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Alibaba Trend Report on Consumer Electronics: October 2023

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Table of Contents
Global overview
Category x geo overview
Subcategory x geo overall
Regional YoY top-growing subcategories

Global overview

In October 2023, Consumer Electronics saw a year-over-year (YoY) increase of approximately 3.5% in Daily Unique Visitor (DUV) when compared to October 2022. This trend was consistent across all regions. Notably, the EU region had the strongest YoY growth.

Daily Unique Visitor

Category x geo overview

October 2023 saw a boom in entertainment electronics, with Television, Home Audio, Video & Accessories skyrocketing 68% YoY DUV globally. Other categories like Chargers, Batteries & Power Supplies, Speakers & Accessories, and Mobile Phone & Accessories also enjoyed healthy growth of 10%-15% YoY. 

Global Daily Unique Visitors

US & Mexico top-growing categories

US and Mexican electronics markets saw strong YoY DUV growth in October 2023, with Television, Home Audio, Video & Accessories (+68%) and Speakers & Accessories (+40%) leading the pack. Portable Audio, Video & Accessories, Blockchain Miners, and Mobile Phone & Accessories also had a strong increase (+20%). 


EU top-growing categories

The EU electronics markets recorded strong YoY DUV growth in October 2023, with Television, Home Audio, Video, and Accessories (+60%) and Portable Audio, Video, and Accessories (+60%) leading the way. Speakers and Accessories, Chargers, Batteries and Power Supplies, Earphones and Headphones and Accessories, and Mobile Phone and Accessories also experienced growth of more than 20%. 

EU Daily Unique Visitors

South Asia top-growing categories

The SA electronics market continued its strong YoY DUV growth in October 2023, driven by strong demand for Television, Home Audio, Video, and Accessories, which saw a 78% increase. Mobile Phone & Computer Repair Parts (25%) and Mobile Phone & Accessories (24%) also saw strong growth. 

SA Daily Unique Visitors

In conclusion, the surge in Television, Home Audio, Video & Accessories across the globe in 2023 underscores a clear opportunity. 

Subcategory x geo overall

The table below highlights the top 20 subcategories in electronics that experienced the highest YoY growth globally. Here’s the quick breakdown:

  • Mobile Technology: Rugged phones, Smart phones, and Feature phones dominate the top three spots with astronomical YoY increases exceeding ~1000%. Mobile Phone Repair Tools & Equipments also had ~480% surge. 
  • Lifestyle Electronics: Speaker Stands, Speaker Cables, and Speaker Accessories also see impressive growth, suggesting rising demand for home entertainment upgrades and convenience.
  • Tech Gear: Printers & Scanners, Mouse Pads, Smart GPS Trackers & Locator, Servers, Networking Storage, Monitors, and Battery Accessories all show strong YoY increases, indicating continued demand for basic tech necessities.
  • Connectivity: Mobile Phone Chargers, Other Networking Devices, and Multifunction chargers demonstrate health growth, highlighting the importance of staying connected.
Top ListSub-CategoryGlobal YoY
1Rugged phone9401%
2Smart phone1787%
3Feature Phone998%
4Speaker Stand725%
5Mobile Phone Repair Tools & Equipments479%
6Digital Gift Card268%
7Speaker Cables239%
8Printers & Scanners168%
9Mouse Pads125%
10Smart GPS Tracker & Locator117%
12Speaker Accessories95%
13Networking Storage94%
16Battery Accessories88%
17Shutter Release80%
18Mobile Phone Chargers80%
19Other Networking Devices74%
20Multifunction Chargers62%

Regional YoY top-growing subcategories

Surging Segments:

  • Rugged phones: Dominate across all regions, with USMX leading at 6231% and EU following at 2131%. This points to a strong demand for durable and reliable communication devices.
  • Smartphones & Feature phones: See impressive growth in all regions, indicating continued smartphone adoption and upgrades.
  • Digital gift cards: Enjoy widespread popularity across all regions (USMX: 245%, SA: 292%, EU: 234%), indicating their continued relevance as a gifting option.

Other noteworthy trends:

  • Routers: SA takes the spotlight with a 2265% surge, likely driven by increased reliance on remote work and online entertainment.
  • Mobile phone repair tools & equipment: See notable increases in both USMX (445%) and EU (324%), highlighting the importance of device maintenance.
  • Home video & accessories: SA showcases a 322% YoY rise, potentially driven by renewed interest in home entertainment.
  • MP3 playersand MP3 Bags & Cases: See strong increases in both EU (447%) and USMX (192%).
Top ListGeoSub-CategoryYoY
1USMXRugged phone6231%
3SASmart Mirror2212%
4EURugged phone2131%
5USMXSmart phone2078%
6EUSmart phone1695%
8USMXFeature Phone744%
9SAFeature Phone616%
10SAMobile Phone Motherboard548%
11EUFeature Phone500%
12EUMP3 Players447%
13USMXMobile Phone Repair Tools & Equipments445%
14USMXSpeaker Stand355%
16EUMobile Phone Repair Tools & Equipments324%
17SAHome Video & Accessories322%
18SADigital Gift Card292%
19USMXDigital Gift Card245%
20EUDigital Gift Card234%
21USMXMP3 Bags & Cases231%
22USMXMP3 Players192%
23SASet-top Box173%
24EUTV Sticks166%
25USMXSpeaker Accessories157%
26SASpeaker Cables149%
27SASmart Display130%
28SAStylus Pens117%
29SASmart Watch Bands & Accessories116%
30EUSpeaker Accessories98%

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