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Lip Plumper Tools: A Complete Buying Guide

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It’s 2024, and guess what’s making a comeback in the world of beauty? Lip-plumper tools!

Consumers don’t need to force a pout because these tools are here to give that instant dose of glam and confidence with little to no risk incurred. 

However, different lip plumper tools are available on the market, and this article streamlines what businesses should look out for to boost profits in 2024.

Table of Contents
What are lip plumper tools, and how do they work?
What are the benefits of lip plumper tools?
What to look for in lip plumper tools?
3 different types of lip plumpers worth investing in 2024
Rounding up

What are lip plumper tools, and how do they work?

a young lady applying lip gloss against a brown background

Lip plumper tools date back to the very beginning of all things beauty and fashion. Back then, cinnamon and peppers were used to achieve full lips. With the advancement of technology, lip-plumper tools incorporate ingredients like peptides and hydrochloric acid to plump up lips.

Lip plumper tools are sought after by many consumers because they are a non-invasive way of getting full lips at a lesser cost. Although the results from the extracts in a product may be temporary, they help increase blood flow in the lips to attain the much-desired full lip effect.

What are the benefits of lip plumper tools?

No injections

a syringe drawing transparent liquid from a small container

Lip plumper tools are ranked high in beauty supply must-haves because they offer consumers plump lips without discomfort or invasive procedures.

With lip plumper tools, there is no need to worry about injections or await results after a long period. Lip plumper tools provide an instant solution without medical aid.

Enhanced hydration

a drop of water standing still on a pond

Dry lips do more than just affect physical appearance. They are a source of discomfort and leave the lips prone to bacterial infections, affecting overall health. But lip plumpers solve this issue easily with hydrating ingredients. 

Lip plumper tools help upgrade the lip’s moisture retention, preventing annoying cracks. And hydration in lip plumpers also protects the lips from harsh weather conditions.

Long-lasting, natural results

young lady with plump lips

Consumers want to enhance their lip appearance without a dramatic transformation, and lip plumpers offer the best solution. They subtly improve lip appearance, giving a natural result that does not appear exaggerated.

Lip plumper tools provide consumers with a kind of luxury lip augmentation can’t. Their flexibility makes up for the temporary results, allowing ladies to enjoy a plump lip without the commitments.

What to look for in lip plumper tools?

Plumping effect

a woman displaying a natural plumping effect

Lip plumpers are sought after because of their principal function: lip plumping! However, the sort of lip plumper tool used impacts the effect on the lips.

Some customers desire subtle effects, while others prefer noticeable changes—with some wanting something balanced. Lip plumper tools accommodate these individualized preferences, allowing customers to attain the desired appearance easily and affordably.

As a reminder, no consumer wants to appear outlandish; the lip plumper tools must always provide a natural result regardless of the appearance they are aiming for.


a scientist holding a flask of hydrochloric acid

Lip plumper tools don’t work like magic; they contain specific ingredients that stimulate the lips to achieve a plump appearance. The ingredients can be classified into two: irritants and hydrating agents.

Irritants are medically designed to stimulate the lips. Common irritants found in lip plumper tools include peppers, menthol, and capsicum. Lip plumpers that rely on these irritants must have moisture retention capabilities to avoid adverse effects on the user. 

Lip plumper tools that use hydrating ingredients like hydrochloric acid, eliminate the burning sensation caused by irritants. Then, they increase the moisture in the lips, helping to achieve a plump lip effect.

For consumers with allergies, the safe choice would be hydrating lip plumper tools. This is because irritants not only cause a burning sensation, but users with allergies may face risk through its use.


young female using lip mask on her naturally colored lips

Lip color change is often a result of some lip plumper tools. It’s usually nothing drastic as their ingredients (pepper extracts or cinnamon) can briefly stimulate blood flow to the lips, creating a faint reddening effect.

Although consumers sometimes love this effect, they won’t appreciate it if it looks unnatural or shows shades of irritation. Hence, businesses must look for lip plumpers without ingredients that could cause such effects.

3 different types of lip plumpers worth investing in 2024

1. Lip gloss or balms

a woman applying lip balm to her upper lip

Consumers value convenience, and there is no easier way to get a pouty or fuller lip than with lip balms and/ lip gloss. Lip balms and lip gloss only require a swipe across the lips to give an instant full lip appearance.

With both options available on the market, consumers need not be concerned about the highly invasive treatment lip surgery offers.

The table below outlines the advantages and disadvantages of using lip balms and lip gloss as a lip plumper tool.

Easy application Ease of application is dependent on texture
Improves lip moistureMay contain irritants
Cheaper alternativeAffordability depends on brand
Instant resultsTemporary effects

Based on Google reports, the keywords “lip gloss” and “lip balm” record 673,000 and 550,000 average monthly search queries from buying consumers, respectively. Both search terms have also maintained the numbers since August 2023.

2. Suction lip plumpers

woman holding a suction lip plumper with a red mouthpiece

Suction lip plumpers use a vacuum mechanism to achieve a full lip appearance. And customers can choose between two types of suction lip plumpers.

First is the manual suction lip plumper. The manual suction lip plumper is typically made of rubber with an open mouthpiece. Its design allows consumers to achieve their desired effect with only a few pumps.

Second is the electrical suction lip plumper. Unlike the manual variant, consumers can automate the process with a simple click, allowing the tool to simulate blood flow and create plumper lips. 

The manual and electrical suction lip plumpers offer the user control. With the manual one, users can press as long as they wish to determine their lip plumpness, while the mechanical ones often come with timers offering the same level of control.

No matter the choice, it is important to note that the excessive use of suction lip plumpers can result in bruising, swelling, misalignment of the teeth, and, in extreme cases, tooth loss.

3. Lip masks

a young woman with a lip mask on her lips

Lip masks are popular, and it comes as no surprise given that lip masks are an ideal choice due to their moisturizing effect. Based on reports from Google Ads, they average 201,000 monthly searches. Search interest increased by 10% from 165,000 in May 2023 to the average value in October 2023.

Lip masks are available in creams and sheets, each boasting a blend of hydrating ingredients such as hydrochloric acid, beeswax, and vitamin extracts (depending on the product). Consumers must place them on their lips for a specific period and will get a natural plump appearance after removing them.

Rounding up

Lip plumper tools are considered the ultimate beauty box essential because they offer a non-invasive, low-risk way of achieving natural plump lips. However, purchasing them is not as simple as ordering them in bulk. 

Businesses must consider plump effect, color, and ingredients before offering lip plumping tools in 2024. 

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