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The Latest Bathroom Trends You Need To Know


Bathroom trends, like any other, are constantly changing due to technological advancements and shifting consumer preferences. Smart appliances, such as smart toilets and mirrors, are becoming increasingly popular among consumers. Many people are also turning to environmentally friendly solutions like energy-efficient lighting and water-saving toilets, among others.

Table of Contents
The competitive landscape of sanitary ware
Key developments in toilet design
Trendy bathroom sinks
Other trends that cannot be ignored

The competitive landscape of sanitary ware

Contemporary interior with dark stone walls and marble floor

The global bathroom accessories and sanitary ware market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.40% between 2022 and 2029. Accessories include sinks, toilet bowls, tiles, and shower heads, which come in various shapes, sizes, and designs.

The major factors driving growth in this sector are the demand for smart bathrooms, changing lifestyles, and increased awareness of maintaining personal hygiene. Furthermore, rising energy and water conservation awareness has compelled manufacturers to create sustainable alternatives for environmentally conscious consumers.

This article delves into some of the biggest bathroom trends of the year—with a special focus on toilet designs and sinks.

Key developments in toilet design

Smart toilets: straight flush

Stylish bathroom with ceramic bidet

Home designs are constantly improving thanks to continuous innovations to improve functionality and comfort. The latest toilets are designed to consume less water while pampering users a little. There are two types of toilets: pamper me and practical, with the latter offering a slew of functions, including music and nightlights.

Some models are programmed to open the toilet lid automatically when a user approaches it. After the user walks away, the sensor recognizes that the individual has left and flushes and closes the lid. Other variants come with an inbuilt bidet with temperature-controlled water, a deodorizer, and a heating feature to keep the seat warm. All these functions can be controlled via a touchpad screen.

Wall-hung toilets

White wall-hung toilet in a cosy bathroom

Installing a wall-hung toilet is one way to modernize bathrooms. It is attractive, saves space, conceals the large unappealing tank, and can be installed at the desired height for users. The tank is lightweight and hides behind the wall, and the elegant design conceals the working parts and plumbing. Additionally, cleaning the area around the toilet bowl is easy because it is raised off the ground.

However, installing a wall-hung toilet is difficult because it necessitates extensive reconstruction. Furthermore, because all of the components are hidden in the wall, the tank lid cannot be removed once installed if there is a clunky flapper. But it is possible to install an access panel for repairs. But this depends on the model and has to be customized as needed.


Shower cabin in modern bathroom with sink and urinal

Apart from its regular presence in gyms and pubs, the urinal concept is gaining popularity in the home design space. It is a great idea in a workshop when placed next to utility sinks because users do not have to go into the house and bring dirt with them.

Urinals are great for homes with individuals who have mobility or an underlying health issue because they can help promote independence. They also make bathrooms more accessible to everyone, regardless of whether or not they have a mobility issue.

Urinals make a shared bathroom in a mixed company easy and clean while also saving on floor space, making it ideal for rentals or vacation homes.

Trendy bathroom sinks

Standing sink

A standing sink is an excellent choice for those who prefer simple designs. The pedestal underneath the sink consoles all the plumbing and pipework in between, making it aesthetically pleasing. Also, this sink has a glamorous vibe that complements vintage or traditional decor.

One disadvantage of this style is that it has no counter space or storage space underneath it. Therefore, it might not be practical for smaller bathrooms that want to maximize storage space.

Circular sink

White ceramic sink with stainless steel faucet

Basins are no longer limited to the tried-and-true oval or rectangular shapes; they now come in striking circular designs that complement contemporary interiors. Thanks to its versatility, a countertop basin will complement both styles, regardless of whether users seek a statement piece or opt for a minimal finish.

A significant advantage of circular sinks is that they not only add some character to the ordinary but are also compact and take less space. As a result, they are ideal for bathrooms with limited floor space.

Partially recessed sink

A woman standing in the bathroom next to a sink

A semi-recessed sink, as opposed to a standing sink, is positioned in front of a cabinet and countertop, giving users plenty of storage space. In addition to being roomy, it is ideal for people with mobility issues or young children because they can get closer to the faucet without bending too far. This choice is also excellent for small spaces or children’s bathrooms.

Marble sink

A marble sink with stainless steel faucet

Marble is highly sought after due to its opulent appeal; even a splash of it can make any bathroom look luxurious. This natural stone comes in different variations and shades and is seeing massive success in the bathroom sink space.

A marble basin is a popular choice among many consumers and serves as the centerpiece in the bathroom. These pieces are available in various shapes and sizes, and some of the popular colors are black and classic white.

Washplane sinks

Washplane sinks are commonly found in plush hotels and restaurant bathrooms as they are elegant and stylish. They are slim and thus take up little space, making them ideal for small bathrooms and powder rooms. These sinks are typically made of granite or engineered stone.

Washplane sinks, while sleek and glamorous, present their own set of challenges. They are shallow and cannot hold too much water due to their design, and they work best in powder rooms where they will only be used for hand washing.

Sink integrated with the countertop

A white sink integrated with a countertop and vanity

Many vanity cabinets offer an integrated countertop with a sink made of materials like acrylic and porcelain. This design does not have seams or ridges because the sink is molded into the countertop.

It is an excellent choice for high-traffic bathrooms and is available in standard sizes. Some manufacturers may allow customers to customize the size that best fits their space. Furthermore, this style is ideal for users who prefer a quick off-the-shelf design at a reasonable price over a custom vanity.

Other trends that cannot be ignored


People gravitate toward more sustainable solutions as they become more aware of environmental crises. Many millennials are concerned about the amount of waste they generate and its ecological impact. As a result, many consumers will seek out eco-friendly options wherever possible, such as water-saving toilets and energy-efficient lighting.

Recessed lighting

A trend that has taken the interior decor world by storm in 2022 is recessed lighting fixtures. When paired with floating bathroom fixtures, these lights can make a room look stylish and inviting while providing indirect illumination. Aside from their aesthetics, they are also functional, as they can be integrated into various fixtures, such as mirrors and cabinets, to provide additional lighting.

Chandeliers and pendant lights

Aside from its apparent functions, lighting can add style and luxury to a room. Accent lighting in the form of glamorous pendant lights and extravagant chandeliers is now common in many contemporary bathrooms, particularly in master bathrooms. Because of their posh appeal, they are ideal for people who want to add something daring and trendy to their bathrooms.

To sum up

Toilets are becoming smarter as technology advances, providing users with a slew of new services. This article has covered the most recent developments in bathroom design, including self-heating and self-flushing toilets, recessed lighting, and glitzy sinks. Visit Alibaba.com to learn about the latest trends in this field.

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