs depending on the specific chemical and its properties, storage conditions, and regulations. 

Drum storage cabinets

A drum storage cabinet holding two drums

Drum storage cabinets are specialized cabinets designed to store chemical drums safely. They are made of metal, such as steel or aluminum, and are designed to contain and isolate drums of chemicals. 

The cabinets are equipped with safety features such as spill containment trays, ventilation systems, and locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access. Storing chemicals in these cabinets helps reduce the risk of fire, leaks, and explosion and provides a secure storage area for dangerous substances.

Gas cylinder storage cabinets

Various gas cylinder storage cabinet

Gas cylinder storage cabinets are designed to store compressed gas cylinders safely. They are made using metal, such as steel or aluminum.

The cabinets have safety features such as locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access and anchoring systems to secure the cylinders. They are designed to meet safety regulations, such as fire code and OSHA requirements, for the safe storage of hazardous materials. 

Flammable liquid storage cabinets

A flammable liquid storage cabinet

Flammable liquid storage cabinets are specialized cabinets made of metal, usually aluminum or steel, designed to store flammable liquids safely. They are designed to contain and isolate flammable liquids. 

The cabinets are equipped with safety features such as spill containment trays, ventilation systems, and locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access. Storing flammable liquid in storage cabinets is a safety measure due to the risks of a chemical explosion, leaks, and fire associated with flammable liquids.

Chemical storage shelving

Chemical storage shelving with chemicals

Chemical storage shelving is designed to store chemicals made of fiberglass or steel. The shelving is designed to contain containment trays to prevent spill damage. 

Chemical storage shelving comes with designs, sizes, and designs for different chemicals. The choice of shelving will depend on the chemical in use and its properties, storage conditions, and regulations. 

How to select chemical storage equipment

Chemical compatibility

Ensure that the material of the storage equipment is compatible with the chemicals being stored. An incompatible storage equipment can cause an explosion or corrosion by the chemicals. You may need an expert to guide you on the chemical properties of your substances and the compatible chemical storage equipment. 


Select a storage equipment with the appropriate capacity to store the amount of chemicals required. For a small production business, you may not need a large 50,000-liter chemical storage tanker. Choose a chemical storage equipment to meet your needs and available space. 

Regulatory compliance

Due to the hazards posed by chemicals, there are laws and standards on chemical storage equipment. The standards help ensure safe handling, transportation, and storage of chemical to avoid accidents that can be very catastrophic. Make sure that the chemical storage equipment you choose meets country, regional, and international regulations for chemical storage.

Safety features

Chemical storage cabinet with a spill containment

A suitable chemical storage equipment must have safety features such as spill containment, flame arresters, pressure relief valves, and ventilation to minimize the risk of chemical spills and other accidents. Another essential feature is a leak detection system to ensure fast response and correction to avoid explosions or contamination. 


Choose equipment that provides the best value for money, taking into account the purchase price and ongoing maintenance costs. It is also important to consider the life cycle of the chemical storage equipment. While a cheaper option may seem attractive initially, it may have higher ongoing maintenance costs or need to be replaced sooner than a more expensive option, making the total cost higher over time.

Applicable Material

Chemicals are highly reactive and can corrode storage equipment causing leakages and contamination. When choosing chemical storage equipment, choose a material compatible with the chemical to be stored. Consult an expert to analyze the chemical composition and recommend the type of chemical equipment compatible with the chemical.


The demand for chemicals driven by the growth of the global manufacturing industry is creating a need for chemical storage equipment. This demand is expected to continue increasing. Chemicals pose a great danger, with hazards such as explosion, risk of fire, and pollution being the most common. To avoid such hazards, it is important to choose suitable chemical storage equipment.  

Choosing a suitable chemical storage equipment can be challenging due to various factors such as type of chemicals, government regulations, and others. This guide breaks down the different types of chemical storage equipment and factors to be considered.

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