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Mercedes-Benz Electric EQS Sedan for 2025 Gets a Larger 118 kWh Battery

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Mercedes‑Benz continues to develop the EQS Sedan and its portfolio of all-electric vehicles with new updates and innovations incorporated more quickly than before. For 2025 model year, the EQS Sedan introduces numerous upgrades with a new larger battery for increased electric range, refined front fascia featuring a new grille design and Mercedes-Benz standing star on the hood, as well as new standard and optional equipment to enhance comfort for rear passengers. The 2025 Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan arrives at US dealerships later in 2024.

2025 Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan – MANUFAKTUR Signature Silicon Grey (European model shown)
2025 Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan – MANUFAKTUR Signature Silicon Grey (European model shown)

All 2025 EQS Sedan models benefit from an all-new battery with an increased usable capacity of 118 kWh for improved electric range. In addition, new regenerative braking software enables greater energy recuperation.

Due to the high proportion of recuperation with regenerative braking, the brake discs in the EQS Sedan are used less often during regular driving compared to models with combustion engines. A special function helps maintain the brake system by automatically applying the pads to the discs from time to time.

The standard heat pump increases climate comfort and efficiency. The waste heat from the electric drive (inverter and electric motor) and high-voltage battery can be used to heat the interior. This significantly reduces the need to utilize battery power for the heater and increases electric range.

The Disconnect Unit (DCU) in 4MATIC models automatically decouples the electric motor on the front axle depending on the driving situation and the required performance. At low loads, the DCU switches to 4×2 driving mode. The electric motor and transmission on the front axle then come to a standstill, which increases electric range.

The recuperation level of the EQS Sedan has been increased. The greater deceleration (up to 3 m/s2) means more energy recovered and therefore a greater range. Mercedes‑Benz has also optimized the braking system, starting with the 2024 EQS Sedan, for a better pedal feel due to a modified brake force cylinder.

Many updates to the EQS Sedan were made using over-the-air technology (OTA). These include, for example, Dolby Atmos, the YouTube web app and a digital travel guide.

Other models with the EVA 2 fully electric architecture (EQS Sedan, EQS SUV, EQE Sedan, EQE SUV) will also benefit from many of these improvements.

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