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IDC: PC Market Growing in 2024 Thanks to Update Cycle and AI

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The global PC market is exhibiting signs of revival, aligning with the improving global economic climate. According to forecasts from IDC, which echo predictions made earlier by Canalys, global PC shipments are expected to reach 265.4 million units in 2024, reflecting a 2.0% growth over the previous year.

While vendors are currently focused on clearing stock accumulated in 2023, a year that witnessed a significant decline of 13.7% in shipments compared to 2022 (reaching “only” 252 million units), IDC anticipates a period of expansion in 2024. This growth is due to the introduction of AI-powered devices. They awill bolster the market to 292.2 million units by 2028. Translating to a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 2.4% throughout the forecast period (2024-2028).


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IDC predicts that growth will steadily accelerate throughout the year, coinciding with the wider availability of AI-powered PCs. This trend aligns with the commencement of a commercial upgrade cycle anticipated in 2025:

“Both enterprise and educational institutions are approaching an upgrade cycle, expected to begin towards the end of this year and peak in 2025. Many of these entities will be among the early adopters of AI-powered PCs. While the presence of AI features may not necessarily translate into a significant increase in the overall PC user base, it will undeniably lead to a rise in average selling prices.”

Although commercial PCs are anticipated to contribute the majority of shipments, consumer purchases are also expected to recuperate, albeit at a more gradual pace. Several factors will contribute to the growth of consumer PCs in the coming years. First and foremost, the expected economic recovery is likely to coincide with the need to replace many PCs purchased during the initial stages of the pandemic. Additionally, gamers and creative professionals will increasingly leverage the capabilities offered by AI, further stimulating consumer demand.

In conclusion, the PC market appears to be emerging from a period of stagnation, driven by a combination of factors. Including: the global economic recovery, the introduction of AI-powered devices, and the commencement of a commercial upgrade cycle. While the pace of growth could be gradual. Particularly for consumer purchases, the outlook for the PC market seems cautiously optimistic.

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