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Make a Statement With Women’s Belts Trends in 2024

Black leather belt with gold monogram buckle

For 2024, the hottest trends in women’s belts play with volume and material to offer up new and refreshing options. These are the trends in women’s waist belts business buyers should loop into their product offerings this year.

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Overview of the market for belts
Women’s belts trends for 2024

Overview of the market for belts

Global revenue in the belts and wallets market was valued at USD 21.80 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.6% between 2023 and 2030.

The market is driven by an increasing adoption of belts as a fashion statement among Millennials. A rising demand among the younger generation is also expected to provide further opportunities for growth over the forecast period.

As womenswear consumers continue to advocate for eco-friendly apparel products, the market for leather belts is declining as PU or vegan alternatives gain popularity. In Europe and the United States, belts are even required to meet stringent environmental and non-toxic standards. 

Women’s belts trends for 2024

Chain belts

Woman wearing gold chain belt with trousers
Woman in black dress with gold chunky chain belt

The chain belt is an iconic women’s accessory popularized by brands like Chanel. Chain belts draped low on the waist are a hallmark of fashion in the 1970s. As vintage styling remains highly sought after in 2024, this trend will continue to dominate the market.

A chain waist belt is most frequently worn over dresses or pants. Details like multi-loop chains or playful charms give the fashion accessory extra personality. Gold and silver chain belts remain the most popular colors, but a chain belt with a strip of leather threaded through the middle is a classy hybrid option.

According to Google Ads, the term “chain belt” attracts a significant average monthly search volume of 27,100, which indicates its popularity over other types of belts.  

Unexpected materials

Red fabric belt for women
Woman wearing black seat buckle belt

An unexpected material is one way to create a statement belt this year. Although women’s fashion belts are typically produced in leather, other materials like rattan, metal, pearls, denim, or rhinestones offer up chic alternatives. In fact, the term “rhinestone belt” experienced a 22% increase in search volume over the past three months, with 27,100 in January 2024 and 22,200 in October 2023. 

This trend can also be achieved with unexpected belt designs. Hermès recently showcased a ladies leather belt with a padlock buckle, while street style mavens have been embracing women’s elastic belts clasped by a seat belt buckle or side release buckle.

Wide belts

Woman wearing obi waist belt for dress
Woman in black lace corset belt

Wide belts are having their moment in 2024. An oversized, Y2K-inspired wide belt wraps around the waist to give any outfit a more dimensional look. 

A wide women’s belt is commonly worn over a white button up, a suit set, or a dress. Wearing a thick statement belt is a great way to give lightweight summer pieces more structure. Although corset belts are a trending item over the next year, wraparound obi belts are also used as a cinch belt for dresses and shirts. 

According to Google Ads, the term “corset belt” garners an average monthly search volume of 40,500, which indicates its trendiness over other types of women’s belts.

Big buckle belts

Black leather double buckle ladies Western belt
Woman wearing black leather belt with gold buckle

The big buckle belt is a vintage style that aligns with the current cowgirl trend. These types of belts often feature a round engraved buckle or a large monogram buckle.

An artistic interpretation of a big belt buckle is also trendy, with large metal buckles shaped like an abstract sculpture giving belts a creative design. The belt buckle can also come in the shape of flowers or charms and be covered in the same material as the belt for monochromatic appeal.

The term “big belt buckle” attracted a search volume of 6,600 in January 2024 and 5,400 in October 2023, which equates to a 22% increase over the past three months.

Skinny belts

Thin brown leather belt for women
Woman wearing slim brown leather belt over cardigan

As a contrast to the wide belt trend, slim women’s belts are another trend for 2024. Skinny belts are great for juxtaposing against voluminous summer dresses, oversized blazers, or long coats. 

These types of thin belts are often tied into a knot or wrapped around the waist multiple times for added style. The skinny women’s belt can be produced in neutral shades for versatility or bold hues for a pop of color against an elegant outfit.

Google Ads indicates interest in the term “skinny black belt” is growing with a search volume of 5,400 in January 2024 and 4,400 in October 2023, which represents a nearly 23% increase in that specific color over the past three months.


A belt is a must-have accessory in a woman’s wardrobe. There are several trends in women’s belts for the year of 2024. The wide cinch belt gives shape to any silhouette, while a skinny belt is a great option for sophisticated ensembles. Vintage chain belts continue their reign this year, with unexpected materials and big belt buckles adding creativity to traditional designs. 

As belts continue their status as closet staples, factors like fashionable design, comfort, and durable material become key considerations for any business supplying women’s belts this year.

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