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Men’s Knitwear and Jersey: 5 Stunning Trends in Autumn/Winter 2022-23


Men’s sweaters have increasingly gotten more impressive over time and now have a stage to showcase in the autumn and winter seasons. Men need to remain warm and there’s nothing better to do that with than sweaters.

The crew neck and roll neck are pretty much old dogs but can still learn new tricks, all of which will be looked into in this article. 

Businesses in the industry can take a look at these trends and see if they hold water and then consider purchasing them to get ahead when sales kick-off.

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Market value of the men’s knitwear and jersey
Five unique men’s knitwear and jersey to invest in
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Market value of the men’s knitwear and jersey

The global knitwear market was estimated to be worth USD 644.29 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow to USD 1606.67 billion by 2029, registering a CAGR of 12.10 percent from 2022 to 2029. The distribution channel’s “online” category will experience the highest CAGR during the anticipated period as younger generations show a growing interest in online shopping.

An increasing understanding of fashion and the influence of social media are driving up market demand. Additionally, the rising popularity of sports among young people, including yoga, swimming, jogging, and aerobics, as well as their propensity for lavish lifestyles, are anticipated to support the market’s overall expansion.

Five unique men’s knitwear and jersey to invest in

Ombre crew neck

Young model rocking an orange and brown ombre sweater

A crew neck is a style of shirt or sweater with a round neckline but no collar that is frequently layered under other clothing.

There is indisputable evidence that dark brown dress pants and an ombre crew-neck sweater look fantastic when worn together. Men can put on a pair of dark brown wool socks to top off the look for a more refined appearance.

When paired with a blue suit, an ombre crew-neck sweater has a dapper appearance befitting of a gentleman. Crew neck sweaters are quite versatile and can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for a wide range of occasions. Of course, the first choice for many short men is the casual appearance. In this situation, men can simply put on a well-fitted crew neck sweater, pair it with a beautiful pair of jeans, and be prepared to leave the house.

Simply having the right pieces in the right sizes can make getting dressed to go out for the day something that can be done with hardly any thought at all. Style doesn’t have to take a lot of time or thought.

Young man rocking a neutral-colored ombre sweater

Consumers can also layer crew neck sweaters with a top coat, trench coat, or even a blazer during the cold months. They also work as terrific top layers as long as they aren’t poking out of the collar or along the waist.

Men can also experiment a little with color and design when layering. In general, pattern mixing shouldn’t be a thing; for instance, one shouldn’t wear a patterned sweater with a patterned button-down shirt. Instead, men can opt for a solid hue that complements the design rather than one that competes with it.

Textured roll-neck

Man rocking a light blue roll-neck sweater

The roll neck sweater has thoroughly earned its place in the menswear hall of fame as a contemporary wardrobe essential that offers all the comfort of a crew neck sweatshirt with the extra benefit of being noticeably smarter. The roll-neck sweater is a timeless classic because of its adaptability and how comfy it is.

The most traditional style of roll neck is, unsurprisingly, the one that has been preferred by generations of fashionable men. The finished product, which frequently has the most formal extended neckline that folds back on itself, works best when paired with tailoring or worn over a winter coat.

The funnel neck style, a more straightforward variation of the traditional roll neck, is fashioned with a little shorter extended neckline, eliminating the need for the shirt to fold back on itself. Most funnel neck designs have ribs to provide support, but they can also take a cue from athletic clothing by adding a zip.

A mock neck knit, a cross between a funnel neck and a crew neck sweater, locks in warmth with a little expanded neckline. It’s the ideal method to add additional insulation to a winter look and is best worn casually in a mid-weight.

Young man rocking a black roll-neck sweater

A fine-gauge roll neck is the perfect piece to tuck under the entire wardrobe’s worth of cold-weather essentials because it’s lightweight and form-fitting. It’s fashionable enough to replace a formal shirt, especially when made of merino wool, which regulates body temperature and breathes well. It also looks great layered under a leather jacket for a flawless up-down look.

Checked cardigan

Man rocking a black and white checked cardigan

The cardigan is an elegant, timeless piece of men’s clothing that allows men to accessorize a variety of looks. The cardigan sweater is a must-have wardrobe item that can be dressed up or down depending on the situation. Guys can wear this knitwear to work to achieve a semi-formal look with a suit or a casually cool look with a stylish shirt and chinos.

Long checked cardigans are simple to wear, flattering, and offer a loose, laid-back look that can fall to the mid-thigh or all the way to the ankles. Although the longline cardigan may have buttons or an internal loop-and-tie, stylish guys will usually wear this knitwear open.

Longer cardigans make a chic contrast when worn with slim-fitting jeans and a crew neck T-shirt or with a cotton shirt with a scoop neck for a cool effect.
By layering a long cotton T-shirt and black skinny jeans under a longline cardigan in vivid color, men can visually lengthen themselves. This loose-fitting garment is the most adaptable cardigan because it’s available in a variety of weaves and light materials.

Man wearing black and red checkered cardigan

The thick stole collar seen on the majority of checked cardigans forms a stylish built-in scarf by draping down the inner shoulders and back of the neck. This collared sweater is often constructed from heavier materials, giving wearers warmth on chilly winter days and an elegantly structured finishing touch to any ensemble.

Men can wear this cardigan buttoned-up to add an attractive aspect to jeans or khaki pants.

Guys should pair a fitting black T-shirt with pants and an open checked cardigan for a smart-casual ensemble that is both comfortable and stylish. While earth tones are country-chic and go well with Oxford shirts, field watches, and hunting boots, cream-colored thick weaves have a preppy feel to them.

Crafted V-neck

Male model rocking a gray sweater

Sweaters can add some nice visual interest and dimensionality to a man’s get-ups, especially when layered with other pieces. Warm and textured, they’re both functional and handsome, and all the different types of them, from the cardigan to the crewneck, can add some nice visual interest and dimension to a man’s get-ups. 

While various sweaters can be worn under other garments when layering, the V-neck dominates in this regard. The fabric is typically thin and smooth enough to be worn underneath a sports coat or even a suit jacket because its neckline accentuates the tie and the collar of the dress shirt worn underneath it.

A V-neck sweater’s formality pairs beautifully with a dress shirt because of its smooth, buttery wool. Consumers can opt for an Oxford button-down or a button-up with a semi-spread collar in white or light blue; a shirt with a pattern can be worn, but it’s trickier to coordinate with a sweater and tie. 

Young man rocking a cream V-neck sweater

Due to the cutout collar that displays and attractively frames the collar of the dress shirt and tie, they pair perfectly with V-neck sweaters. Although it’s not required, wearing a tie with a dress shirt is unquestionably stylish.

V-necks with a bit more texture on their own, such as a cable knit or a more vibrant pattern, can appear a little off or overly cluttered on their own, but they look much better under a sports jacket.

If a dressier or more casual look is desired, neck sweaters can be worn with dark denim, chinos, or wool pants. Many other pairings will also look great, such as a gray sweater with blue chinos or jeans or a navy sweater with khaki or burgundy chinos.

Quilted hoodie

Man rocking a beige quilted hoodie jacket

Even if it may not be the most stylish piece in the collection, the basic hoodie is one of the coziest and most useful. As a result, the warm, loose-fitting item is a current menswear essential that each gentleman ought to own.

A hooded sweatshirt, jumper, or jacket is referred to as a hoodie. The look is generally utilized for casual or athletic attire, while sweatpants are frequently paired with it. Consumers can rock a 2-in-1 bomber jacket and quilted hoodie for a modern urban look. Despite not being as traditional as some other combinations, the hoodie’s straightforward design and the current appeal of bombers makes it as effective.

Man in a gray quilted hoodie jacket

Male consumers can rock a zip-up hoodie in a timeless color, like grey, black, or navy, to pull the outfit off. They can also wear it with their preferred style of bomber, such as a wool, nylon, or leather-sleeved one. To complete a casual urban look, consumers can simply add some black or dark blue denim pants to the mix. The end product will be a contemporary inner-city look with hints of athleisure.

Wrapping up

These men’s sweaters are as comfortable as they are stylish. Each one has been upgraded using prints and minimalist silhouettes to make them wearable for casual, semi-casual, and formal events. The crew necks and roll necks are more like distant cousins and are great for semi-casual to casual events when paired appropriately, and the checked sweaters are for formal occasions.

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