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How To Pick LED Headlights That Will Sell


So, you’re thinking about selling LED headlights for cars. Or maybe you already do sell LED headlights but you want to know how to find the best options on Alibaba

Either way, you’re in the right place.

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Why customers want LED headlights for their cars
What you should look for in LEDs for your online stores
Tips on choosing the best LEDs
Ready to sell?

LED headlights are becoming a popular headlight option as they have many benefits for drivers. The market used to be dominated by traditional halogen headlights, but LEDs are taking over as they’re more helpful in many situations. They’re better in poor weather conditions, for night driving, and they’re stylish.

They’re also environmentally friendly, more affordable, they last longer and they’re energy-efficient. 

Plus, they are the safest choice for drivers.

Many drivers aren’t satisfied with the factory headlights on their vehicles. And that’s where you come in. If they’re looking to upgrade their cars’ headlights, offer them the best LED lights on the market.

We’ve created a guide so that you can find the best-LED headlights on Alibaba, and know why they’re the best.

Why customers want LED headlights for their cars

People prefer LED headlights for cars for a variety of reasons. The top 3 reasons customers love LED headlights are for night driving benefits, handling poor weather conditions, and style. 

Car With Led Headlights Driving In The Dark At Night
Car With Led Headlights Driving In The Dark At Night

They help drivers see at night

Driving at night can be dangerous and lots of people feel uncomfortable driving in the dark. LED headlights are better for night driving as they’re brighter and more reliable. 

LEDs give off a white-colored light, while halogen lights give off a yellow hue. They also have a higher intensity while consuming less power. Illuminating the road is essential and LED lights outperform other options in this aspect. 

They help drivers see in bad weather

Sometimes you can’t avoid bad weather. Whether you’re facing rain, snow, or fog, unpleasant weather can impact your driving safety. And we know safety is a priority.

Rain and snow obstruct drivers’ views, and they reflect light. LEDs give drivers a brighter light and if the right color temperature light bulb is chosen, they can cut right through the precipitation that’s affecting visibility.

Fog is one of the most dangerous weather conditions as it can reduce your visibility drastically. LED lights cut through fog better than halogen light because they offer stronger, increased brightness.

White Car With Stylish Led Headlights
White Car With Stylish Led Headlights

They’re stylish

If you ignore all the functional benefits of LED headlights, they’re still the best choice because of their stylish aesthetic. 

This is because luxury car manufacturers were the first to produce cars with stock LED lights. But regardless, they enhance the look of any automobile. 

Aesthetics alone can convince drivers to make the switch to LEDs.

What you should look for in LEDs for your online stores

Maybe you aren’t a car fanatic. But your customers might be, so you’ll want to offer them the best LED headlights to keep them coming back for more.

There are a few important factors when choosing top-tier LEDs for your e-commerce store. Alibaba makes it easy to find and buy products directly from manufacturers. Here are the top 5.

Car With Led Headlights For Brightness
Car With Led Headlights For Brightness


Lumens measure total light output while lux measures lumens per square meter. More simply, lux measures the intensity of the light in a given area. 

Picking LEDs with a good lux measurement is essential, and considering beam patterns is also important when looking at lux. A number over 1,000 is a good lux measurement for an LED headlight.


CRI, or color rendering index, measures how light affects the appearance of color. It’s measured on a scale of 1 to 100. 

The higher the measurement, the more accurate of color the light will produce. LEDs score higher than other lightbulbs, thanks to their brightness and the more natural-looking light they give off. A good LED headlight will score 80-90 on the CRI


LED headlights for cars can last up to 30,000 hours. Choosing LED lights with a long lifespan is important because their lifespan is one of the reasons consumers are shopping for LED lights. 


When considering brightness for LED headlights, there’s a sweet spot you need to be aware of. Go too bright and you can endanger other drivers. Go too low and your visibility is impacted. The brightest LED headlights performing well on the market usually provide up to 10,000 lumens per pair. 

Color temperature

Color temperature can affect the brightness of LED light bulbs. It can also affect visibility in poor weather conditions. The most popular temperature is around 6,000k

Colder color temperatures are preferable for LED headlights because they are brighter than warm color temperatures. Going too high past 6,000k can create a light that’s too blue and actually start reducing visibility. 

Tips on choosing the best LEDs

When choosing LED headlights for your business to sell, you need to consider the 5 attributes we just went over. But there are a few other things to consider. 

Cost is always a factor when buying and reselling products. You need products that will ensure a good profit margin. Take into account the cost and the price point they sell at and also consider whether you’re planning to sell to businesses, or directly to consumers.

The next factor is availability. Make sure you choose a reputable supplier with the production capacity to satisfy your needs.

Shipping is another major consideration when choosing a supplier for buying LEDs. Make sure the shipping costs and timeframes are adequate for your business. 

Finally, you’ll want to consider the laws around LED headlights. Determine where most of your customer base is located and do your research. 

If you’re selling headlights for cars that don’t comply with local laws, chances are you’ll lose business or, at the very least, get a lot of returns.

Ready to sell?

The popularity of LED headlights for cars has car owners swapping out their old halogen bulbs for new LED ones. 

There are many benefits of LED headlights and most importantly, they improve the safety measures for drivers who face darkness or poor weather conditions. 

Plus, they look great!

Picking good LED headlights to sell can help increase your sales and build customer loyalty.

Whether you want to sell the headlights for customers who like style, durability, or quality, consider the tips previously mentioned for finding headlights on Alibaba for your business to sell. 

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