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The Best Trending Stickers for Businesses in 2022


Brands and businesses are always looking for the best way to advertise. While billboards, TV advertisements, and big events go a long way in getting the word out to the general public, stickers continue to be on-trend as an inexpensive and long-lasting way for consumers to remember names, logos, and products. 

The current trends range from personal use to advertising to decorative stickers, and come in many variations suitable for all types of consumers.

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Value of stickers in today’s market
Current trending stickers to keep an eye on
What’s next for stickers?

Value of stickers in today’s market

Stickers come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used for advertising, interior decoration, or personal use. There are no limits to what stickers can be used for, which is what makes them so popular with consumers and business owners. 

In recent years, the trend has leaned towards using personalized stickers as a way of making an impact on people to generate more sales and bring in prospective customers. 

In today’s market, the overall value of self-adhesive stickers has reached a staggering US $47.9 billion, with that number expected to reach US $62.3 billion by 2026. Although many forms of advertising have turned digital, it’s clear that stickers are still a vital way of getting the word out to people.

Person holding a sheet of pastel-colored stickers

Current trending stickers to keep an eye on

Not all types of stickers are suitable for everyone, so there are quite a few things to take into account. Whereas a QR code sticker is great for the food industry, it may not be as great when used as a car sticker. But there is a sticker for every need out there! 

Today’s popular stickers include decorative stickers, car stickers, metallic lettering, holographic stickers, customized shipping labels, and QR codes. Stickers may be an older form of advertising for catching the consumer’s attention, but it’s still highly effective.

Stickers with metallic letters

Metallic stickers are seen as a great way to add a touch of class to an envelope or parcel, and they really make the name of the company stand out on the outside of the package. Unlike regular stickers, the metallic letters are 3D and waterproof, so there’s no need to worry about them coming off due to moisture. 

These metallic letters are popular for things like parcels and invitations, but are also regularly used to decorate tech devices, as a branding mechanism for companies, for customizing a logo on packaging, and as high-quality seals for mail.

Golden lettering sticker on a black backdrop

Die-cut holographic stickers

Die-cut stickers are a unique form of stickers that are cut in a particular shape. While there are many types of die-cut stickers out there to choose from, holographic stickers are this year’s hot trend. These holographic stickers are environmentally friendly and can be customized to suit application on car windows, food packaging, and toys. 

These stickers can also be found on skateboards and laptops as the strong adhesive ensures that the sticker will last a long time. Plus, they’re popular with children too.They are giving everyone a sense of nostalgia from the 90s and work well to get the name of a business seen or to keep children entertained with an arts project.

Child with two small shiny star stickers on hand

Decorative stickers

Stickers can be seen everywhere — from lamp posts on the streets to takeaway boxes. Decorative stickers still continue to be a popular and simple way of adding a logo or memorable catchphrase to an otherwise plain box or bag. 

This type of sticker is effective in places like bakeries, restaurants, attractions, or clothing shops as a cost-effective way of advertising without getting a company’s logo stamped on all of the packaging. 

Decorative stickers are easily customizable and are sure to bring a smile to the customer’s face. They can even be added to a purchase as a surprise bonus for the consumer to use themselves. 

Cardboard box with decorative sticker logo on the side

Security and QR code stickers

QR code stickers are essentially the new business card for many people. Using stickers is a simple and cost-effective way to share a business or website with a large number of potential customers on a daily basis, and it makes them more accessible than physical business cards as people can get the details on their phones. 

These types of stickers can be found everywhere, from windows to door frames and benches. QR code stickers can be used for things such as websites, menus, and events, and are even a popular security measure. Security stickers with holograms are very on-trend at the moment as they make tickets much more difficult to duplicate and can mark the legitimacy of products. 

Two holographic QR code stickers with floral pattern

Customized shipping labels

These stickers cover everything from shipping parcels to labeling products in a warehouse or store. They can also be used by both businesses and individuals who tend to ship a lot of products and require a professional-looking shipping label that’s easy to print details on directly from a computer. 

Woman attaching shipping label to a box

Car stickers

Car stickers have always been a popular way for businesses to advertise while driving. These stickers are durable, weatherproof, and can be completely customized too. They can be used inside or outside the car, and are made so that they create no damage to the vehicle when removed. 

Car stickers are one of the most popular trending stickers in today’s market, and they’ve consistently retained their popularity for the past few decades with businesses looking to easily advertise themselves to a large audience. 

Families are heavy users of this type of sticker as well, as family group stickers or stickers picked up from a recent trip add something fun to the car window or body.

Car window with sticker of old van in white

Labels for bottles

Stickers make it easier than ever to turn a regular bottle into something that is fully customized. Sticker labels can be used for just about any type of bottle — from wine bottles to perfume bottles to cosmetic and shampoo bottles. 

The waterproof material allows for heavy usage without wearing off, and the gold foil helps to give the bottle a more luxurious overall appeal than regular bottle labels. They’re the perfect way to make any bottle more eye-catching. 

Black label with gold foil text on a roll

What’s next for stickers?

Stickers continue to be a popular way for businesses to advertise themselves, and they are also popular for personal use such as scrapbooking, decorating a car, or for use in classrooms. 

Car stickers, decorative stickers, QR code and security stickers, shipping labels, holographic stickers, and stickers with metallic lettering are all on-trend right now and are looking to maintain their popularity over the next few years. 

There are endless ways to utilize stickers, and with more designs and materials entering the market on a regular basis, it appears that stickers will be heavily used for the foreseeable future. 

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