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Men’s Key Textiles: 5 Comfort Trends in Spring/Summer 2023


Practicality, versatility, and utility are three key components that combine to make up men’s key textiles in 2023. With a unique twist of color variations and patterned stripes, consumers can enjoy rocking trends like #everyday luxury, nautical themes, pajama dressing, etc.

Supreme comfort is a common factor with all the trends listed in this article—from tech bases, which combine inspiration and sportswear from metallic patterns, to pajama dressing that comes with a more luxurious and sexier feel. Below is the market size of the textile market for men.

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Men’s textiles: what’s the market size?
Five updated men’s key textile trends of S/S 2023
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Men’s textile: what’s the market size?

The market size of the textile industry in 2022 is targeted to hit US$ 995 billion while registering a CAGR of 3.77% to reach US$ 1.44 trillion by 2032. The Asia Pacific region has one of the largest shares in the market—nearly 50%.

According to the above reports, the large acceptance and patronage of various online platforms have improved the massive sales experienced in the textile market. Apparently, there’s a rise in the demand for textiles across all male age groups.


Man wearing orange and white striped nautical shirt

Nautical textiles evolve from Breton stripes to a modern combination of candy to hairline stripes. This movement helps to construct a contemporary approach to white and blue nautical themes. Embrace items with subtle textures in the form of seersuckers for waved surfaces. The nautical aesthetic has endured the changes flooding the fashion industry and is now a solid part of men’s wardrobes.

The classic Breton long or short-sleeve T-shirt is the most integral way to rock a nautical look. Short-sleeved variants offer more breathability, while long-sleeved styles present more mileage. This piece looks fantastic with smart-casual and everyday attire. Men can pair these striped tees with cotton shorts, statement jackets, and even blazers.

Speaking of blazers, men can also dive into nautical beauty with double-breasted variants. This trusty tailoring has retained its appeal throughout the fashion years and looks just as sharp as it did in previous decades. Nautical double-breasted blazers easily layer over a Breton top or a classic white tee.

Man rocking a Breton striped nautical shirt

Chinos present an aesthetically-pleasing way to rock a nautical style. While the style made its debut as a soldier’s staple transformed into civilian, chinos now offer connotative seamen styles similar to stripes. Men can go for a slightly slim fit to avoid wasting any effort invested into this look. Also, chinos make natural pairs with striped polos, tees, and long-sleeved items.

Everyday luxury

Man looking sideways in a white shirt and jeans outfit

Building a wardrobe becomes easier when consumers create a strong casual attire base. They can add novelty to the basics or stick with the classics. Regardless of the approach, everyday luxury styles make it easy for a modern man to nail casual basics.

One under-used yet stylish option is a solid same-color combo. This style elongates the body, making consumers look taller and thinner without cutting anything in half visually. Its clean casual look makes this combo a perfect way to highlight accessories—like a shiny belt. Sellers should stick with offering blues and neutrals to help men build a confident wardrobe foundation.

Tone-on-tone everyday outfits are fantastic iterations of solid color styles. But instead of rocking similar shades, gents can create a color distinction between the top and bottom of the outfit. Think of combining light blue shirts with navy pants. Retailers must ensure the hue matches to avoid offering mismatched tone-on-tone sets.

Man rocking a denim jacket and white inner shirt

Men can rock neutral bottom and color top styles as an easy way to introduce color to an everyday outfit. However, not all “colors” work for this casual look. Sellers must avoid neons and other questioning hues while embracing tops in olive, blue, and burgundy. Alternatively, dark colors can transition this look into a more serious and casual style. 

Tech bases

Man meditating in a gray hoodie and beanie

Tech bases introduce a digital edge to sportswear, making them look gorgeous on and off the screen. This trend adds high-shine and metallic surfaces to otherwise normal athleisure staples. Sportswear designs have gotten sharper, more digital, and more technical since their first transition from the gym to the leisure market.

Now, consumers can rock various athleisure styles with transitional appeal. One perfect example is the smart casual theme. While the idea of sweatpants fitting into this trend was initially unthinkable, many men are joyfully commuting in a pair of stylish joggers. Most designs match nicely with sweatshirts or luxe bomber jackets.

Some sportswear trends also revive from previous decades to add a nostalgic appeal to contemporary styles. Outfits like full-look tracksuits may require confidence to rock, but they can make surprisingly flattering looks. Even if consumers don’t fancy overalls, they can opt for the classic sweatshirt and shorts combo.

Man wearing a white shirt and black shorts

Sportswear also makes an excellent combination with pieces of tailoring. Although initially representing polar opposite fields of the menswear spectrum, these trends have closed the gap and provided a way to dress up athleisure staples. Modern zip-up tops and track pants provide some eye-catching contrasts when matched with blazers or smart overcoats. However, it’s essential to keep everything in muted colors.


Man reading a red book while wearing yellow pajama

PajamaDressing provides supreme comfort in sexy silkies merged with oversized silhouettes. This luxe theme creates ample opportunity to expand the fabric selection for men’s separates and matching sets. The pandemic ushered in a new age of rocking pajamas outside the bedroom for maximum comfort outdoors.

The old classic styles are returning for men to rock for various occasions; long sleeves, pure cotton or satin, and piping detail make this ensemble feel on-trend and chic. This outfit is comfortable to sleep in yet dapper enough to hit the streets on a Sunday morning. In truth, pajama-style shirts have been gaining traction in recent seasons, and it’s easy to see why: they look extraordinary.

Pajamas have also progressed along with the times. Although traditional styles still make a fashionable scene, modern alternatives exist for men who don’t fancy vintage appeal. Contemporary PJs feature fewer collars, more crew necks, and a striking absence of buttons. Further, they adopt an overhead style, making them feel like sweaters instead of work shirts.

Man using a laptop while wearing pajamas

Athleisure pajamas actively merge loungewear and casualwear to create more relaxing menswear. This style is perfect for getting out of bed, throwing on an overcoat over the sleepwear, and heading out to the streets.

Soft tailoring 

Men wearing elegant tailoring with ties

Soft tailoring comes in different varieties ranging from elevated daywear to classy evening looks. These versatile ensembles tap into the trans-seasonal dressing while expanding men’s wardrobes with pieces to wear individually or together.

Consumers will often choose between single and double-breasted styles for tailored jackets. While the double-breasted blazer can feel more formal, the single-breasted variants are more trendy for men’s pieces. Single-breasted jackets offer incredible simplicity and versatility, making them must-haves for gents interested in tailoring.

Men walking in classy black tailoring

These jackets paired with matching pants create a comfortable soft tailoring look, but men can easily wear them with chinos or jeans for casual occasions. Cashmere, cotton, wool, and silk are popular fabrics used for men’s tailoring.

Wool creates durable pieces perfect for everyday use, while silk makes a luxurious appearance for parties and other glamorous events. Although synthetic fabrics can create eye-catching suit designs, none are as breathable as natural textiles.

Final words

Prioritize quality natural bases by opting for items with lower-impact fibers and organic materials such as recycled cotton, certified viscose, traceable linen, nettle, and hemp.

Products that combine bases and lounge details, utility, sportswear, and tailoring will gain more attention this season. Sellers must spread focus across these items to build an adaptable and functional S/S 23 catalog.

On this note, Nautical, Everyday luxury, Tech bases, PajamaDressing, and Soft tailoring are the key trends to follow this season.

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