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Italy Saw More Than Twice as Much Solar Capacity Installed in First 6 Months 2022 Than in 2021 Altogether


While Italy is yet to match the annual solar installation numbers it achieved in 2011, crossing 1 GW within initial 6 months of the year does bodes well for the future says Italian solar association Italia Solare. (Source: Italia Solare)

  • Italy’s H1/2022 solar installations of 1.012 GW compare to 407 MW installed a year back and 936 MW added in 2021
  • Italia Solare says on aggregate basis, its total installed solar PV capacity increased to 23.577 GW, led by C&I segment
  • Storage is also picking up pace with 1,361 MWh installed cumulatively comprising 629 MWh in H1/2022

Italy’s annual solar installations in H1/2022 grew by close to 150% to 1.012 GW compared to 407 MW installed in the previous year, taking the cumulative nationally deployed capacity to 23.577 GW, according to the local solar association Italia Solare.

In comparison, Italy’s 2021 solar installations added up to 936 MW (see Italy Installed Over 936 MW New Solar).

Basing the data on numbers released by transmission system operator Terna, the association says on aggregate basis, it is the commercial and industrial (C&I) sector that contributed 12.92 GW to the total, followed by residential sector with 5.486 GW and utility scale segment with 5.17 GW.

The maximum installed capacity geographically is claimed by Puglia with 2.999 GW, followed by 2.868 GW in Lombardy, and 2.345 GW in Emilia-Romagna. The central and southern parts of the country despite high solar radiation haven’t yet warmed up to solar PV, but northern regions are leading the country in this.

Analyzing the installations for H1/2022, maximum new capacity of 104 MW came up in Viterbo city, along with 85.16 MW in Cagliari, 37.32 MW in Brescia, 30.92 MW in Bari, 26.28 MW in Milan, 26.08 MW in Turin, 24.95 MW in Padua, 24.52 MW in Bergamo, 22.82 MW in Novara and 22.80 MW in Matera.

While the association celebrates the H1/2022 numbers growing on annual basis, it says Italy is still far off from the success achieved in 2011 with 9.46 GW installed in a single year. “Although growing, the data show a clear delay for both photovoltaics and storage systems compared to the development forecasts set by Italy,” it added.

Storage systems are also becoming popular here with 1,361 MWh total installed capacity at the end of June 2022, comprising 1,341 MWh lithium batteries. Storage capacity installed in H1/2022 adds up to 629 MWh, up from 411 MWh in H1/2021.

Largest installed storage capacity on cumulative basis exists in Lombardy with 281 MWh, followed by 216 MWh in Veneto and 136 MWh in Emilia-Romagna.

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