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The Most Common Equipment for Manufacturing Industry


Manufacturing industries process raw materials and produce finished products for consumers. Different equipment is needed to process these raw materials for end products. The manufacturing industries are not the same and therefore they require various equipment. Additionally, each of the manufacturing industries needs labor, software, and other machines for efficiency.

In this article, we will focus on the most common equipment for the manufacturing industry. Also, we will look at the demand, market share, size, and expected growth rate of the manufacturing industry. 

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Overview of the manufacturing industry
What are the most common equipment?

Overview of the manufacturing industry

Global economic expansion has resulted in the subsequent increase in revenue generation for the manufacturing industry. Technological innovation has also had a significant impact on the growth of the manufacturing industry market. The industry is entering a new phase of increased productivity and diversity which has sparked additional demand. This is because international manufacturers have robust and substantially new opportunities. 

According to Businesswire, the global market for the general manufacturing industry was valued at USD 649.8 billion in 2020. Further, it was projected to reach USD 732.2 billion by 2027, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.7% over the forecast period 2020 to 2027.

Regionally speaking, the U.S. manufacturing industry market was valued at USD 176 billion. The world’s second-largest economy is China and it will register a CAGR of 3.4% between 2020 and 2027 to reach USD 140.2 billion. Notably, other geographic markets like Canada and Japan are expected to grow at CAGRs of 1.2% and 0.2%, respectively, over the same period. As for Germany, it is projected to grow at an estimated CAGR of 0.6%. 

What are the most common equipment?

1. Storage tanks

Industrial storage tanks

Storage tanks are containers used to store large or extra quantities of a product. The quality of a storage tank is measured by the state of the contents stored in it; they should maintain their integrity. Various industries have rules and regulations that determine the kind of appropriate storage units to be constructed. Also, the usage of these tanks determines their sizes and shapes. Stainless steel tanks are commonly used in industries to store materials because they have excellent anti-corrosive features. They are also flexible and relatively easy to use. Other tanks are made from alloy, plastic, aluminum, and other materials.

2. Mixers

Industrial mixer with flour, salt, sugar, and yeast

Industrial mixers complete an integral part of manufacturing operations by mixing ingredients. The machines ensure a blend or emulsify the same type of materials or different materials properly to obtain optimal and desired results. The task is usually accomplished by several types of mixers. Some of these industrial mixers include double-arm extruders, double-arm mixers, double-cone V mixers, homogenizer mixers, drum tumbles, batch compounders, and planetary mixers.

3. Generators 

Two high-power electric generators

Electric generators are an investment that will help a buyer’s business to continue running when there is a power cut to meet demand. They are especially used in situations when power sources are insufficient. Most industries heavily depend on generators to aid in backing up vital data or machine components in the event of a power outage. Power cuts may occur during heavy rains or snowstorms. 

4. Centrifuges

Centrifuges have containers that are used in the separation of contents by density. Different liquids are separated from other liquids and solid particulates using this equipment. It is used around the world in various categories, including disc nozzle centrifuge, automatic disc centrifuge, basket bottom centrifuge, and others.

5. Shredders 

A roller and blade heavy-duty shredder machine

Shredders are used to cut things that are too hard for humans into small pieces. Some companies require shredders to reduce the sizes of the raw materials. They should be more powerful than the materials as each material has a different hardness and strength.

6. Lifts

Lifts are used to get various components of large-scale goods to their intended destinations. They are used to carry measurable loads without overloading them. Lifts are commonly applied during manufacturing processes in industries like aerospace, construction, automotive, and mining.

7. Compressors 

Air compressors increase or maintain the pressure on a fluid and transport it through a pipe to facilitate various industrial operations. They are common for companies that work with natural gas, as they constantly need to maintain fluid pressure. Compressors are also widely used in different industry sectors like gas stations when inflating vehicle tires.

8. Packaging machines

Packaging line with a robotic arm

Packaging machines wrap finished goods for storage and safe delivery to potential buyers. Due to an increase in demand from both domestic and international markets, packaging of products cannot be done by human labor, but rather by the use of packaging machines. They are more efficient and faster. Packaging machinery is mandatory for major manufacturing companies with relatively high mobility of sales process. 

9. Bins

Bins are used in the manufacturing process for handling liquid. The most preferred bins are the stainless steel tote bins because they are more efficient and sensible compared to 55-gallon drums. Notably, one tote bin can replace between five to ten drums. This minimizes the amount of handling required, which in turn mitigates the risk of liquid handling accidents. Also, tote bins are durable and refillable. They are mostly manufactured with sloped bottoms, valve discharges, and safety caps.

10. Chillers

Chillers are also referred to as refrigeration equipment. Sectors like the agricultural, food, and beverage manufacturing industries heavily depend on chillers to prevent their products from spoilage. Without the use of proper refrigeration equipment to keep the goods chilled at the right temperature, they become useless faster.


All in all, manufacturing equipment and machinery are essential components in many industries because they assist in the production process. The equipment mentioned above is widely used in the manufacturing industry when making various products. It greatly helps buyers to carry out tasks efficiently while improving performance. If you are considering purchasing quality manufacturing equipment, visit Alibaba.com.

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