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Top 5 Trending Patio Umbrella Designs To Buy In 2022


What is the best patio umbrella? Undoubtedly, the answer is a durable, stylish umbrella equipped with ultramodern trending features. It is easier to find this type of umbrella for the patio from a customer’s perspective. But as a supplier, stocking up your shop with up-to-date chic patio umbrellas that will impress your coveted customers is a hefty task that calls for massive investments in terms of time spent scouring through the internet to find the best products. Besides, there is the risk of not getting precisely what customers want, resulting in you buying slow-moving stock.

Fortunately, you don’t need to go through the journey of finding captivatingly trending patio umbrellas alone. Here are some of the latest handpicked patio umbrella trends designs, their features, and reasons why you should buy them. 

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The market for the best patio umbrellas is growing steadily
Top 5 patio umbrella trends
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The market for the best patio umbrellas is growing steadily

Over the past two years, the demand for outdoor patio umbrellas has grown exponentially, as Facts.MR discloses. This is due to many people purchasing urban homes and fitting them with outdoor furniture and recreational facilities such as hotels and resorts adorning vast outdoor spaces with patio umbrellas.

In addition, according to Transparency Market Research, the wide range of materials used to make umbrellas, the multitude of stunning designs they come with, and the different mounting options available attract customers who want to give their patios a new makeover.

Generally, with many factors behind the umbrella industry, its global value is expected to reach US$ 7 billion by 2025, with a projected CAGR of 2% between 2019 and 2025. From these figures, it is crystal clear that the market promises long-term growth that will benefit manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of patio umbrellas. 

Top 5 patio umbrella trends

Minimalistic foldable patio umbrellas

Patio umbrellas come in a wide array of fulfilling designs. Learn more about their trendy designs and high-quality materials here.

Nothing is more fantastic to a modern city homeowner than saving space through the minimalistic approach. The minimalistic approach is a flourishing lifestyle where households place value on meaningful assets to save space. An example is using patio umbrellas that can be folded into a corner when not in use to free up space.

The minimalistic approach is being fueled by millennials and is growing alarmingly. Thus, you can enjoy the market’s spoils by supplying millennials and other generational cohorts with foldable umbrellas.

Foldable patio umbrellas are versatile and offer a great value for money when considering the materials they are made of. Water-repelling nylon and polyester canopies last longer, block UV rays, and are light with attractive bold colors or beautiful matching patterns.

Holding the canopy in place can be fiberglass, aluminum, or wooden frames. Wooden frames are great if your customers want to add a natural ascent to patios. Combining wooden frames with aluminum ribs or vice versa makes a great rust-resistant umbrella that works very well in unimaginable conditions, such as in extremely damp and hot environments.

Perhaps, now is the right time to let your customers try out patio umbrellas with fiberglass frames. The frames are durable and stunning when set with multicolored canopies of different sizes of between 9 and 11 feet in diameter.

Simple center pole umbrellas

A wooden tiered center pole umbrella on a sandy beach

Center pole umbrellas are the most common patio umbrellas out there with a mix of contemporary and traditional materials. Anodized aluminum poles hold the ribs and the canopy in place, and thanks to its sturdiness, the umbrella can serve clients for a long time.

Kiln-dried wooden poles with reinforced fixed or mobile bases may also be used in place of aluminum and still provide great value. Spanning above the pole is a canopy that may be opened or closed with a pulley system and is covered with weather-resistant fabric.

As you stock up your shop, try and find fade-resistant center pole umbrellas as they retain a classy look for long.

Still on canopies, a patio stands out better when customers come for octagonal or round umbrellas even though they shade a smaller area compared to square ones.

Patio umbrellas with LED light

A patio umbrella with light bulbs ready for the night

Are you looking for something revolutionary to add to your inventory and keep your customers coming back for more? A patio umbrella with LED lights is just what you need to provide your customers with the latest high-tech outdoor fittings.

At night, LEDs illuminate the patio creating a lively scene for patrons to party or just chill outside, conversing warmly. The umbrella can also be handy next to a fire pit as the canopy and ribs are strengthened to withstand strong heat.

Speaking of designs, LEDs can be in the form of a standard thin light string in the inner tube of the ribs or as a single energy-saving bulb. The former is popular, appealing, and functional on large rectangular or small round canopies.

Playfully, LEDs can be customized into hanging umbrellas or a Bluetooth umbrella stereo system for tranquil backyards or poolsides. 

From the varied need for patio umbrellas with LEDs, umbrellas or parasols with highly efficient mini-solar panels are preferred. They can be set up far from civilization, such as on mountain cabins or areas not connected to the electricity grid.

On a warm sunny day, the small solar panel can charge up the battery in less than three hours to light up the umbrella for more than 7 hours. Optionally, provide your customers with LED umbrellas with disposable batteries that do not require charging and are easy to set up.

For simplicity, in-built sensors, which at times work with smartphones, and remote controllers automatically light up the umbrella as darkness sets in or allow customers to adjust brightness.

Tilt button patio umbrella

A white tilt button umbrella providing shade for flowers

A tilt umbrella is everything an outdoor enthusiast needs to spend the whole day out. Its canopy can be tilted, rotated, raised, or lowered depending on the sun’s direction, removing the need for homeowners to shift to different shaded positions. 

Unlike many umbrellas, tilt umbrellas for patios come with heavy portable or fixed bases. Versatile portable bases are recommended as they can be moved together with the umbrella to different places.

The classic polyester most tilt button umbrellas have stretches out tightly on the arched aluminum or wooden ribs to form the canopy. On top of that, the canopy can be opened by an able cranking system with a mere button push.

Lastly, other than a nostalgic shade, your customers want a stable structure to hold the canopy in place. Luckily, these umbrellas have strengthened powder-coated and rust-proof steel, varnished hardwood, or shiny aluminum poles.

Traditional tiered patio umbrellas

A red tiered umbrella in front of a diplomatic building

As the jewel in the patio umbrella market crown, the last place is reserved for tiered patio umbrellas. They are widely recognized for their unique capabilities in many ways.

The canopies are round with three beautiful tiers and two vents. The vents and tiers not only add elegance to the patio but also maximize air circulation under the umbrella, providing a permanently cool shade. It works by allowing warm, less dense air from the ground to rise up and escape through the vents.

Other features include a hand crank system, multicolored canopies, multi-optional bases (cement, marble, steel, or water bases), and in some cases, umbrellas are available in conspicuous customized logos

Bottom line

Umbrellas are great at transforming patios and outdoors; that is why their market is growing unprecedently. You are sure to provide your customers with high-quality, stylish pieces at a reasonable price, sticking to the above trends.

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