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May Newsletter Ideas To Engage Your Subscribers (+ Tips & Examples)

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As May approaches and spring is in full bloom, it can become harder to catch your audience’s attention. They might find themselves spending time outdoors, daydreaming about upcoming summer vacations rather than checking their email.

This makes it all the more crucial for your newsletters to shine and inspire action.

Fortunately, many occasions are packed into these upcoming 31 days, which creates numerous opportunities for effective email marketing.

In this article, we’ll explore a range of May newsletter ideas and real-life examples from brands, along with a list of engaging subject lines you can use.

Let’s get started.

May newsletter ideas for month-long occasions

Month-long events provide numerous benefits for marketers. You can use these as a theme for all your May newsletters and engage your audience throughout the month.

Here are several occasions you can leverage for your May newsletters.

Clean Air Month

The purpose of deeming May as the Clean Air Month is to raise awareness about air quality issues. It serves as a reminder of the importance of clean air for public health and the environment.

Consider May newsletter ideas that share tips and promote eco-friendly practices for cleaner air.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Initiated by Mental Health America in 1949, this occasion has become more critical than ever today. It aims to raise mental health awareness, reduce stigma, and promote well-being.

Any brand can use “mental health” as a theme in its May newsletters, not just those in wellness, mental health, or community support sectors. You can offer resources, tips, or stories to raise awareness and provide assistance.

National Photography Month

Photography serves as a form of expression for both artists and brands. 

Throughout May, photographers share techniques and inspire others to embrace the medium. Brands can use this occasion to run photography contests that produce user-generated content for them.

National Bike Month

Throughout the month, biking lovers and organizations conduct events promoting the benefits of this sport. These events could include community bike rides, safety workshops, and advocacy campaigns.

Other brands can also get involved with some creative thinking. For example, an apparel brand could promote its clothing line for bikers.

National Barbecue Month

May coincides with the arrival of warmer weather and longer days — a perfect setting for outdoor activities, such as barbecues.

Brands can leverage this by offering special promotions on barbecue-related products, or sharing barbecue recipes in their newsletter.

In May, notable celebrations like Mother’s Day, May Day, and Memorial Day stand out. Yet, beyond these well-known events, there are many others worth exploring.

Below, we’ve detailed over 22 occasions occurring in May 2024. National Days are exclusive to the US, whereas International Days are celebrated worldwide.

  • May 1st: International Workers’ Day
  • May 2nd: World Tuna Day
  • May 4th: Star Wars Day
  • May 5th: National Teacher Appreciation Day
  • May 6th: National Beverage Day
  • May 7th: National Tourism Day
  • May 8th: World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day
  • May 9th: National Lost Sock Memorial Day
  • May 12th: International Mother’s Day
  • May 13th: World Cocktail Day
  • May 15th: National Pizza Party Day
  • May 16th: National Love a Tree Day
  • May 17th: World Baking Day
  • May 18th: International Museum Day
  • May 20th: National Rescue Dog Day
  • May 22nd: National Buy a Musical Instrument Day
  • May 23rd: World Turtle Day
  • May 25th: National Wine Day
  • May 27th: Memorial Day
  • May 28th: National Hamburger Day
  • May 29th: National Learn About Composting Day
  • May 31st: World No Tobacco Day

May newsletter ideas

In this section, we’ve compiled some of the most engaging May newsletter ideas. These will help you stay current with trends and personalize your email campaigns. 

Additionally, we’ll provide an example for each event to spark your creativity.

1. Labor Day (May 1st)

May starts with honoring the achievements of workers and their contributions. This day is observed with parades, picnics, and other festivities. It highlights the importance of fair labor practices and workers’ rights.

Newsletter ideas:

  • Acknowledge the hard work and dedication of your team members or employees. Share stories or testimonials that recognize their efforts and contributions.
  • Offer special discounts or promotions as a gesture of appreciation to your customers.

Pauli & Sisters offer customers a special discount. The discount code, “LABORDAY”, is tailored specifically for the occasion. Additionally, notice how the email’s copy emphasizes the essence of summer and presents the product as a must-have for the season.

Labor Day newsletter idea by Pauli & Sisters

2. Star Wars Day (May 4th)

In the 1977 Star Wars movie, the iconic phrase “May the force be with you” was introduced. This is how May 4th came to be celebrated as Star Wars Day. Fans indulge in themed events, movie marathons, and cosplay activities.

Newsletter ideas:

  • One of the best May newsletter ideas is to host a themed contest or giveaway. Encourage participants to share their favorite Star Wars memories or creative fan art.
  • Highlight characters from the Star Wars universe in emails leading up to May 4th. Provide interesting facts, trivia, and memorable quotes about each.

LEGO celebrates Star Wars Day by hosting a special event from May 1st to May 4th, as promoted in their email campaigns. Additionally, they feature exclusive Star Wars-themed products like helmets and fighter pilot sets.

Star Wars Day newsletter idea by LEGO

3. Mother’s Day (second Sunday of May)

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to honor the love and sacrifices of mothers worldwide, and express gratitude to these extraordinary women. This event offers many email opportunities due to its wide appeal.

Newsletter ideas:

  • The process of choosing gifts can be challenging for many. Make things easy for your customers by curating a list of thoughtful gifts for mothers.
  • Share heartwarming stories or testimonials from customers about their mothers. In the process, highlight the powerful impact of maternal love and support.

The Landmark Project showcases one of the best Mother’s Day email examples. Subscribers receive exclusive early access to Mother’s Day gifts, along with a limited-time 20% discount offer, which creates a sense of urgency. Moreover, the subject line “💐Mother’s Day Gift Guide💐” is succinct yet effective.

Mother's Day newsletter idea by The Landmark Project

4. Cinco de Mayo (May 5th)

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican victory over the French Empire in 1862. Primarily celebrated in Mexico, it’s also prominent in the Mexican communities of the US. The day is marked with parades, music, traditional dances, and feasts.

Newsletter ideas:

  • Create limited-edition products inspired by Cinco de Mayo. Alternatively, offer special promotions or discounts on Mexican-inspired items.
  • Incorporate vibrant colors like red, green, and yellow, reminiscent of the Mexican flag. You can also use visual elements featuring traditional Mexican motifs. Examples include sombreros, maracas, chili peppers, and cacti.

Threads 4 Thought participates in Cinco de Mayo celebrations, despite not offering directly related products. In such cases, a simple message wishing subscribers well is enough, as shown in the example.

Cinco de Mayo newsletter idea by Threads 4 Thought

5. Memorial Day (May 27th)

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the US. It pays respect to the brave individuals who died while serving in the military. As a time to reflect and honor, it offers brands an opportunity to connect with their subscribers on a deeper level.

Newsletter ideas:

  • Show appreciation to veterans and active military personnel. Offer exclusive discounts or promotions as a gesture of gratitude for their service.
  • Make it easy for readers to support veterans and their families by offering helpful resources.

Vessel Health believes everyone deserves the gift of wellness on Memorial Day. To honor this, they offer discounted pee tests at $20 each. Using an effective subject line, “24hrs Left for A La Cart This Memorial Day,” adds urgency.

Memorial Day newsletter idea by Vessel Health

6. Mental Health Awareness Month

This observance serves to raise awareness about mental health issues and reduce the associated stigma. It stands as one of the most universal May newsletter ideas,  because nearly everyone grapples with mental health challenges at some point.

Newsletter idea:

  • Feature testimonials or interviews with mental health advocates, survivors, or professionals.
  • Showcase products or services that promote relaxation, mindfulness, and self-care. Examples include meditation apps, wellness subscriptions, and aromatherapy products.

Keeps, a men’s hair care brand, adopts a unique approach for Mental Health Awareness Month. Addressing mental health concerns remains a sensitive subject, especially among men. 

The brand understands this and urges men to seek treatment for their struggles.

Mental Health Awareness Month newsletter idea by Keeps

7. National Bike Month

Last on our list of May newsletter ideas is National Bike Month, which encourages leaving the car behind and opting for a bike ride, instead. It’s enjoyable, promotes good health, and benefits the environment.

Newsletter ideas:

  • Organize a community bike ride or event to celebrate National Bike Month. Encourage subscribers to join and promote the event through your newsletter.
  • Highlight success stories or testimonials from cyclists in your community. Inspire non-cyclists to join the bandwagon by showcasing the benefits of biking.

Peloton, a well-known fitness brand, leverages this time to engage with its customers. This email guides readers to the brand’s bike product page, and inspires them to explore various options and discover workouts that suit them.

 National Bike Month newsletter idea by Peloton

15 Ideas for May newsletter subject lines

If you want your emails to be opened, you must create engaging subject lines.These often include elements like urgency, numbers, personalization, and action words.

If you’re struggling to come up with impressive lines, try Omnisend’s free AI subject line generator. Enter keywords and a brief description to get a list of suggestions.

We also made a list of May email subject lines for you to get started: 

  • 🌟 May the fourth be with you: Star Wars Day deals inside!
  • Celebrate mom with love and savings: Mother’s Day gifts galore 💐
  • 🎉 Fiesta time! Cinco de Mayo savings inside! 🌮
  • Happy Labour Day! Enjoy exclusive deals and discounts
  • Remembering our heroes: Memorial Day savings await
  • Last chance! Shop Mother’s Day gifts before it’s too late…
  • Spice up your Cinco de Mayo celebration with these deals! 🎉
  • Honoring those who served: Memorial Day discounts inside
  • Star Wars fans rejoice! Exclusive offers await you!
  • Cheers to Mom! Find the perfect Mother’s Day gift here 🥂
  • 🎀 Still need a gift for Mom? We’ve got you covered!
  • 💙 You’re not alone: Supporting mental health awareness
  • 🚲 Pedal into savings: National Bike Month deals await!
  • Work hard, save big: Labor Day discounts inside! 💪
  • Mind matters: Mental health tips that really work 🧠

Wrap up

There are plenty of occasions in May, so consider which one fits your brand best and resonates with your audience the most.

Additionally, remember to always craft compelling subject lines and segment your audience for personalized communication.

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