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iPad Pro 2024 Antutu Benchmark Score Released: iPad’s Highest GPU Performance in History

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The latest Apple iPad Pro 2024 has made headlines with its impressive AnTuTu benchmark scores, showcasing its exceptional performance capabilities. According to AnTuTu’s official Weibo post, a device with the model number iPad 16.6 completed the benchmarking in AnTuTu’s backend, which is believed to be the newly released iPad Pro 2024. This article will delve into the details of the iPad Pro 2024’s performance, highlighting its remarkable scores and the technological advancements that make it a powerhouse in the world of tablets.


The iPad Pro 2024 has made a significant leap forward in terms of performance, as evident from its exceptional scores in various benchmarks. The total AnTuTu score for the iPad Pro 2024 is 2,744,873, showing a significant performance boost compared to the Apple iPad Pro 12.9” (3rd Gen, 2018) with a score of 677,981.


The device’s CPU score of 723,817 points is a notable improvement compared to its predecessor, the iPad Pro equipped with the M2 chip. This significant boost in CPU performance is a testament to the advancements made by Apple in its chip design and manufacturing processes.


The GPU score of 1,120,143 points is even more impressive, surpassing the total score of many platforms. This remarkable performance is a result of the iPad Pro 2024’s powerful graphics processing unit, which is designed to handle demanding tasks such as gaming, video editing, and 3D modeling with ease. The GPU’s enhanced capabilities also enable smoother and more responsive graphics rendering, making it an ideal choice for users who require high-performance graphics processing.


The MEM score of 470,720 points and UX score of 430,193 points further demonstrate the device’s exceptional performance in memory and user experience. The MEM score indicates the device’s ability to efficiently manage memory resources, ensuring that users can multitask seamlessly and without any lag. The UX score, on the other hand, reflects the device’s ability to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience, making it easy for users to navigate and interact with the device.


In comparison to its predecessor, the iPad Pro 2024 offers significant improvements in terms of performance. The CPU score is approximately 15% higher, indicating a substantial boost in processing power. The GPU score is even more impressive, with a significant increase of over 20% compared to the M2 chip. This means that the iPad Pro 2024 is capable of handling more demanding tasks and providing a smoother and more responsive user experience.

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The MEM score has also seen a notable improvement, with a 10% increase compared to the M2 chip. This indicates that the iPad Pro 2024 will better handle memory-intensive tasks and multitasking. It should be an ideal choice for users who require a device that can keep up with their demanding needs.

Overall, the iPad Pro 2024’s exceptional performance scores make it an attractive option for users who require a powerful and efficient device. Its significant improvements in CPU, GPU, and MEM scores make it an ideal choice for tasks such as gaming, video editing, and 3D modelling, while its UX score ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience.


The new iPad Pro 2024 is equipped with the Apple M4 chip, which is based on TSMC’s 3nm process and boasts an impressive 28 billion transistors. This chip provides a decent performance while maintaining low power consumption. According to Apple’s official introduction, the CPU performance of the M4 chip has increased by 35% compared to the previous generation, and the GPU performance has increased by 50%. This significant improvement enables the new iPad Pro to handle complex tasks, run large games, and create professional creations with ease.


The M4 chip features a 10-core design, consisting of 4 performance cores and 6 efficiency cores. The performance core is responsible for single-threaded performance and responsiveness, while the efficiency core is responsible for multi-threaded performance and energy efficiency. This design allows the M4 chip to maintain low power consumption while maintaining high performance, providing users with a better experience.

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The M4 chip also comes with a new 10-core GPU, which uses Apple’s dynamic cache function. This function allows for the dynamic allocation of local memory in the hardware in real-time, greatly improving the performance of professional and gaming applications. This new GPU design enables the iPad Pro 2024 to deliver exceptional graphics performance, making it an ideal device for gamers and creative professionals.


The latest iPad Pro 2024, powered by the Apple M4 chip, has set a new standard in tablet performance with exceptional benchmark scores. The AnTuTu benchmark revealed a total score of 2,744,873, showcasing a significant leap in performance compared to its predecessors. Notably, the CPU score of 723,817 points and GPU score of 1,120,143 points demonstrate the device’s prowess in handling demanding tasks like gaming and video editing.

Compared to the previous generation, the iPad Pro 2024 offers substantial improvements across the board, with a 15% increase in CPU performance, over 20% boost in GPU capabilities, and a 10% enhancement in memory management. These advancements make the iPad Pro 2024 a top choice for users seeking a powerful and efficient device for various tasks.

The Apple M4 chip’s 10-core design, featuring 4 performance cores and 6 efficiency cores, ensures a balance between high performance and energy efficiency. Additionally, the new 10-core GPU with dynamic cache function enhances graphics performance, catering to gamers and creative professionals alike. Overall, the iPad Pro 2024 stands out as a powerhouse tablet, offering exceptional performance, advanced technology, and a seamless user experience.

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