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The Latest Trend in Gift Boxes for Chocolate Packaging

Chocolate gift box with assorted chocolates

Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and many more occasions are celebrated with chocolate. It is a no-brainer that chocolate is a huge market and almost everyone loves it. Chocolate can be packaged in many ways, such as foil, paper wrapping, plastic, and gift boxes. How to upgrade the brand image and attract customers to buy for themselves or as gifts? This article will focus on introducing the latest trend in gift boxes for chocolate packaging and how packaging can help boost sales.

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Why are gift boxes so important in the chocolate industry?
What are the popular choices for chocolate gift boxes?
What is the special packaging for different occasions?

Why are gift boxes so important in the chocolate industry?

Chocolate packaging, like many other products, can be a marketing tool. Standing in front of a shelf full of chocolate products and without any idea of which one to buy, people will probably grab one that looks good. Not just alluring for customers to buy, it will even affect how they perceive the taste of the chocolate, no matter whether it is dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or truffles.

Generally speaking, chocolate packaging contains 2 layers: an inner non-permeable wrap, which could be foil, plastic, and paper; and an outer package, which can be paper or paper board like a gift box, making logo printing and design decorating much easier for marketing and branding purposes. 

What are the popular choices for chocolate gift boxes?

Lift off

Lift-off boxes are the classic and popular choice for chocolate packaging. They contain two pieces with a detachable lid, or the lid can be attached on one side, to give customers a convenient and exciting unboxing experience. Good-quality paper board material can keep the chocolate safe, give a high-end look, and is convenient for logo and design printing.

Magnetic closure box

With a magnetic closure, for sure it gives a premium feel. Magnetic boxes are not just elegant and stylish, but also functional as they can secure the item in the package safely. With the nice design, people may even want to reuse the box for storage. 

Partial cover

A window patching that can showcase the chocolate inside is especially beneficial for those pralines which look like a masterpiece. With a cut-out window covered with clear plastic film, it offers customers a very good first impression by just checking the outlook. This is another classic and stylish choice for chocolate packaging apart from the lift-off box. 

Reverse tuck end (RTE)

With the ability to open and close on both ends, reverse tuck end boxes are spacing-saving when they are flat. They can be easily assembled manually or by a machine. Depending on which quality of paper is chosen, an RTE box is usually lightweight. These boxes are not only designed for chocolate but are multi-purpose. Customization is also feasible—for example, cut-out windows and locks.

Roll end with lid

Same as RTE, roll end with lid boxes are flat before assembling so they are convenient for storing. To enhance stability, dust flaps or locks can also be added according to different preferences. With the large flat surface on the top of the box, a large print of the logo and design can be accommodated, so that the product can stand out from others on the shelf.

What is the special packaging for different occasions?


It is popular for newly married couples to give away chocolate as a thank-you gift. The chocolate packaging for this special occasion, and depending on different wedding themes, should be stylish, white, and special. A chocolate box decorated with flowers can be the perfect gift.

Valentine’s Day

Chocolate can be as essential as a flower bouquet on this important day. The special design of chocolate packaging, for example, a chocolate box combined with flowers, can be an unforgettable gift for your significant other.

Christmas advent calendar

Another special chocolate-heavy-consumed occasion for sure is Christmas. All sorts of advent calendar boxes feature many small partitions representing each day before Christmas and are filled with chocolate. With all kinds of characters, designs, or brands that people are fond of, advent calendars cover most chocolate lovers’ tastes.


Chocolate can be $2 on supermarket shelves or $200 in premium brands’ shops. Upgrading the brand image and popularity by investing in better chocolate packaging is probably worth it. Alibaba.com has different chocolate gift box manufacturers that provide ready-to-use boxes and custom design that fit your brand. Let’s upgrade your chocolate brand today by ordering chocolate boxes that can impress your customers and getting ready for the next chocolate season!

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