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5 Hot Gorpcore Trends Sellers Should Grab


Gorpcore is not a new trend. It has been around since 2017 but fell under the radar. However, with contemporary fashion enthusiasts prioritizing easy movements and practicality, the Gorpcore trend is back in full swing. 

Although outfits like overalls, baggy cargo pants, and fleece jackets have specific technical designs, Gorpcore introduces an updated way to wear them in a comfortable yet trendy style for everyday activities. 

Here are five catchy Gorpcore trends that can drive traffic and increase sales.

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Market size of the gorpcore trends
Five awesome gorpcore trends that boost sales
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Market size of the gorpcore trends

Gorpcore has grown to become a distinct subcategory in the activewear market. Its recent development features interactions with luxury and regular markets on a new level as mass product lines show Gorpcore influences.

According to the Lyst Index, the trend stayed popular throughout 2021, with an uptick in the fourth quarter as consumers sought out technical outdoor outfits. Gorpcore maintained its popularity even through 2022 with many consumers discovering and rediscovering the Great Outdoors trend.

Retailers have jumped on the profitable Gorpcore bandwagon citing the market subcategory as a significant growth area in recent financial reports. As the outdoor clothing market is expected to reach 19.6 billion dollars by 2026, this is a good time to stake a claim in this expanding industry.

Five awesome gorpcore trends that boost sales

Oversized cargo pants

Lady on cargo pants and print turtleneck

Cargo pants never fell out of trend. Unsurprisingly, this style is one of the hot Gorpcore trends making waves this season. Volume is one key feature of Gorpcore-themed pants, especially bulky trousers with adjustable details at the waist and ankle. 

This piece has undergone significant makeovers that push beyond the conventional camouflage-printed cargo. Now, businesses can invest in various cargo pant styles, including slim-fitted, leather, harem, cropped, and even denim. Colors range from traditional camouflage and neutral hues to bold colors. Fashion retailers can easily offer styles that fit their target’s taste. 

woman wearing a matching shirt and cargo pants

Crop tops are a stylish match for cargo pants. Interestingly  Female buyers can pair it up with a simple cropped t-shirt and sneakers. The ensemble significantly brings definition to the waist while balancing the pants’ baggy appearance. Alternatively, consumers may pair cargo pants with fall coats, leather jackets, classic plain or graphic t-shirts, denim jackets, cardigans, or blazers. 

For male consumers, the goal is finding the right fit. While some may favor the slim or straight cut, others may favor oversized trousers with the right fit. Men looking for an effortless get-up can’t go wrong with combining classic pieces and cargo pants.  They can pair a classic tee and jacket (utility, denim, or plaid) with the versatile bottom.

Sometimes, the best style leaves the classics unaltered. But contrasting textures and patterns make eye-catching outfits for bold and daring consumers. 

Fleece jacket

Woman and man on a hiking trail wearing fleece jackets

It’s no news that many trends from the nineties are returning. Still, one surprising style permeating the fashion industry is fleece jackets.  Fleece jackets are similar to cargo pants due to most consumers wearing them for hiking or camping. However, this clothing now takes on a more fashionable approach thanks to streetwear folks rocking them stylishly.

This plastic-derived fabric, explicitly designed as an improvement of wool, features a plush texture, warmth retention, moisture resistance, and lightweight quality, making it ideal for the great outdoors.

woman wearing brown fleece jacket crossing her arms

Even with casual attire, fleece imparts a comforting sense of being prepared for the elements. Fleece jackets also go beyond the Gorpcore as one of the many essentials for outdoor-active gear.  

Interestingly, fleece jackets are versatile enough to match various wardrobe stables, which makes them appealing to consumers.

Also, businesses can choose from numerous patterns and colors like neutrals, neon, print, bold colors, or classic black. Consumers looking for a more playful style can add a splash of color with fleece jackets.

One classic way to rock fleece jackets is by matching them with cargo pants. Consumers can wear them with workout gear, over formal attire, or with denim. They may also dress up the piece as a vest or over-shirt.

Tank dress

woman wearing black tank dress

Tank dresses are perfect for female buyers who want to merge coziness and sexiness. They are the go-to options for consumers looking to keep fashion easy and cute.

Interestingly, manufacturers can make these dresses with cotton, jersey, linen, and other breathable fabrics. They may also provide stretchy features for ladies looking for a tight fit or feel looser like slip dresses. Regardless of form, tank dresses rank high for comfort and ease.

Loose-fitting tank dresses make better outfits for summer, as consumers may find them more breathable. On the other hand, tight-fitting variants look fantastic as party dresses or an evening out with friends.

In addition, tank dresses can host various patterns and colors ranging from solid hues & dopamine brights to stripes and prints.

Although tank dresses dominate the casual wardrobe, ladies can wear them anywhere with the right style. A black tank dress matched with a cropped jacket can make an eye-catching outfit for the office. Alternatively, a cut-out variant would kill at a dress-to-impress event.

Shirt jacket

man wearing plaid shirt jacket

Looking for a piece that counts as a shirt and a jacket? Then look no further than a shirt jacket. A shacket essentially offers the best of both worlds: the beauty of a shirt and the comfort & warmth of a jacket. It is thicker than the typical shirt but lighter than a winter coat. Lately, businesses can find this ideal layering item everywhere from social media to the streets.

The Gorpcore shirt jacket may have designs perfect for walking the trail, but it also looks good for casual wear. Consumers may wear them over t-shirts in spring, or over a knit turtleneck for winter. Shackets can also double down as mid-layers under jackets for freezing temperatures.

woman wearing plaid shirt jacket and denim pants

Shirt jackets are also perfect for consumers looking for effortless on-trend styles. Businesses may offer them in various designs and hues. However, plaid is one of the most common patterns on the market for this piece.

More importantly, shirt jackets are easy to style and look eye-catching on almost all body shapes. They are versatile enough to match numerous bottoms, including cargo pants, chinos, jeans, and jeggings. Consumers may style them with tailored pants for a more formal look.


woman wearing denim overalls and a white tee

2022 saw the return of many vintage trends, but one that’s ready to cross into the 2023 catwalk is overalls. This piece is vibrant, fun-themed, and fosters a sense of adventure, which are some qualities consumers look for in Gorpcore-themed outfits.

Although overalls started as work-wear outfits, they have since evolved to rock the casual outfit scene. 

man wearing grey denim overalls

Both men and women love overalls due to their toughness, durability, and versatility. Consumers even feel more comfortable with adding the piece to everyday looks. In addition, businesses can grab overalls in multiple styles. They can offer them in denim, corduroy, leather, and cotton. Some variants even incorporate patterns, color contrasts, and varying lengths.

Consumers can easily style overalls like denim. One classic way to rock this piece is with a simple shirt. Further, buyers may style them as pants with the bib tucked away or rock them with the straps on. This style’s versatility allows customers to switch from relaxed looks to something more trendy. 

Female shoppers can keep the look simple with a tank top (or sports bra) and a hoodie. Alternatively, they can match them with denim jackets or take a more playful route with animal prints or bold colors.

Men can easily style overalls with an oversized t-shirt or a wool cardigan. A more cozy outfit would incorporate a turtle neck while maintaining a streetwear appeal. Solid color tees, psychedelic prints, and other vintage shirts also make great pairs with this item.

Wrapping up

Gorpcore outfits combines the thrill of the great outdoors with appealing fashion items. Overalls have a heavy utilitarian feel, but look fantastic on the streets. 

Cargo pants and shirt jackets also combine functionality and versatility while dominating the catwalk. Fleece jackets and tank dresses are perfect casual items that may double down as formal attires.

Fashion retailers must capitalize on these Gorpcore trends to avoid missing out when 2023 sales kick off.

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