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How To Source on Alibaba.com: Tips for Manufacturers


As a B2B buyer, sourcing the right quality products at the right price can be challenging. Buyers have to sort through various supplier lists and products to find the best fit for their business. 

Fortunately, Alibaba.com offers a wealth of resources to help buyers get the best value for their money. From articles on sourcing strategies to special reads on industry updates and trending products, Alibaba.com Reads is a major source of information for buyers on the platform. 

In this article, we will provide an overview of Alibaba.com Reads and guide buyers on how to find products with verified capabilities and services easily.

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What is Alibaba.com Reads?
Verified capabilities and verified services
Final thoughts

What is Alibaba.com Reads?

Alibaba.com Reads is a content platform designed specifically for B2B buyers on Alibaba.com. The platform hosts a bunch of articles, covering a wide range of topics relevant to buyers of all niches. On Alibaba.com Reads, B2B buyers can learn about the things they need to scale their business, such as how to use marketing automation software. Moreover, they can read ultimate buying guides on different products and the latest industry trends for the season.

The content on Alibaba.com Reads is expertly curated by specialists who hold authority in their respective niches, ensuring that both seasoned and first-time buyers are always provided with the latest and most accurate information. 

Classification of articles for manufacturers

Manufacturers searching for information on how to source products on Alibaba.com can skip an endless scroll through different articles and guides that do not apply to them. The articles are categorized based on industry, such as machinery, home improvement, renewable energy, vehicle parts, accessories, and so on. 

Examples of Alibaba.com Reads articles

Additionally, buyers would find articles that specifically relate to the following:

Industry update

Industry updates inform B2B buyers of new industry practices that may affect their purchasing decisions and their business as a whole. Examples of these articles are: “New Technology of Agriculture Machinery” and “Industrial Machinery Market in Indonesia.”

Product sourcing 

Product sourcing-centered articles offer sourcing tips and product trends to help B2B buyers. Examples of these are: “Your Ultimate Guide to Sourcing Industrial Furnace Machinery” and “How to Select the Right Packaging Machinery for Food Products.”

Market trends

Articles on market trends cover the recent developments in the B2B e-commerce space and how they can affect buyers. Examples of articles under this class are “6 Emerging Trends of Automatic Machinery” and “6 Trends That Will Transform the Machinery Industry in 2023.” 

New releases

Alibaba.com shares information on new and upcoming releases so that Alibaba.com buyers can quickly stock them up, thus enjoying the benefits of information asymmetry. For example, there are articles on “New Technology in Construction Machinery.”

Product evaluation

Product evaluation articles give buyers insight into different brands of the same products. One example is the article “Choosing the Perfect Coffee Machines To Sell to Customers.”

Importance of reading articles on Alibaba.com Reads

Reading articles on Alibaba.com Reads before and after making a purchase is essential for the following reasons:

1. Gain knowledge of industry trends

Stay up-to-date with the latest news, industry trends, market insights, and product innovations by reading articles on Alibaba.com Reads. This information is essential for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve and make informed buying decisions.

2. Gain a better understanding of products

Reading articles on Alibaba.com Reads can help buyers understand products better, including their features, functions, and benefits. This information is crucial when comparing products from different suppliers and will help you make the best purchasing decision.

3. Stay informed on product updates and changes

Buyers can easily keep up-to-date with the latest product updates and changes by reading articles on Alibaba.com Reads. This information helps B2B buyers to understand how to use products best and stay ahead of the competition.

4. Learn best practices for product use

With Alibaba.com Reads, B2B buyers can easily learn about best practices for product use. This information is crucial for businesses wanting to increase their sales, maximize their return on investment, and achieve success.

How to find Alibaba.com Reads articles

Buyers can find Alibaba.com Reads articles in two ways:

1. Home page icon

Alibaba.com Reads articles on the Alibaba.com home page

Alibaba.com Reads has an icon titled “Reads” on the Alibaba.com home page. All Buyers have to do is click on this icon, which will redirect them to the Alibaba.com Reads page. 

2. Page banner 

How to find Alibaba.com Reads articles from the page banner

The Alibaba.com Reads banner is displayed at the top of the buyers’ promotions page on the Alibaba.com website. A single click on the banner would direct buyers to the Alibaba.com Reads page. 

Verified capabilities and verified services 

Alibaba.com helps B2B buyers by selecting qualified suppliers with verified benefits for their products. These suppliers are categorized under the verified capabilities/verified services label. This allows buyers to easily identify and consider these benefits when sourcing products on Alibaba.com.

These capabilities and services include; a 1-year product warranty, patent certifications, material inspection, after-sales service, number of QA/QC inspectors, number of R&D engineers, and outgoing inspections. 

Definition of benefits and their value to buyers

Each verified capability and service has unique benefits, each offering varying value to buyers.

Example of Alibaba.com verified supplier

1-year warranty

A 1-year warranty on a product indicates that the seller is willing to stand behind their product and promises to repair or replace it if it fails within the first year of purchase. This should be an important factor in the purchasing decision.

Patent certification

Sample of patent certification next to a product

Having a verified patent certification means that the product has been thoroughly researched and developed. The fact that the seller has gone through the necessary steps to secure a patent for their product assures buyers that the product is original and not a copy of someone else’s invention.

After-sales service

This verified service shows that sellers provide after-sales services to buyers, including installation, maintenance, and repair services. The seller’s service organization can provide these services in the buyer’s local area, or the seller can send engineers abroad to provide the services to the buyer. This reassures buyers that the seller will support the product after the initial purchase. 

After sales service on Alibaba.com

Number of QA/QC inspectors

Having a high number of QA/QC inspectors suggests that the seller prioritizes quality control and is dedicated to ensuring that their products are of high quality before they are released to the market.

Number of R&D engineers

A high number of R&D engineers is a positive sign for buyers as it suggests that the seller is dedicated to ongoing research and development and is always working to improve their products.

Outgoing inspections

Outgoing inspections verify that written inspection and testing procedures are in place for finished products. This assures buyers that their products have been thoroughly tested and are of high quality. The availability of relevant records also adds to the transparency and reliability of the seller.

How to find verified benefits and capabilities

How to find verified benefits on Alibaba.com

By grouping them, Alibaba.com makes it simple to find products with verified benefits and capabilities. To start, go to the Alibaba.com website and click on “all categories” under product categories. This will take you to a page with a list of products. Select the product category you are interested in, such as industrial machinery. This will bring up a list of products within that category. 

The products will be organized into different groups, including hot categories, verified capabilities, source by certification, and source by scenario. To see a list of products with verified benefits and capabilities, click on the “verified capabilities” group.

Final thoughts

By staying up to date with Alibaba.com Reads articles and looking out for products with verified capabilities and services, B2B buyers on Alibaba.com can always ensure that they make the right sourcing decisions for their businesses.

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