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Leading Injection Molding Machine Manufacturers


Injection molding technology has thrived over the years, and better machines are being produced. Different industries, including construction, food, medicine, automobile, and many others, benefit from the new and improved injection molding technology. Plenty of injection molding manufacturers are in the market intending to meet the rising demand for injection molding machines. Some manufacturers have been in the industry for decades and have special expertise and high-end capital investment. 

The availability of many injection molding manufacturers makes it difficult to find the ideal one. This article will focus on the leading injection molding manufacturers. Also, it will talk about the demand, market share, size, and expected growth rate of injection molding machines.

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Demand and market share for injection molding machines
The leading injection molding machine manufacturers

Demand and market share for injection molding machines

Injection molding machine on a white background

The demand for injection molding machines has steadily risen over recent years. The rise in demand owes to the increased adoption of injection-molded products. Various industries have largely benefited from the components of injection molded machines. These industries include the packaging, electronics, automotive, and other consumer product sectors. 

Globally, the market size for injection molding machines was valued at USD 14.71 billion in 2021. The market share is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6% from 2022 to 2030. The growth has been attributed to the increased demand for injection-molded products for medical equipment after the pandemic.

Injection molding machine segments include plastic, metal, ceramics, and rubber. The plastic segment had 75% of the market share in 2021. The metals segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.3% from 2021 to 2030. These products have improved resistance and more refined surface finishing.

Regionally, the Asia Pacific region recorded the largest revenue share of approximately 35%. Europe had the second-largest revenue share due to the surge in the use of flexible electronics. The market share of South and Central America is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.9% due to increased manufacturing facilities in the region.

The leading injection molding machine manufacturers


Fully automatic PET preform making injection molding machine

Founded in 1923, ARBURG is among the most advanced manufacturers of injection molding machines. Its family factory is based in Lossburg, German. The organization also operates in 33 centers across the world.

The main injection molding range manufactured by ARBURG is called the ALLROUNDER. This machine offers various options, which include hybrid machines and cube molds. The machine has a clamping force ranging between 350kN and 6,500kN. In addition, the company offers service packages that are delivered alongside the machinery. They include turnkey systems and additive manufacturing.

This company has a growing global market for ALLROUNDER injection molding machines. The generated revenue is approximately USD 7.5 million yearly. The demand is in the packaging, electronics, medical, optics, and automotive industries.

2. Haitian International

HAITIAN MA2500 injection molding machine

Haitian International group is based in Asia. It was founded in 1966 and had two listed companies; Haitian International Holdings and Ningbo Haitian Precision Industry. It has two business divides; manufacturing and servicing.

The group manufactures both hydraulic and electrical injection molding machinery. The machines can be operated with clamping forces between 400kN and 66,000kN. Flexibility is the company’s main objective, which it pursues by focusing on innovations. They are also detail-oriented to offer buyers consistency in the manufacturing processes. 

In the product portfolio, the injection molding machine covers the largest spectrum of plastics production. The company serves the packaging, automobile, medical and electronic sectors. As a result, the products meet a significant demand in the international market. Haitian International reported a revenue of USD 2.5 billion in 2021. 

3. Engel 

Founded in 1945, Engel manufactures plastic injection molding machines. Globally, the Engel group has nine production locations, with the headquarters situated at Schwertberg, Austria.

Engel group offers both electric and hydraulic models of injection molding machines. The machines have a clamping force of between 280kN and 55,000kN. Buyers of these machines benefit from the various turnkey solutions provided by the company. Additionally, the entity offers a range of specialist injection molding processes to suit different materials. 

On the global market, Engel group is one of the largest manufacturers of injection molding machines. It benefits the sports, construction, electrical, packaging, and automotive industries. The company recorded a revenue of EUR 1.5 billion in the financial year 2021/2022. 

4. The Japan Steel Works

The Japan Steel Works, Ltd. (JSW) is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The corporation has manufacturing stations in Yokohama and Hiroshima. It also operates in North America, Europe, and Asia.

JSW is among the leading companies producing injection molding machines for plastic production. It manufactures efficient electric molding machines. The latest is the second-generation large electric servo drive molding machine.

The company’s products are used in electronics, oil refineries, and other industrial machinery sectors. The estimated revenue recorded in 2022 is USD 1.9 billion, growing by 8% compared to 2021.

5. Milacron

Milacron is headquartered in Batavia, Ohio, United States, and it was founded in 1860 in Cincinnati. As it had grown over the years, it was reincorporated in 1970. Some of the Milacron brands are Tirad, Genca, Servtek, Ferrmatikk, Mold-Masters, Wear Technology, and Canterbury.

The company manufactures all-electric, servo, hydraulic, and low-pressure injection molding machines. It also provides auxiliary and extrusion machinery.

Internationally, Milacron caters to the packaging, aerospace, construction, automotive, medical, electronics, and telecom sectors. This has created a growing demand for machines produced by Milacron worldwide, bringing the company an estimated revenue of USD 1 billion.

6. Husky Injection Molding Systems

High-quality husky PET preform injection molding machine

Founded in 1953, Husky Injection Molding Systems is headquartered in Bolton, Canada. The main manufacturing stations are in Switzerland, China, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, and the U.S. The technical centers in Japan, Luxembourg, and Shanghai specialize in research and development to improve the machines’ quality.

The company mainly offers comprehensive injection molding machines. They include hot runners, auxiliaries, and integrated systems. Husky also offers additional services, which include proper asset management and factory planning. 

The systems provide solutions for the following sectors; medical and healthcare, the beverage industry, and general and thin wall packaging. The products have put the company on the global market, reporting a total revenue of USD 990 million.

7. Sumitomo Demag

Sumitomo Demag is headquartered in Bavaria, Germany. The industry consists of four plants in Japan, China, and Germany. The company developed its first single-screw injection molding machine in 1956. Fast forward, they have advanced the technology on their machines. 

The product portfolio has all-electric hybrid and hydraulic injection molding machines. The machines have clamping forces of between 180kN and 20,000kN. The Thuringian Wiehe manufacturing center specializes in making smaller-sized electric injection molding machines. They are more efficient with clamping forces of up to 4,500kN. Apart from the machines, the company offers robotic systems to boost their overall performance.

In the global market, the company has recorded a tremendous increase in revenue over the years. For instance, the revenue in 2021 was estimated at EUR 808 million, up 17.4% from EUR 688 million in 2020. The revenue growth can be pegged on industries like packaging, automotive, medical, and consumables. 


YIZUMI injection molding machine on a white background

YIZUMI has its headquarters in Foshan, China, and has based its manufacturing across China and outside since 2002. It has more than 40 operational agents overseas.

The multi-corporation mainly produces injection molding machines. It also manufactures rubber injection molding machines, high-speed packaging systems, die-casting machines, and robot automation integrated systems.

The company has both domestic and overseas markets for its products. This is because of the diversified developments in its machines, which gave YIZUMI an estimated revenue of USD 548 million in 2021.


Injection molding machines are very efficient in plastic production. If they are utilized well, they produce distinct polymer components with complex shapes in large quantities. The various manufacturers offer different types of machinery at different costs. Buyers are required to consider machinery that is aligned with their production goals and market demand. To acquire this machinery, visit Alibaba.com.

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