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Nail Polish: 5 Types to Prioritize in 2024

Woman using a pink polish on her nails

Nail polishes have a lot of variety, and simply looking at the market could give some sellers a heart attack. Whether consumers want at-home manicures or salons want to restock, there’s never a shortage of options!

Besides traditional formulas that have existed since millennials were kids, many types have popped up to offer new and exciting ways to apply beautiful nail art. These days, shelves can be stocked with nail polish, and each one offers something different (especially color-wise).

The nail polish market is undoubtedly profitable but could easily be a miss if sellers don’t know what to get. Consider this a guide to the top-trending polish types in 2024.

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A summary of the nail polish market
5 nail polish trends to offer in 2024
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A summary of the nail polish market

2023 was a huge year for the global nail polish market as more people gained interest in nail art and care routines. Experts valued the market at US $16.23 billion in 2023—but that’s not the most impressive part.

The nail polish market has already grown to US $17.30 billion in 2024, with experts predicting it will hit over US $25.82 billion by 2030 at a 6.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). In addition to the rising interest in nail air and care products, the advent of nail polish with natural ingredients is also boosting demand.

Check out these other important stats:

  • Regular nail polish led the product segment in 2023 with a 47% market share, while gel nail polish will register the fastest CAGR.
  • Asia-Pacific dominated the regional market in 2023 with a 38% share, with experts predicting it will witness impressive growth over the forecast period. However, reports also suggest the Middle East and Africa will register the highest CAGR.

5 nail polish trends to offer in 2024

1. Traditional nail polish

Nail polish spilled on a pink background

These nail polishes may be the most basic, but they’re like the mascots for these products—everyone brings up images of them when thinking about nail polish! Traditional nail polishes are the kinds people see drying in warm air dryers.

Manufacturers make these polishes in various finishes, from shimmery to matte and shiny—they have it all. And these polishes don’t nail lamps to cure after application—just wear, dry, and go.

But there’s a catch: traditional nail polishes are not the most durable options. Yes, they’re easy to use (and reapply), but consumers can only expect them to last for a week maximum before chipping. Regardless, they don’t need any expertise, making traditional nail polishes the best choice for trying different colors.

Traditional nail polishes may not be the most popular anymore, but they still have a massive audience, earning them the “trending” status. Based on Google data, these products raked in 450,000 searches in January 2024.

2. Acrylic nail polish

Woman showcasing artistic acrylic nails

Humans love when something feels different from the norm, and that saying couldn’t be more true for acrylic nail polishes. These are not the regular polish-in-a-bottle types. Instead, acrylic comes in a powder form.

But wait, how does it coat the nails? Consumers must mix the powder with monomer to make it a gummy liquid. Here’s the best part: when acrylic dries, it becomes one of the most durable polishes known to man.

Aesthetics are not the only benefit of these polish types. Ladies often use them to strengthen their natural nails. Some even add acrylic to the tips of their nails to increase their length.

While it seems consumers have no control over the shape, they can easily file it down to their preference—like regular nails! Acrylic nails can last consumers up to three weeks. Ladies can also file them once or twice before needing a new set.

Do acrylic nails seem stressful? According to Google Ads, many people don’t seem to mind. 673,000 people searched for acrylic nails in January 2024—a 20% increase from 2023’s 450,000 searches.

3. Gel nail polish

Person with green gel nail polish and nail art

Gel nail polishes have been gaining serious momentum in recent years. They’ve become popular products in salons and homes as a beautiful yet durable way to polish nails.

Consumers must cure gel nail polishes for 30 to 60 seconds with a nail lamp (UV or LED) when applied. Using nail lamps seems like a tedious extra process, but it is necessary if consumers want their gel nails to harden and dry.

The result? A glossy manicure that’s worth the trouble! Consumers can also expect their gel nails to remain beautiful for up to two weeks.

Like acrylic, ladies can also use gel nail polishes in many ways. They can apply them on their natural nails or use them to achieve a lengthening effect.  Gel extensions are also available, as well as press-on nails.

But there’s more. Similar to traditional polishes, gel variants also offer huge finish varieties. Consumers can get them in cream, matte, glitter, holographic, and cat-eye finishes.

Gel nail polishes have gotten more attention in 2024. While they had a consistent following of 165,000 monthly searches, that number increased by 20% to 201,000 in January 2024.

4. Polygel

Person showcasing red polygel nails

Some consumers love acrylic nails but not the process of applying them. For this reason, manufacturers created polygel, the perfect hybrid between acrylic and gel nail polishes.

Instead of powder, these polishes have gel-like consistencies that women can apply from a tube. Consumers can use them with brushes on their bare nails or extensions.

The best part is that ladies can also use polygel to sculpt, fill, lengthen, and shape their nails. But they’ll need LED lamps to cure them for maximum durability and beauty.

Despite their ultra-durability, polygel nails still feel natural–this is one of the reasons consumers love them. And polygel contains fewer chemicals, another plus in some people’s books.

Even better, polygel is odor-free and offers one of the longest wears, lasting up to three weeks—what’s not to love? 201,000 people agree that polygel is one of the best, as Google Data proves the number of potential customers searching for them in 2024.

5. Dip powder

Woman showing nails with dip powder applied

Here’s another powder formula many women love using for their nails. Dip powders are widespread for their long-lasting formulas. They’re durable enough to last up to a month, which helps push them onto the radar of consumers looking for something new.

What’s more? Applying dip powders to nails is simple and quick. Consumers only need a base coat on their nails before using the powder. Then, they’ll need a sealant to create a shiny overlay (like a top coat).

Dip powders are also straightforward. They don’t require curing with LED lamps. Plus, their formulas dry in minutes after application without the help of a dryer.

While dip powders may not be raking in huge numbers like the other trends on this list, they’re attracting more attention this year. According to Google Data, interest in dip powders jumped from 60500 in FY 2023 to 74000 in January 2024.

In closing

There may be many nail polishes flooding the market, but only a few deserve the trending status. Millions of consumers do manicures every year, so it’s no surprise that the nail polish market offers many business opportunities.

Do consumers like the old style of nail care? Sellers can sell them traditional nail polishes. And if they want something more durable, polygel and acrylic nails are their best bet. Gel nails and dip powders appeal to women who love a glossy finish.

Every trend listed here has thousands of people searching for it. So don’t hesitate to stock up on them and grab a share of sales in 2024.

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