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Is AliExpress Safe and How To Prevent Scams?


Finding a product that offers a good bang for your buck compels you to convert. However, the dynamics of the online world are a little different. For every legit and reputable business, hundreds of malicious entities want to steal the money and disappear. This makes it important for the buyers to do some homework and check the reliability of a website where they wish to invest.

AliExpress, which falls under the Alibaba Group umbrella, has taken extraordinary measures to safeguard its clients. Let’s scan how the corporate icon ensures a safe online shopping experience for its customers.

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How safe is it safe to buy from AliExpress?
Four tips for buying products safely on AliExpress

How safe is it to buy from AliExpress?

Alibaba launched AliExpress in 2010. This online wing of Alibaba sells Chinese products and follows the same method as eBay. It works as a host platform where third-party companies can sell their products. Given the broad range of sellers, customers’ experiences may vary.

According to the Beijing Review, the international clientele on AliExpress will reach 30 million by 2030. This, coupled with the fact that AliExpress was worth $3.63 billion in February 2021, makes it evident that AliExpress is a safe marketplace.

Four tips for buying products safely on AliExpress

Contrary to popular belief, AliExpress has adopted brilliant strategies to maximize buyers’ protection. Some tips to ensure secure buying on AliExpress are as follows.

Understand buyer protection policies

A family in a hand-held protective bubble
A screenshot of AliExpress buyer protection policies

Online shopping comes with a set of cons one should always address. For instance, people can’t touch and feel the products and evaluate their efficacy. The chances of scams and low-quality products are high in the virtual world.

Perhaps this is why most people ask, “ is AliExpress safe?” and how it differs from other online platforms. People decide their purchases based on a few photos and product descriptions. It is, therefore, important that the website chalks out a policy to protect the buyers.

AliExpress has designed some robust buyer protection policies to ensure buyers’ money doesn’t go down the drain. The company offers two guarantees:

Money back guarantee

If the product isn’t received within the provided timeframe or at all, the buyer can file for a full refund. They will receive their payment back within 15 days.

Full/partial refund due to incorrect description

If the received product is significantly different than what was expected by the customers, they can return the item to get the complete payment back or keep it and file for a partial refund.

Buyer protection policies are applicable from the day the seller ships products, making AliExpress safe and a trusted website for all potential customers.

Find a reputable seller

A person writing on brown cardboard boxes

This is one of the most significant factors when considering whether it’s safe to order from AliExpress. As a rule of thumb, buy from the sellers with 95% positive feedback.

Every seller gets a Feedback Score and a Positive Feedback percentage. The Feedback Score stands for the seller’s volume, and the Positive Feedback percentage reflects the feedback received by the sellers. Typically, a seller with a 95% Positive Feedback percentage and a 2000 Feedback Score is considered a reputable seller.

Of course, this doesn’t mean sellers with a 500 Feedback Score aren’t genuine. The star ratings are further divided into Shipping Speed, Communication, and Item as Described. For each category, buyers can evaluate whether the seller is above or below the average site score.

Generally, a seller who offers one type of product or brand is more likely to be authentic than someone who practically sells everything on the planet. Prospects can check this by watching the seller categories on the left sidebar. This, along with the responsiveness of the sellers, are the major factors that compel people to convert and place their orders.

Review seller guarantees

A 100% quality badge to ensure product guarantee

When analyzing why AliExpress is safe to buy from, one should know all about the seller’s guarantees.

Sellers often offer specific guarantees to protect their prospects. The more guarantees they provide, the higher their reliability. Normally, these guarantees may vary according to the items. So, if some reassurance supports a particular product, it doesn’t mean their entire range enjoys the same benefits.

These guarantees are sub-divided into the following:

Refund and return

This is a full money-back guarantee if the product isn’t up to the mark.

A screenshot of the free return policy by AliExpress

On-time delivery

This is also a full refund if the product doesn’t arrive within the agreed timeframe.

Guaranteed genuine

This is a reassurance that the product is genuine and verified by AliExpress.

Domestic return

A screenshot of the local return policy by AliExpress

Under this guarantee, buyers can return the product to local warehouses without worries about shipping or customs charges.

Learn how to avoid fraud

A fraud alert notification displayed on a laptop

It takes two to tango, and online shopping teaches people about it. It doesn’t matter if the site follows a robust security system; buyers should also shoulder some responsibility. They should keep an eye out for all the red flags and quit the deal if the seller seems fraudulent.

AliExpress provides some handy tips to ensure people don’t fall into traps. Some of which are:

  • Double check the prices and don’t opt for the low charges that sound too good to be true
  • Always check the product after receiving it and then confirm its delivery
  • Don’t opt for direct bank transfers, as you will exit the AliExpress buyer’s protection policies

AliExpress is safe and legit if buyers are vigilant and know how to detect suspicious sellers. It is essential to acknowledge that sketchy sellers will be present on every platform. Following the right approach will enable people to find authentic parties.


AliExpress has a well-rounded security system. The company has gone the extra mile to provide a safe buying experience to all wholesalers and individual buyers. Nonetheless, the responsibility lies both ways — the buyers need to exercise caution when choosing sellers and report to the authorities whenever they smell something fishy.

Indeed, AliExpress has left no stones unturned to provide a legit buying experience. Its responsive and reformative strategies have turned it into one of the most reliable and authentic marketplaces. All those who wish to know whether AliExpress or Alibaba is their best shot should check out this article to know the differences.

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