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10 Viable Ideas for Crafty Gift Packaging


Gift packaging is a lucrative industry with an evolving demand. When communities thrive and grow, so does the demand for gifts and gift packaging since they constitute an essential part of relationship-building. Investing in gift packaging will help gain traction as a buyer and enable to attract customers. As a business buyer, it is pertinent to note the financial and business aspects of providing viable gift packaging.

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Gift packaging industry: some facts and figures
Creative ideas for crafty gift packaging
Facilitate relationship building with crafty gift packaging

Gift packaging industry: some facts and figures

The global gift packaging market is estimated at USD 27 billion in 2022 and is forecast to surpass USD 38 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 3.6% during 2022-2032. For B2B buyers, these stats are important to understand since they signify the increasing demand for gift packaging products to develop a lucrative business model that generates profit.

Creative ideas for crafty gift packaging

Gone are the days of simple, plain gift packaging. Now, many people want to share gifts in customized, specially designed gift boxes that depict effort on the part of the giver and make the receiver feel valued and cherished. Let’s have a look at some of the major designs and trends in gift packaging.

Cardboard gift packaging

Thoughtfully packed gifts are important in relationship building. Get to know the crafty types of gift packaging that help leverage business.

Cardboard gift boxes are minimalist yet impactful. They are the perfect box for gifting goodies in a neat package. Made from quality paperboard, these are not only environmentally friendly but also easy on the pocket and hence perfect for earth-conscious consumers. Also, they are super easy to assemble since you need to neatly fold the paperboard and assemble it by locking it in place. Consumers can personalize these boxes and decorate them with ribbons, paints, stickers, or glitter.

Heart-shaped box gift packaging 

Heart-shaped gift box in baby pink containing gift items

Gifting goodies in cute heart-shaped gift boxes are a perfect way to show affection to loved ones. Available in a great range of sizes and colors, they are adorably designed to gift. They may be chosen to present strawberries, chocolates, a bunch of roses, or jewelry as per the customers’ desire. Perfect for all occasions such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, baby showers, and weddings, these boxes are a brilliant way to communicate affection. 

Magnetic folding box gift packaging

Magnetic folding gift box in slate gray

Available in multiple colors, gift boxes with magnetic closures have emerged as a popular gifting means for customers. The invisible magnetic suction technology enables the upper lid to fix easily on the base lid of the box. They come in various sizes, presenting the opportunity to package different kinds of gifts. Magnetic gift boxes can even be tiled and stored when not in use. The consumer can easily wipe clean the surface with a damp cloth. They can even be used as a storage box to preserve CDs, DVDs, baby toys, jewelry, etc. 

Biodegradable gift packaging

Biodegradable gift box in light brown

Biodegradable gift packaging is perfect for environmentally friendly consumers looking to choose a gift box that does not hamper environmental safety and contributes to environmental protection. Usually made of cardboard or kraft paper, they are a convenient way of gifting goodies. They are perfect for holding candies, toy treats, and thank you gifts.

Transparent top gift packaging box

Transparent top gift box in black base

A transparent top gift packaging box is a perfect choice for the consumers who are looking to gift delicate jewelry pieces to their loved ones and want to show off the jewelry yet preserve it as well. The clear transparent lid helps to show off the gems while preserving them against a velvet base. Such gift boxes help store jewelry without fearing losing them thanks to a secure lock. Be it Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary, or Mother’s Day, these gift boxes are perfect for all occasions when gifting jewelry.

Holographic shiny paper box

Holographic shiny gift box

Gift boxes made with holographic foil look appealing since they are flashy and shiny and help make the gift stand out in a bunch of packs. They are strong and durable and would not easily tear or lose shape. They can hold party, wedding, anniversary, and baby shower favors and come with enough good space to hold chocolates, candies, gummies, and the like. Available in different set quantities and sizes, they can be bought in bulk.

Ribbon handles gift packaging

Ribbon handle gift bags in multiple prints

Gift bags with ribbon handles are usually made of kraft paper. They look super elegant and versatile since consumers can use such ribbon handle bags to give gifts and be used in restaurants for takeaway deliveries and at boutiques as shopping bags. Ribbons are of good quality and generally made of cotton but at times of organza too. They do not crease, fold or tear. Ribbon gift bags come in plain as well as printed versions. Consumers choose to decorate the plain ones as per their liking through stickers, paint, markers, or glitter.

Custom logo gift packaging

Custom logo gift packaging

Consumers choose to customize their gift packaging by inserting their relevant brand, company, or organizational logo. This customization can be done by either stamping, printing, embellishing, or even inking the logo on the gift packaging. Custom logo gift packaging is available in laminated, fabric, and cardboard varieties. Available in assorted and plain colors, consumers have the opportunity to choose as per their liking. Choosing a logo customized gift bag or box is useful in relaying a brand’s personality. If a brand is into selling colorful apparel, a customized gift packaging that exhibits the same punch of color palette helps make it appealing. 

Drawer-style sliding box gift packaging

Drawer-style sliding gift bo

Drawer-style sliding boxes are a good way to gift delicate items. Usually made of kraft paper, they come in pre-folded as well as unfolded varieties. The drawer-style gift boxes are super easy to fold since the fold lines are quite apparent. They have good space availability and can be easily used to hold cards, candies, cash, gifts, jewelry, or party favors.

Satin box base gift packaging

Satin box base gift packaging in black

Whether jewelry, watches, studs, or shirt ties, satin base packaging seems impeccable in presenting all that too effortlessly. Satin base gift packaging is usually preferred to gift luxury items. Consumers usually choose to buy these in printed patterned or floral varieties and one-colored shades as per their liking. Usually, colors such as black, white, and light blue are preferred for male gifts, while nude shades such as beige, peaches and pinks are preferred for women.

Facilitate relationship building with crafty gift packaging

Gift exchanging and giving is a healthy social exercise. It helps build and reform relationships. When consumers are looking for bags and packaging to present their gifts to their loved ones, they desire the best quality available in the market as per their needs. Business buyers today can invest in crafty gift packaging to facilitate relationship building and tap into the financial opportunities of this market. This will help them meet the needs of consumers and reap financial benefits on the side.

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