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Keycap Selection in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide for Discerning Buyers


In the realm of mechanical keyboards, keycaps stand as a pivotal component, evolving significantly over the years. Initially viewed as mere functional elements, keycaps have transformed into a crucial aspect of keyboard customization, offering both aesthetic appeal and enhanced user experience. This evolution reflects the growing demand for personalized and efficient computing tools in professional environments. Keycaps now serve not just as typing surfaces but as expressions of individuality and ergonomic design, catering to diverse preferences and needs. Their development mirrors the advancing technology and shifting user expectations, making them more than just keyboard accessories but integral parts of a sophisticated digital workspace.

Table of Contents
1. Analyzing the 2024 keycap market
2. Criteria for selecting superior keycaps
3. Spotlight on 2024’s leading keycap models
4. Concluding insights

Analyzing the 2024 keycap market


The keycap market in 2024 is characterized by dynamic trends, shifting consumer preferences, and the impact of technological advancements. These factors collectively shape the landscape of this niche yet significant sector.

The keycap market is experiencing a surge in demand, driven by the growing popularity of mechanical keyboards among both professional and enthusiast communities. The keyboard market is currently experiencing steady growth. According to data from Statista, the market’s revenue stands at US$4.8 billion in 2023 and is projected to grow annually by 1.72% (CAGR 2023-2028), reaching a market volume of US$5.2 billion by 2028. This demand is not just for basic models but extends to customized and high-end keycaps, reflecting a trend towards personalization and quality. The market is also seeing an influx of innovative designs and materials, catering to a range of aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. This diversification is a response to the expanding user base that now includes gamers, professionals, and keyboard enthusiasts, each with distinct needs and preferences.

Consumer preferences and demand shifts

Consumer preferences in the keycap market are increasingly leaning towards customization and uniqueness. There is a growing interest in keycaps that offer both aesthetic appeal and enhanced typing experience, such as those with ergonomic designs or those made from premium materials. Additionally, the demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable keycaps is on the rise, reflecting a broader market shift towards eco-conscious products. This shift is not only driven by consumer values but also by the increasing awareness of the environmental impact of tech products.

Impact of technological advancements

Technological advancements are significantly influencing the keycap market. Innovations in manufacturing processes, such as 3D printing, are enabling the production of more intricate and customized keycaps at a lower cost. Advances in materials science are leading to the development of new keycap materials that offer improved durability, feel, and aesthetics. Furthermore, the integration of smart technologies, such as touch-sensitive or programmable keycaps, is beginning to emerge, pointing towards a future where keycaps contribute to an even more interactive and personalized computing experience.

In conclusion, the keycap market in 2024 is a vibrant and evolving space, shaped by consumer demands for personalization, sustainability, and quality. Technological innovations continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, creating new opportunities and challenges for manufacturers and consumers alike.

Criteria for selecting superior keycaps


In the evolving landscape of keyboard customization, the selection of keycaps emerges as a pivotal consideration for enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. This section delves into the criteria that define superior keycaps, focusing on durability, compatibility, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

Durability and material quality

The durability of keycaps is a critical factor in their selection, especially considering the materials used in their construction. ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) are the two primary materials used for keycaps, each with distinct characteristics affecting their longevity.


ABS Keycaps: ABS keycaps are known for their smooth texture and vibrant color options. They are made from a low-density plastic, which makes them easier to manufacture and color. This affordability and ease of production make ABS keycaps a popular choice. However, they have a notable downside: they are prone to developing a shiny appearance over time due to wear. This is because the surface of ABS keycaps can degrade with extensive use, affecting both their aesthetic and tactile feel.

An interesting point to note is the exception of high-quality ABS keycaps, like those from GMK. These keycaps use thicker ABS material and undergo a more expensive manufacturing process, resulting in a solid build and comfortable hand-feel. Despite their higher price, these keycaps offer a balance between the attractive features of ABS and improved durability.

PBT Keycaps: On the other hand, PBT keycaps are known for their sturdier build and matte finish. They are more resistant to wear and shine, maintaining their quality over a longer period. This durability is particularly important for devices that undergo extensive use, ensuring that the keycaps retain their tactile feel and legibility. PBT keycaps are generally considered to have a longer lifespan than ABS keycaps, although the exact duration can vary based on usage and environmental factors.

In summary, while ABS keycaps offer a smooth texture and vibrant colors at a more affordable price, they are less durable and prone to shine with wear. PBT keycaps, although often more expensive, provide a sturdier build and longer-lasting quality. The choice between ABS and PBT keycaps depends on the user’s priorities in terms of cost, aesthetic preferences, and the importance placed on durability and longevity.

Compatibility and customization options

In the realm of keycaps, compatibility and customization are pivotal factors that influence user choice and satisfaction. The compatibility of keycaps primarily hinges on their alignment with the keyboard’s switch type, such as the widely used Cherry MX or the less common Topre switches. This compatibility extends to the keycap profile, encompassing various styles like OEM, Cherry, or SA, each offering a unique typing experience and aesthetic.

Customization in keycaps goes beyond mere functional compatibility. It delves into the realm of personal expression and ergonomic comfort. Users have the liberty to select from an array of color schemes, legends (the characters printed or engraved on the keycaps), and thematic designs. This breadth of options allows users to tailor their keyboards to their personal preferences or to align with specific branding themes.


The thickness of the keycaps also plays a role in their durability and typing experience. Thicker keycaps, often found in high-quality PBT sets, provide a more solid and satisfying typing feel, while thinner keycaps, common in cheaper ABS sets, may feel less substantial.

In the context of RGB backlit keyboards, keycap material and design become even more crucial. Double-shot or pudding-style keycaps are preferred for their ability to allow light to shine through, enhancing the visual appeal of the keyboard. Double-shot keycaps, made through a complex manufacturing process involving two types of plastic, ensure that the legends remain illuminated and legible. Pudding keycaps, on the other hand, allow light to shine through the sides of the keycaps as well, creating a more dramatic lighting effect.

The keycap profile, referring to the overall shape and height of the keycaps, significantly impacts the typing experience. Profiles like OEM, Cherry, and DSA offer different angles and heights, affecting how the fingers interact with the keyboard. For instance, the Cherry profile is known for its efficiency and comfort, making it a popular choice among typists and gamers alike.

Comfort and ergonomics for typists and gamers

The ergonomic benefits and impacts of different keycap profiles for typists and gamers are significant, as outlined in a comprehensive guide by Autonomous. This guide delves into the nuances of keycap profiles, emphasizing their role in comfort and efficiency during prolonged computer use.


Keycap profiles and ergonomics

Cherry Keycap Profile: Known for its comfort, the Cherry profile is shorter than OEM keycaps and produces a distinctive “bassy sound” when typing. Its structured design, varying in size and shape, is particularly favored in the gaming community for its ergonomic benefits.

OEM Keycap Profile: Commonly used and accessible, OEM keycaps are slightly larger than Cherry keycaps but still focus on user comfort. They are not uniform, meaning different rows on a keyboard have varying designs and heights, which can influence typing comfort and efficiency.

DSA Keycap Profile: Designed for low-profile keyboards, DSA keycaps are uniform in size and shape, offering a consistent typing experience. Their smaller stature compared to Cherry and OEM profiles makes them a popular choice for users who prefer a streamlined design.

SA Keycap Profile: Characterized by their large size, SA keycaps are reminiscent of classic 1980s designs. Despite their noticeable height, they are easy to type on and are known for their unique sound profile, which can be a factor in user comfort and preference.

XDA Keycap Profile: Similar to DSA in being developed for low-profile keyboards, XDA keycaps are uniform and flat, offering a modern aesthetic and a consistent typing experience. They are suitable for users who prefer a flat and uniform design over sculpted keycaps.

Impact on Typing Experience: The choice of keycap profile can significantly affect the typing experience, especially for gamers and typists who spend extensive hours at their keyboards. The ergonomic design of keycaps, whether structured or uniform, plays a crucial role in reducing strain and enhancing comfort. For instance, Cherry and OEM profiles, with their distinct shapes and heights, cater to different user preferences and can impact typing speed, accuracy, and overall comfort.

In summary, the selection of keycap profiles is not just a matter of personal preference but also a critical factor in ergonomic comfort. Whether it’s the Cherry, OEM, DSA, SA, or XDA profile, each offers unique benefits that can enhance the typing experience for both typists and gamers.

Aesthetic appeal and theme integration


The aesthetic dimension of keycaps in 2023 has evolved significantly, embracing a wide array of designs and themes that go far beyond simple color choices. This evolution is marked by several key trends:

Diverse Patterns: Keycap manufacturers are now offering a vast range of patterns, including retro styles, geometric shapes, and plant textures. This variety allows keyboard enthusiasts to personalize their devices to reflect their tastes and personalities.

Vibrant Colors: The color palette for keycaps has expanded dramatically. Traditional black and white tones have given way to bright pinks, deep blues, and bold reds, injecting vitality and a sense of fashion into keyboards.

Themed Keycaps: There’s a growing trend towards keycaps that reflect personal interests and passions, such as movies, games, anime, and music. These themed keycaps are not just about aesthetics; they allow users to showcase their unique hobbies and interests.

Customization Options: In line with the trend towards personalization, some manufacturers are offering tools that allow users to customize keycap colors, patterns, and legends. This level of customization enables users to create truly unique keycaps, further enhancing the personal connection between the user and their device.

These trends highlight the increasing importance of the aesthetic dimension in keycap design. It’s not just about how the keycaps look; it’s about how they reflect the user’s personality, interests, and style. As the market for mechanical keyboards continues to grow, we can expect to see even more innovative and personalized keycap designs in the future.

In conclusion, the selection of keycaps is a multifaceted process that involves considering durability, compatibility, ergonomics, and aesthetics. Each of these factors plays a crucial role in determining the suitability of keycaps for various applications, whether it be for professional use, gaming, or personal customization. As the market continues to evolve, these criteria will remain central to the decision-making process for those seeking to optimize their keyboard experience.

Spotlight on 2024’s leading keycap models

In 2024, the keycap market showcases a diverse range of models, catering to various preferences and requirements. This section highlights the leading keycap models of the year, focusing on high-end custom sets, budget-friendly options, and thematic novelty sets.


High-end custom sets: A closer look

The realm of high-end custom keycaps is marked by exceptional craftsmanship and exclusive designs. These sets often utilize premium materials like thick PBT or resin, offering durability and a distinct tactile feel. Manufacturers in this segment pay meticulous attention to detail, with features like double-shot molding for legends that don’t fade and intricate artistic designs. Custom sets also offer extensive personalization options, allowing buyers to tailor their keycaps to specific themes or color schemes. While these sets come at a higher price point, they are sought after for their quality, longevity, and ability to offer a unique typing experience.

High-end custom keycap sets are known for their premium quality, unique designs, and often higher price points. In 2024, some of the standout models in this category include:

GMK Red Samurai Custom Keycaps: These keycaps feature a striking red, black, and gold color scheme, symbolizing Japanese armor. Made from thick double-shot ABS, they offer bold and bright colors with durable construction. The design includes English legends with a Japanese backdrop, catering to both aesthetics and functionality. They are compatible with various keyboard layouts and are among the most popular custom keycap sets on the market.

Drop + Mito GMK Pulse Custom Keycaps: Renowned in the mechanical keyboard community, these keycaps are designed from thick double-shot ABS. The design is a unique blend of matte black and bright blue, with special legends on some keycaps. They are available for different keyboard layouts and are known for their high quality, though they come at a premium price.

Budget-friendly options: Quality without compromise

Recognizing the diverse market needs, 2024 also sees a range of quality keycap sets that are budget-friendly. These sets strike a balance between cost and quality, often utilizing ABS material and simpler printing techniques for legends. Despite their lower price, these keycaps do not compromise on functionality. They offer a variety of colors and standard profiles like OEM and Cherry, making them accessible to a wider audience. These sets are ideal for those seeking to upgrade from standard keycaps without a significant investment, proving that quality and affordability can coexist in the keycap market.


For those looking for quality without breaking the bank, 2024 offers several budget-friendly keycap sets that don’t compromise on quality:

Kinetic Labs Whale Keycaps (Cherry): Priced at around $65, these double-shot PBT keycaps offer durability and a beautiful designer set that complements most neutral-tone keyboard builds. They are a great option for those who can’t justify spending over $100 on keycaps.

YMDK Carbon 108 Cherry Keycaps: These keycaps are affordable and feature a comfortable Cherry profile for typing and gaming. The design includes a Halloween-esque color scheme with black, orange, and white, making them a great daily driver.

Thematic and novelty sets: Beyond the basics

Thematic and novelty keycap sets have gained significant traction, offering designs that go beyond traditional aesthetics. These sets range from vibrant color schemes inspired by pop culture to intricate designs that reflect specific themes like space, nature, or retro styles. Novelty keycaps often feature unique shapes or icons, adding a playful element to the keyboard. These sets appeal to users looking to express their personality or interests through their keyboard setup. While they may not always prioritize ergonomics or durability, their aesthetic appeal and ability to make a statement are unmatched.

Thematic and novelty keycap sets offer unique designs that go beyond traditional styles, often inspired by popular culture, themes, or artistic expressions:

Lord of the Rings MT3 Black Speech Keycaps: A collaboration between Drop and LOTR, these keycaps feature Dwarvish and Elvish letters and a unique MT3 profile. They are perfect for fans of the LOTR series, offering a thematic aesthetic and a thocky sound when typing.

Drop DSA Astrolokeys Keycaps: These keycaps stand out with a vibrant color scheme of yellow, pink, purple, and white, inspired by the Zodiac constellations. The nonstandard icon mods allow for extensive customization, making them a unique addition to any keyboard.


In summary, 2024’s keycap market offers a rich tapestry of choices, from the luxurious and custom-made to the economical and functional, and the visually striking thematic sets. High-end custom sets like GMK Red Samurai and Drop + Mito GMK Pulse represent the pinnacle of quality and design. Budget-friendly options like Kinetic Labs Whale and YMDK Carbon 108 Cherry provide quality without a hefty price tag. Thematic sets like Lord of the Rings MT3 and Drop DSA Astrolokeys offer unique designs for those seeking something beyond the basics. Each category serves a specific market segment, ensuring that there is a keycap set for every preference and need. This diversity not only reflects the evolving consumer demands but also the innovative spirit of the keycap industry.

Concluding insights

Selecting the right keycaps in 2024 demands a nuanced understanding of materials, ergonomics, aesthetics, and market trends. The choice between ABS and PBT materials hinges on preferences for durability versus cost-effectiveness. Ergonomic considerations, crucial for typists and gamers, depend on keycap profiles and their impact on typing comfort. Aesthetically, keycaps offer a canvas for personalization, aligning with the growing demand for customized tech experiences. With the keyboard market poised for steady growth, informed selection of keycaps becomes integral for enhancing user interaction and ensuring product longevity in a competitive market.

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