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The Mystery of Faucet Finishes


What is in faucets? They always stand out as the focal point in the kitchen, bathroom, and shower, adorning these spaces with a stunning look.

Faucets are a valuable part of interior design when remodeling, expanding, or building a new bathroom or kitchen. And most homeowners renovating their homesupgrade their kitchen and bathroom faucets

As a result, manufacturers are producing new faucet finishes, styles, and features to meet the demand for current trends. 

Here are the current unique faucet trends available in the market and the features to look out for.

Table of Contents
The global market size of faucets
Recent faucet trends for bathroom/ kitchen/ shower
The factors to consider when choosing a faucet
Wrapping up

The global market size of faucets

In 2021, the faucet market was estimated to be $19.3 billion, and it’s projected to expand from 2022 to 2030 at a 7.4% compound annual growth rate. Several factors contribute to this growth, including:

  • High demand for multi-functional faucets
  • Increased construction of modern houses that focus on aesthetic appeal
  • Rapid urbanization that requires electronic bathroom faucets for public restrooms
  • Inflated disposable income among the middle class.

Recent faucet trends for bathroom/ kitchen/ shower 

While industries like fashion and technology are known for constant change, the faucet market is also changing rapidly. New faucet trends are presented yearly at various Global Kitchen, and Bath Shows to make life easier. 

Here are some unique faucet trends that recently debuted:

Kitchen faucet

It is hard to imagine a kitchen without a modern faucet. Kitchen faucets channel running water to clean food, fruits, and dirty dishes. Sellers should consider exciting designs that make washing and cooking fun.

Pull-down and pull-out faucets

A modern pull-out and pull-down kitchen faucets

Some modern kitchen faucets incorporate a pull-down function. The Pull-down feature allows homeowners to pull the spray nozzle to clean the sink basin, rinse fruits, and fill pots without sprinkling water.

Manufacturers continuously improve the existing kitchen faucets and launch new pull-down and pull-out designs. For example, the single-hose pull-out kitchen faucet has a hairline finish and a pull-out nozzle that makes cleaning anything by the sink enjoyable. Kitchen faucets like this make drawing water and cleaning convenient. 

Touchless faucets

A stainless steel touchless kitchen faucet with sensors

Who said faucets could not integrate tech features? Manufacturers are responding to homeowners’ wishes, and the innovation of a motion sensor faucet is a prime example.

This technology is often seen in public washroom faucets but has found its way into the kitchen. These modern kitchen faucets sense body movement near the snout and turn on the water.

The SmartTouch kitchen faucet is a similar design that allows homeowners to turn the water on and off by touching the snout. In addition, they are fitted with LED lights that change color with water temperature changes.

These faucets mean no one picks up germs or dirt on the handle after washing their hands. One can use the back of their hands, elbow, or forearm to tap the snout to activate or deactivate the faucet.


A vintage double-handled kitchen sink faucet

The double-handle faucet is a common kitchen style. It provides users with two separate levers to switch from hot to cold water.

Most double-handle kitchen faucets are mounted using one or three holes in the sink. They have separate connections, with one pipe channeling cold water while the other channeling hot water.

Users can set their desired water temperature by simultaneously turning on both handles. 

Bathroom and shower faucets

In the past, homeowners used bathing buckets. Today, there are sophisticated bathtubs and bathroom faucets that make taking a hot or cold shower delightful.

Users also delight in bathroom accessories that allow them to hang towels. Below are some common bathroom faucets worth considering.


A black brass bridge bathroom sink faucet

Bridge faucets are ideal for homeowners looking for a mix of modern technology and old-fashioned style. The levers of this bathroom faucet branch from a single part.

They require two countertop holes to fit the two levers, which makes cleaning the sink and countertops easier. In addition, bridge faucets are common with undermount sinks, allowing homeowners to experiment.

Singe-handle faucet

A woman turning on a single handle faucet

Although single-handle faucets have been around for a long time, many manufacturers have found ways to upgrade them. The modern designs and styles are easier to clean. Also, they save countertop space than widespread styles.

Furthermore, they come in various finishes, including chrome, brushed nickel, polished brass, gold, and gun spray. A good example is the single-handle gold bathroom faucet which works well with any decorating style. Further, the single-handle lever makes it easier for anyone to adjust the water when cleaning.

Tub-shower faucets

a white bathtub with a floor mounted faucet

Homeowners with a bathtub that also serves as a shower will love tub-and-shower faucets. They come with a tub-specific control, a bathtub faucet, a tub-spout diverter, a wall-mounted showerhead, an internal valve, and a handheld showerhead.

They eliminate the hassle of sourcing separate tub fixtures because they come with a shower.

They also have bathroom faucets fixed at the edge of a bathtub, the floor, or the wall. The spout channels water into the tub, while the control handles help turn the water on and off or change its temperature.

Shower faucet

A fixed showerhead and a handheld faucet

Shower faucets are improved traditional faucet designs, giving users flexible shower settings. It is a complete system that makes bathing inviting.

The system comes with the following:

  • Control handles
  • Main showerhead
  • Interior valve
  • Handheld showerhead

A perfect example of this faucet is the 3 functions thermostatic shower faucet system with two different showerheads. It has a diverter on the exterior of the handle, allowing the user to direct water to the handheld showerhead, the main showerhead, or both.

One can use the handheld showerhead to clean muddy shoes or wash the shower walls. Additionally, the main fixed showerhead frees the hands for body and hair washing.

Handheld shower faucet

spring wall-mounted handheld faucet and a pink tub

A handheld shower faucet is a type of bathtub faucet that comes with its installation point. They are often wall-mounted, deck-mounted, or protruding from a floor-mounted faucet system.

Handheld shower faucets like the Lnaerdi shower mixer tap allow users to wash their hair easily or wash their pet’s paws without completely soaking them.

The factors to consider when choosing a faucet

The market has many faucets made from various materials and different styles and finishes. This makes choosing the ideal bathroom or kitchen faucet overwhelming. Here are things to remember when purchasing a faucet.

Faucet finishes

A faucet finish significantly affects the overall appearance of one’s bathroom or kitchen. Ensure the finish blends well with the house décor, as slight deviations, such as pipe fitting, can negatively affect the bathroom or kitchen appearance.

One way to choose the right faucet is to examine if the appearance of sink attachments like a built-in soap dispenser, dishwasher air gap, and sink-hole covering complement them.

For instance, a faucet with a glossy chrome finish will complement a kitchen or bathroom where the rest of the fittings have a matte brass finish.

A homeowner looking for a faucet finish that complements a vintage décor or contemporary design could settle for one with a copper finish. But a rustic and classic décor style works well with a bronze faucet finish.

The popular chrome finish faucets are known for their ability to blend with most kitchen and bathroom décor. They are also more durable than bronze or copper finish. Furthermore, they are easy to find, clean, and maintain.

Mounting options

Faucets are either wall-mounted, deck-mounted, or floor-mounted. Although most people prefer deck-mounted faucets, a wall and floor mount can be a suitable option in some cases.

Deck-mounting has various styles that are easy to fix and manage. One can easily access the sink under, the drainage pipes, and the faucets for repair in case of damage.

Wall-mounted faucets are fixed on a wall. They are complicated because their water lines and pipes can only be seen by opening the wall. But since they don’t occupy countertops, they are ideal for small spaces.

They also look elegant in most modern bathrooms, allowing users to use handheld shower faucets and fixed showerheads.

Floor-mounted faucets are often used as tub fillers. They stem from the floor and can fill the tub more conveniently than the handheld showerhead.


When buying a kitchen, bathroom, or shower faucet, it is essential to get the budget right. While one’s choice may depend on taste and preference, it is wise not to compromise on quality and durability to save some coins.

Look for brands and manufacturers known for reliable and visually stunning faucets. Quality faucets may cost more initially, but they last long, thus saving money that could have been used to replace low-quality products.

Hole configurations

A kitchen or bathroom faucet can have one, two, or three-hole configurations. One’s choice should depend on the number of holes the existing faucets had if you are replacing them.

One hole is convenient for variants with one free hand and homes with small children who may accidentally open the hot-water valve.

A two-hole faucet separates the cold and hot water, but one can concurrently open them to produce water at the desired temperature.

A three-hole configuration requires different holes for the spout, cold-water, and hot-water valve. One may need a larger countertop (approximately 8 inches spread) if the valves are about 6 inches from the center.

Style and design

A kitchen faucet’s style and design speak volumes about the homeowner’s personality. It should enhance the kitchen’s look since it occupies the center stage of the sink. All other kitchen components should fall around the faucet for a classy look.

Reliability and warranties

No one wants to buy something that will break or malfunction in a few years, especially a stunning faucet. Therefore, be sure to read online reviews, plumber recommendations, and consumer publication ratings to establish the reliability of the faucet.

Homeowners can benefit from bathroom or shower faucets with a lifetime warranty. Also, consider any exclusions in the warranty booklet to know what it covers and does not.

Wrapping up

Faucet finishes can be excellent additions to the kitchen or bathroom. And while it may seem basic to purchase, many homeowners make wrong choices by focusing on aesthetics over quality.

Also, one must know their preference and choose a faucet that blends well with the rest of the space décor. Durability, reliability, and stunning designs should top the list of essential factors when selecting a suitable faucet.

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