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Outstanding Tent Accessories to Sell in 2024

A tent set up near a beautiful natural view

Tent camping is an amazing way to escape and unwind from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether consumers are planning weekend trips or something even longer, camping is one of the best ways to experience something different and enjoy nature. But that experience may be boring (and dangerous, sometimes) if consumers don’t spice it up with necessary accessories.

While many options are available for consumers to amplify their camping experience, only a few are absolute must-haves. This article will narrow it down to five tent accessories campers will need on their trip in 2024.

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Will tent accessories remain profitable in 2024?
5 fantastic tent accessories campers will look for in 2024
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Will tent accessories remain profitable in 2024?

Tent accessories are part of the global camping equipment market. Experts say this parent market (camping equipment) reached an US $83.58 billion valuation in 2023, projecting it to hit US $133.05 billion by 2030 at a 6.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Tent accessories share their parent market’s profitability as consumers need them for a complete camping experience.

Hence, the growing interest in leisure activities and the active nature of the post-pandemic era are also propelling demand. North America also registered as the largest regional market in 2023. Experts predict it will remain dominant over the forecast period. Europe emerged as the second-largest region due to the surging rate of recreational activities.

5 fantastic tent accessories campers will look for in 2024

1. Ground tarps

A white ground tarp laid out on the ground

It isn’t advisable for consumers to set up their tents on bare ground. They need something to place under them for added stability. That’s where ground tarps come in! These accessories are the perfect go-to for providing better padding for consumers pitching their tents on the soil. They also help smooth the uneven surface, reducing the discomfort consumers may feel from resting on bare ground.

Another reason ground tarps are necessary is to keep tents away from moisture or snow. Since they add an extra layer, ground tarps keep the tent bottoms dry, safeguarding campers and their personal items. Morning dew moisture is another big problem for tents without tarps. Some newbie campers may not realize these fatal errors until they have a damp tent. Ground tarps help avoid all of that by creating a sturdy barrier between tents and condensation.

Ground tarps may not be the most popular tent accessories, but they still hold their own search-wise. According to Google data, these accessories attracted 550 searches in January 2024 and may pick up when outdoor activities are in full swing again.

2. First aid kits

Person holding a large first aid kit

Camping outdoors is like an invitation for some kind of injury, especially for beginner campers. Even if campers aren’t spending long days outdoors, they still need quality first aid kits in their tents for unforeseen occurrences. While accidents can happen anywhere, they could devolve into life-or-death situations when consumers are far away from home and civilization’s conveniences. So, the importance of first aid kits as camping essentials cannot be overemphasized.

When getting camping first aid kits, consumers usually purchase pre-made or all the essentials themselves. While building kits offer better familiarity and organization, pre-made kits are more convenient for those searching for quick solutions. Regardless of how consumers want their kits, they must have most or all of the following essentials:

  • Antiseptic wipes: These are pre-moistened cloths soaked with antiseptic solutions to kill germs and bacteria on skin surfaces. They are convenient and portable, making them popular choices for first aid.
  • Compound tincture of Benzoin: These items help medical tapes, dressings, and bandages stick better to the skin, especially on sweaty or moist areas.
  • First aid manual or information cards: These are crucial for providing necessary information on how to use first aid kits.
  • Butterfly bandages/adhesive wound-closure strips: Adhesive strips popular for closing small, clean, and shallow wounds.
  • Non-stick sterile pads: These items protect wounds from further irritation and contamination. They also keep them clean and dry, promoting healing.
  • Insect sting relief treatment: Insect stings are annoying and uncomfortable, but campers can use these items to find relief. Common options include pain relievers and antihistamines.
  • Sam splint: Lightweight, flexible devices perfect for immobilizing sprains, strains, and minimally displaced fractures in emergency settings.
  • Safety pins: Safety pins are surprisingly versatile, as consumers can use them to secure bandages, create makeshift splints, and close wounds.
  • Antibacterial ointment: Topical medications containing antibiotics for preventing or treating skin bacterial infections.
  • Compression bandages: Stretchy wraps popular for applying gentle, controlled pressure on various body parts.
  • Assorted adhesive bandages: These items offer various options for protecting and healing minor wounds.
  • Gauze pads: These squares of woven fabric are crucial for protecting wounds, absorbing fluids, and promoting healing.
  • Medical adhesive tape: These items come in various shapes, sizes, and materials and are designed for specific purposes in wound care and medical settings.
  • Ibuprofen/other pain-relief medication: These are necessary and quick solutions to intense pain from wounds or other illnesses.
  • Antihistamines for allergic reactions: These medications are important for consumers to combat allergic reactions while camping.
  • Splinter (fine-point) tweezers: These tools help remove splinters, thorns, and other small foreign objects embedded in the skin safely and effectively.

All these items in a first aid kit will give consumers that extra sense of security, allowing them to enjoy their camping trip to the fullest without worrying about being underprepared for emergencies. According to Google data, first aid kits are highly sought after, with 301,000 prospects searching for them in January 2024.

3. Sleeping bags

A blue, rolled-up sleeping bag on the ground

Sleeping bags are one of the most important accessories for consumers planning camping trips. They are responsible for giving consumers quality sleep despite being outdoors and in the wild. While makeshift beds with blankets and covers are viable options, sleeping bags offer more versatility, especially for covering up and sleeping snugly.

The best part is that sleeping bags have a lot of variety, so consumers can always find ideal options that satisfy all their requirements. Usually, sleeping bags feature temperature ratings, so campers can choose according to the temperature they are most comfortable with. While some sleeping bags will work better in certain weather conditions than others, consumers will always get the right balance of softness and insulation from standard sleeping bags.

Sleeping bags are one of the most popular tent accessories, with consistent performance. They averaged 550,000 searches monthly in 2023, carrying over that impressive performance to January 2024.

4. Pillows

Woman inflating a blue camping pillow

Pillows may seem overrated; hence, many campers forget to bring them along or simply refuse to buy one. But they are among the top five camping accessories that shouldn’t be missing when going camping. Why? Nothing beats the comfy nature of an actual pillow for a good night’s rest. Even though some consumers think they can get the same comfort from a stack of extra clothes or blankets,  it can never be the same feeling.

Ordinary pillows may suffice in some cases, but camping pillows take things to a different level. They use more durable and weather-resistant designs, with many offering extra storage options for clothing or other essentials. Some camping pillows are also self-inflating, while others come with compressible fills.

Even though a few campers avoid camping pillows, they still generate impressive search interest. In January 2024, they accumulated 12,100 inquiries, proving there’s a considerable audience searching for them for their next adventure.

5. Lanterns

A bright electric lantern outdoors

Camping is fun during the day, but not so fun when it gets dark, especially in the absence of a bonfire. If consumers plan to see through the pitch-black night, they’ll need a proper lighting source. Some campers go for flashlights and headlamps, but lanterns are a more efficient way to illuminate a wider area. Since flashlights only offer targeted light sources, many people prefer the 360-degree illumination possible with lanterns, making them the better options for lighting up a campsite.

Lanterns also come in varieties, each offering amazing benefits. For starters, battery-powered lanterns are an incredibly popular option for indoor use. They are safe enough for consumers to hang on the tent’s ceiling or in the center. On the other hand, propane lanterns offer brighter illumination but are not safe for interiors. However, they are great for illuminating the surrounding area.

This accessory also ranks highly, with an impressive Google search performance. In fact, it raked in 368,000 searches in January 2024. So, it’s clear that a lot of consumers will be seeking out this camping lantern this year.

Rounding up

Camping should be a fun experience for consumers, but they can only enjoy it to the fullest with the right accessories. While some are a complete must, others help make the outdoor experience more comfortable and convenient. Sellers can also add some form of entertainment to the list of tent essentials. It could be a deck of cards, books, or other supplies to keep campers entertained while enjoying nature. But these are the top five tent accessory trends worth looking at in 2024.

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